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Young Fans at the Masquerade and Kamikaze Kids

This is the information from Arisia 2011 and will be updated for 2012.

Welcome to the 2011 version of the Arisia Masquerade. We are in a NEW hotel this year, there may be some wrinkles that come up, but as costumers, we will roll with whatever comes up and make changes for next year.

There will be a separate Green Room for ALL Young Fan entries as well as the Kamikaze Kids, in Commonwealth C on the Galleria Level, available from 6:30-9 pm on Saturday. There will be Den Moms and a repair table. Please make sure you have fed your child a proper supper before coming to the Green Room at 6:30pm (the Masquerade starts at 8pm), as there will be NO FOOD in the Green Room. I would strongly suggest that you bring light snacks for your own child.

Photographs will be taken of all entries upstairs in the Main Green Room directly before they go on stage. As we will be traipsing thru the back halls of the hotel, please make sure your children are wearing proper shoes. They can take them off for the presentation, but do need them for getting to and from photos and stage.

Photos will be available for purchase on Sunday. Be sure to check them out as our photographer has done brilliant work in years' past and is sure to show your costume to its best advantage. The Kamikaze Kids will be photographed as a group. The Young Fan entries will each be photographed individually.

Parents of Kamikaze Kids must sign a waiver and sign up for preferred seating for the Masquerade. There will be a special section of the seating for parents of Kamikaze Kids and Young Fans, close to the main doors so when the kids enter, so they don't create a disturbance. Please tell the usher that you are a parent and they will take you to the correct seating. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your child to find you.

The Kamikaze Kids will be released to their parents directly after they leave the stage, and will enter the audience by the main doors to either sit in the audience to watch the rest of the Masquerade, or leave and go up to bed. The Young Fans also will have the option of either sitting in the audience with their parent(s) or leaving and doing something else. The judges will decide the Young Fan awards directly after those entries have been on stage and will make the presentations before the adult entries begin. The Crispus Attucks room is only available until 9 pm. Please make sure you have all your belongings collected by then.

We look forward to running another awesome Arisia Masquerade, and hope these changes are straightforward and clear. If you have any questions, please e-mail the Masquerade Staff.