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Turtle Track Information

Welcome to Turtle Track - Where Arisia Participants are Born!

By prior sign-up, we are providing supervised child care for those too young to enjoy the convention on their own (2 to 6 years old). All children using this service must have full memberships to the convention. There will be no other fee. (After December 15th, please contact childcare before registering.)

The Turtle Track staff will have offer opportunities for art and craft projects, toys, and small snacks. Turtle Track closes for lunch and dinner; it is up to the parents to provide their children with meals. The staff will do their best to ensure that your children will have an enjoyable experience. Sometimes children behave differently in a new environment. The staff reserves the right to ask parents to get their children early if the child is uncomfortable. The staff will also do their best to distract and prevent any child from negative behavior. The staff does reserve the right to ask that a unruly child not be brought back to Turtle Track.

Turtle Track is the very first stop in a life-long relationship with Arisia. What can you and your child expect? Read on for answers to basic questions and we'll see you on the Turtle Track!

1. Who staffs Turtle Track?

On every shift you will find CORI-approved staff that are either professional child care providers or parents. There are a few teen volunteers, but every teen is paired with a CORI-approved adult and ratios of child to staff are designed to follow state mandates (which means is there won't be more than 5 kids to any staff member).

2. Can I stay with my child?

Parents are ALWAYS welcome in Turtle Track. You are not required to leave your child nor are you committed to have your child with us every moment we're open; YOU set the pace for how much or little time your child spends with us - no one knows your Little One better!

3. What happens at Turtle Track?

Turtle Track is not a place where we hold kids hostage so parents have an opportunity to explore Arisia - Turtle Track is part of Arisia! There is a daily schedule of events with everything from Arts & Crafts to Yoga and Story Time. We are aware that Turtle Toddlers have short attention spans and have created the schedule to avoid overwhelming them. Again, the Quiet Room is also always staffed and always available. Further, there are usually two events taking place so a Turtle Toddler can opt for either one.

4. What happens if my toddler is cranky/sick/sad?

The policies for Turtle Track are handed out to caregivers when they bring in a Turtle Toddler for the very first time. Every childcare session will include a Quiet Room. This room will be used for children who need to relax in a mellower environment, children who miss parents/caregivers, children who are interacting with difficulty or children who are not feeling well. PLEASE be aware, in the case of prolonged crying, illness or violence toward staff or children, parent/caregivers will be contacted promptly. "Promptly" is subject to interpretation, but the guidelines are dictated by how inconsolable the child is and how the child's expression of emotion is impacting other Turtle Toddlers.

5. Does my toddler get fed at all?

We have formal Snack Time but we certainly wouldn't starve a hungry Turtle; they get snappy when they're hungry! Snacks will be made available at other times if needed. The staff is very concerned with good health so you can feel confident your child/ren will eat well while in our company – no high fructose corn syrup or red dye #72! There is, of course, one small exception to this (we like to make candy necklaces....and then EAT them!!) but for the most part, your lil' darlin' will be enjoying dried fruit, trail mix and organic, free range cookies. Parents are welcome to leave favorite munchies for their own Turtles, and are encouraged to do so in the case of particular dietary concerns.

6. Besides the schedule of events, what else can I expect for my child?

We have toys for our Turtle Toddlers, too, so they can take advantage of our "free play" times: blocks, trucks, dolls, tea sets, dinosaurs and animals and such.

7. What about security? I don't want my child being given to just anyone!

When you first arrive at Turtle Track, you will be asked to fill out a detailed registration form. Please make sure all questions are answered; this allows us to provide the best possible service. There is a line to enter a password. A password (like "melon" or "pigfoot") allows the caregiver to send someone for pick up who might not be on the initial authorized pick up person list (in case of emergency or convenience).

8. What if there's an emergency?

There are members of the Turtle Track staff that are CPR trained but parents and emergency services would be called INSTANTLY in any situation more serious than a little trip or bump. In the case of an evacuation emergency, all children will be bundled in warm attire (please bring coats to Turtle Track) and brought via the stairs to the location across the street. All other pick up protocol will be in place, e.g. checking IDs, asking for passwords.

Hours for 2012 Turtle Track have not yet been determined.

If you have any questions, please contact