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Arisia 2012 Schedule, by Track

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Fri 6:00pm The Super Robots
Fri 7:00pm Viewing Anime Online
Fri 8:30pm Religious Icons in the World of Anime
Fri 10:00pm Intro to Anime's Adult Forms—Hentai, Yaoi
Fri 10:00pm Vampires Do Not Sparkle (Or Do They?)
Sat 2:00am Various Hentai
Sat 6:00am Phenomenon of CLAMP
Sat 10:00am What Anime is New Now?
Sat 10:00am Anime Comedy
Sat 11:30am What Every Parent Should Know About Anime
Sat 1:00pm Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls
Sat 2:30pm Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth
Sat 4:00pm The Ultimate Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Panel
Sat 4:00pm Space Opera
Sat 5:30pm Anime for Kids
Sat 7:00pm Man-in-the-Machine Anime
Sat 7:00pm 45th Anniversary of Ultraman / Ultraseven
Sat 8:30pm Visual Kei Theatre 2012
Sat 10:00pm Yin and Yang: Yuri and Yaoi
Sat 10:00pm Space Jazz and Shogun Hip Hop
Sun 2:00am Anime Horror
Sun 6:00am Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie
Sun 8:00am Case Closed Double Feature
Sun 10:00am The Leiji-verse
Sun 11:00am Genshiken Vol. 1
Sun 2:30pm History in Japanese Anime and Manga
Sun 3:00pm Real, Real Steel or the Real Robot Genre
Sun 4:00pm Anime as Art
Sun 7:00pm Surviving an Anime Con
Sun 9:00pm Anime Fantasy
Sun 10:00pm Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes
Mon 2:00am Various Hentai
Mon 6:00am Ah! My Goddess Vol. 1
Mon 10:00am Manga's Great Apocalypses
Mon 10:00am Dragonball Z Kai
Mon 11:30am Manga—Is It Dying?
Mon 1:00pm Back in MY Day… Anime


Fri 3:00pm Allegro Non Troppo
Fri 4:30pm Helvetica
Fri 6:00pm The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
Fri 7:45pm Mythbusters—Steam Gun
Fri 8:30pm The War of the Worlds
Fri 10:00pm Red Shift in "Beyond the Edge of Beyond" (live)
Fri 11:15pm Underworld
Sat 1:20am Death Race 2000
Sat 2:40am Cat-Women of the Moon
Sat 4:10am Attach of the Killer Tomatoes
Sat 6:00am Nova: Newton's Dark Secrets
Sat 7:00am Saturday Morning Cartoons
Sat 9:00am Daffy Duck's Quackbusters
Sat 10:20am The Cat Returns
Sat 11:40am Them
Sat 1:15pm Hogfather (part 1)
Sat 3:00pm The Astro Zombies
Sat 4:45pm Hogfather (part 2)
Sat 6:30pm Mythbusters—Hot Water Heater
Sat 7:15pm Rocky & Bullwinkle
Sat 8:00pm Masquerade (live)
Sat 11:00pm Manager's Choice
Sat 11:30pm Masquerade Replay
Sun 1:30am Neverwhere (part 1)
Sun 2:00am Neverwhere (part 2)
Sun 2:30am Neverwhere (part 3)
Sun 3:00am The Brothers Grimm
Sun 5:00am A Day at the Races
Sun 7:00am Sunday Morning Cartoons
Sun 9:00am Yellow Submarine
Sun 10:40am Why Man Creates
Sun 11:05am Rocky & Bullwinkle
Sun 11:30am Masquerade Replay
Sun 1:30pm Helvetica
Sun 3:00pm Belly Dance Show (live)
Sun 5:00pm Rocky & Bullwinkle
Sun 5:30pm Logan's Run
Sun 7:30pm Journey to the Center of the Earth
Sun 10:00pm Blackadder—Back and Forth
Sun 10:45pm The Lost Boys
Mon 12:30am The Beast From 20000 Fathoms
Mon 1:50am Cat-Women of the Moon
Mon 3:00am Neverwhere (part 4)
Mon 3:30am Neverwhere (part 5)
Mon 4:00am Neverwhere (part 6)
Mon 4:30am Sleeper
Mon 6:00am The Indian
Mon 7:00am Monday Morning Cartoons
Mon 9:00am The Brothers Grimm
Mon 11:00am A Day at the Races
Mon 12:50pm Mythbusters—Disposable Lighters
Mon 1:40pm The Way Things Go


Fri 10:00pm Art Show Reception
Sat 10:00am Judging a Book By Its Cover
Sat 11:30am Incorporating Photography into Art
Sat 11:30am Dueling Easels
Sat 12:00pm Tactile Tour of Art Show
Sat 1:00pm Attaching This to That
Sat 2:30pm From Concept to Completion
Sat 2:30pm Framing Tour of the Art Show
Sat 4:00pm Art as Business
Sat 5:30pm SF Spaceship Design for Artists
Sat 5:30pm Manga & Anime Art Workshop
Sun 10:00am Aliens in 20th Century Science Fiction Art
Sun 11:30am SF/Fantasy Pictionary
Sun 1:00pm Figure Drawing Workshop – Models in Costume
Sun 1:00pm Art Show Docent Tour with Gareth Hinds
Sun 1:00pm Watercolor and Pen & Ink Workshop
Sun 2:30pm Making Art on Commission
Sun 4:00pm Copyright/Trademark 101
Sun 4:00pm Art Show Auction
Sun 5:30pm 3D Art & Sculpture


Sat 10:00am Autograph—Kelner, & Kirschbaum
Sat 11:30am Autograph—Hunt & Peeler
Sat 1:00pm Autograph—Eldredge & Martin
Sat 2:30pm Autograph—Friesner & Longyear
Sat 4:00pm Autograph—Doyle & Kimmel
Sat 5:30pm Autograph—Macdonald, Sawicki & Wooldridge
Sat 7:00pm Autograph—Pinto & Tan
Sat 8:30pm Autograph—Dr. Chris & Stallman
Sun 10:00am Autograph—Popkes, Sakers & Vanderhoof
Sun 11:30am Autograph—Brennan, Fishbone, & Limoncelli
Sun 1:00pm Autograph—Lieder, Linzner, & Smith
Sun 2:30pm Autograph—Kane & Kaynak
Sun 4:00pm Autograph—Hinds (4–4:30), Ewing & Long-Ewing
Sun 5:30pm Autograph—Letersky & Sklar


Fri 5:30pm Tell the Truth: Non-Fiction Comics
Fri 7:00pm Elseworlds and What Ifs
Fri 8:30pm Batman Through the Ages
Sat 10:00am I'm Just Wild about Kirby
Sat 11:30am Webcomics 101
Sat 2:30pm Comics Reading
Sat 2:30pm The DC Reboot
Sat 4:00pm Female Fandom in Comics
Sat 5:30pm Comics: Not How You Start, But How You Finish!
Sat 7:00pm Race, Gender & Disability Politics in Comics
Sun 10:00am The Best Young-Adult and Children's Comics
Sun 11:30am No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics
Sun 1:00pm Wonder Woman
Sun 2:30pm Creating Minicomics
Sun 5:30pm Building the Perfect Beast: How Comics Get Made
Sun 7:00pm How to Write a Comic
Mon 11:30am The History of Comics
Mon 1:00pm Marketing Independent Comics


Fri 8:30pm BDSM 101: A Beginner's Guide
Fri 10:00pm BDSM 201: Hurting the Ones You Love
Fri 10:00pm The Nature of Gender: Past, Present & Future
Fri 11:30pm Sacred Sexuality
Fri 11:30pm Fun With Rope
Sat 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sat 10:00am Online Privacy for Kids
Sat 11:30am Poly 101: An Introduction
Sat 1:00pm Magickal Traditions: A Review
Sat 4:00pm Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom
Sat 5:30pm Sexual Harassment and Assault in Fandom
Sat 7:00pm Poly 201: Theory and Practice
Sat 8:30pm Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene
Sat 10:00pm Negotiation and BDSM
Sat 11:30pm Home Depot in the Bedroom
Sat 11:30pm Non-Monogamy: A Diverse Set of Options
Sun 8:30am Geeky Play Date
Sun 10:00am DIY and Fandom
Sun 11:30am Homeschooling: An Alternative Education
Sun 1:00pm Being a Sex-Positive Parent
Sun 2:30pm Disability and Fandom
Sun 4:00pm Poly 279: Poly Parenting
Sun 5:30pm Coming Out
Sun 7:00pm Flirt Like a Pro!
Sun 7:00pm Building a Poly Home
Sun 8:30pm Your Kink is OK!
Sun 8:30pm Poly in Sci-Fi
Sun 10:00pm Religion and Kink
Sun 11:30pm Bootblacking 101
Mon 11:30am Self-Objectification and the Geeky Girl
Mon 1:00pm Alternative Activism
Mon 2:30pm Co-Housing: Beyond the Commune


Fri 5:30pm Corsets, Hoops, & Other Undergarments
Fri 7:00pm Hall Costumes: Everyday Wear for Conventions
Fri 8:30pm Wigs for Costuming
Fri 10:00pm Costume Failures, Horror Stories, and Lessons
Sat 10:00am Surviving Your First Masquerade
Sat 10:00am Fabric Dyeing
Sat 11:00am Working with Tech
Sat 11:30am Fashion Throughout History
Sat 1:00pm Modifying, Making, and Using Sewing Patterns
Sat 1:00pm Masquerade Rehearsal
Sat 2:30pm Steampunk and Costuming
Sat 4:00pm Helpful Sewing References and Resources
Sat 7:00pm Masquerade Doors Open
Sat 8:00pm Masquerade
Sat 9:30pm Tactile Tour: Masquerade
Sun 11:30am Getting Ideas for Costumes and Presentations
Sun 1:00pm Costuming on the Cheap
Sun 4:00pm Northern Lights Costumers' Guild Meet-up
Sun 5:30pm Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests
Sun 7:00pm Costume Presentation: Is Humor Always Best?
Sun 8:30pm Costume and Costuming Space
Sun 9:00pm Girl Genius Grand Ball
Mon 10:00am What is Cosplay?
Mon 11:30am Costuming & Body Type: How to Hide/Accentuate
Mon 1:00pm Costume Weathering


Fri 7:00pm Learn to Make Fabric Flowers
Sat 10:00am Crochet & Knitting Basics
Sat 11:30am Make a Byzantine Bracelet
Sat 11:30am Scale Spaceship Modeling Workshop
Sat 1:00pm Monster Mash
Sat 4:00pm Book Creation Workshop
Sat 5:30pm Crafts for Adults: Working with Clay
Sun 10:00am Ladies' and Gentlemen's Sewing Circle
Sun 11:30am Painting and Costuming for Dolls
Sun 11:30am Handmade Faerie Wings
Sun 2:30pm Mail 'n' Flail
Sun 5:30pm Stitch 'n' Bitch
Mon 10:00am Beginning Chainmail
Mon 10:00am Collaging with Found Objects
Mon 11:30am Making Stained Glass


Fri 6:00pm Air-Pirate Combat!
Fri 6:30pm Viking Fighting Moves: Fiction vs Fact
Fri 7:00pm "Reclaiming the Blade" and Q&A
Fri 7:00pm Contra Dance
Fri 8:00pm Nauticon Dance Party
Fri 9:00pm Double Apex Techno Contra
Fri 10:00pm Red Shift in "Beyond the Edge of Beyond"
Sat 12:00am The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Rated R
Sat 12:00am DJ Pet presents…Just Dance!
Sat 8:30am Dubstep Yoga
Sat 10:00am Walk the Labyrinth
Sat 10:00am Blood Drive
Sat 10:00am Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Pike Drill
Sat 11:00am A Roman Legion: Legio III Cyrenaica
Sat 12:30pm The Martial Arts of A Game of Thrones
Sat 1:30pm A Gaslamp Grand Assault of Arms
Sat 2:00pm Psyche Corporation
Sat 2:30pm The Cutting Truth of Medieval Swords
Sat 2:30pm To Serve Man, er, Stormtrooper
Sat 3:30pm Free Fencing
Sat 4:00pm Napoleonic Fantasy Ball
Sat 4:00pm Social Change and Con Safety for Teens
Sat 5:30pm An Hour with Devo Spice
Sat 7:00pm Hoop and Dance Jam
Sat 8:00pm Sassafrass & Stranger Ways Concert
Sat 11:30pm DJ Johnny Zed's Saturday Night Dance
Sun 12:00am REPO: The Genetic Opera: Rated R
Sun 8:30am Dubstep Yoga
Sun 10:00am Blood Drive
Sun 11:00am Another Hour with Devo Spice
Sun 11:00am Lightsaber Combat of the Sword Masters
Sun 11:30am Salem Zouaves: Civil War Bayonet Drill
Sun 12:30pm Songs of Myth and Magic
Sun 1:00pm Disco Line Dancing
Sun 2:30pm Cross-Step Waltz for Dummies
Sun 3:00pm Belly Dance Show
Sun 4:00pm Play Poker for a Good Cause, with Phil Foglio
Sun 4:00pm Cross-Step Waltz for Experienced folk
Sun 5:30pm Grappling at the Sword
Sun 5:30pm Belly Dance Class
Sun 6:00pm Sassafrass + Stranger Ways: Greatest Hits
Sun 7:00pm Does Anyone Here Know How to Madison?
Sun 8:00pm More Songs of Myth and Magic
Sun 8:30pm The Martial Arts of "Girl Genius"
Sun 10:00pm Martian Croquet: A Steampunk Diversion
Sun 10:00pm The Nightmare Before Christmas: Rated PG
Mon 12:00am Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog: Rated PG-13
Mon 1:00am Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Sing-Along
Mon 7:30am Dubstep Yoga

Fan Interest

Fri 5:30pm I Married A Mundane
Fri 5:30pm SF/F, Prior Art, and Patents
Fri 5:30pm Con-Going 101: Planning, Budgeting, & Surviving
Fri 7:00pm Introduction to Arisia
Fri 7:00pm What Makes a Good Panel
Fri 8:30pm Convention Feedback 1
Fri 8:30pm Paneling 101: A Primer
Fri 10:00pm Victorian Age Science in Steampunk
Fri 10:00pm Issues in Modern Mad Science
Fri 11:30pm The Vampire Zone
Sat 10:00am Harry Potter in the Future
Sat 10:00am Stretch like a Shaolin: Kung-Fu Morning Warm-Up
Sat 1:00pm Army of Davids: The Role of New Media
Sat 2:30pm Convention Feedback 2
Sat 2:30pm Science in Politics
Sat 5:30pm Video Production and Distribution
Sat 7:00pm The Legacy of Steve Jobs
Sat 7:00pm The Autism Spectrum
Sat 8:30pm Humor in SF/F
Sat 10:00pm Social Media
Sat 10:00pm The Mind of the Nerd: Psychology and Fandom
Sat 11:30pm For the Love of the Geek
Sat 11:30pm Burlesque!
Sun 8:30am Being a Morning Person in Nocturnal Fandom
Sun 10:00am Disaster Preparedness for Fans
Sun 10:00am The Hugo Awards: An Introduction
Sun 10:00am What is the Society for Creative Anachronism?
Sun 11:30am Steampunk: Boom or Bust?
Sun 1:00pm Arisia Lightning Talks
Sun 1:00pm Meet the Worldcon Bids
Sun 1:00pm Copyright, Satire, and the Public Domain
Sun 2:30pm The Future of School
Sun 2:30pm Harry Potter, My Love for You Will Never Die
Sun 4:00pm Convention Feedback 3
Sun 4:00pm Punday!
Sun 5:30pm Arisia Corporate Meeting
Sun 7:00pm How the Political Process Works—and Doesn't
Sun 8:30pm The Future of Religion
Sun 10:00pm Fan Etiquette: How Not to Be That Fan
Sun 10:00pm Is There Anything Verboten Left?
Sun 11:30pm The Law, Risk Assessment, and Fun
Mon 10:00am Boston in SF/F
Mon 10:00am Collaborating Couples
Mon 11:30am Attending a Con with Kids
Mon 11:30am The Lighter Side of Adventure
Mon 1:00pm The Future of Old Age
Mon 2:30pm Convention Feedback 4
Mon 2:30pm Science Fiction as Mainstream Meme
Mon 2:30pm The Relevance of Livejournal
Mon 2:30pm Why not 1812?
Mon 2:30pm The Dark Lords

Fast Track

Fri 4:00pm Friday Night Open Coloring
Fri 4:00pm Days of Lighting Balloon Car Rally
Fri 5:30pm Classic Playground Games
Fri 5:30pm Days of Thunder Balloon Car Rally
Fri 5:30pm Apples to Apples Junior
Sat 8:30am Mask Making
Sat 8:30am Starting out with the Sword
Sat 8:30am Yarn Works (Basics)
Sat 10:00am Play with Clay
Sat 10:00am All About Poi
Sat 10:00am Kamikaze Costuming
Sat 10:00am Drawing Manga for Beginners
Sat 1:00pm Steampunk Make and Takes
Sat 1:00pm Magic Show Part 1
Sat 1:00pm Short Story Contest!
Sat 2:30pm Little Homes
Sat 2:30pm Magic Show Part 2
Sat 2:30pm Reading By Greg Fishbone
Sat 2:30pm Caricatures
Sat 4:00pm Mad Science!
Sat 4:00pm Nerf Gun War
Sat 4:00pm Dern Grim Bedtime Tales
Sat 4:00pm Apples to Apples Junior
Sun 8:30am Create Your Own Alien!
Sun 8:30am The Cutting Truth (Jr.)
Sun 10:00am Trash to Treasure!
Sun 10:00am Creepy Crawlies Time!
Sun 10:00am RoboBattlePets
Sun 10:00am Origami Fun
Sun 1:00pm Paper Rockets
Sun 1:00pm I've Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?
Sun 1:00pm What are Your Favorites to Read?
Sun 1:00pm Duct Tape Roses
Sun 2:30pm Make a Catnip Mouse
Sun 2:30pm Swords and Combat from Steam to Space
Sun 2:30pm Annie McGwire and the Time Flyer
Sun 2:30pm Quilting Basics
Sun 4:00pm Gum Drops and Castles!
Sun 4:00pm Flying High with Paper
Sun 4:00pm The Hobbit
Sun 4:00pm The Black Box
Mon 8:30am Pirate Time!
Mon 8:30am The Pointy End Goes in the Other Guy
Mon 8:30am Cartooning & Comic Creating
Mon 10:00am Dungeon and Mazes
Mon 10:00am Coffee Filter Flowers
Mon 10:00am Monday Open Coloring
Mon 11:30am Spoon-A-Pults
Mon 11:30am Improv Theater Games For Kids

Film and Video

Fri 4:00pm Man In Space
Fri 4:00pm Dream of a Warrior
Fri 4:05pm Paul
Fri 5:30pm Alien Trespass
Fri 6:00pm Computers, Tools for People
Fri 6:30pm Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot
Fri 7:00pm World Population
Fri 7:00pm Astonishing X-Men: Gifted
Fri 7:05pm The Signal
Fri 8:20pm Captain America: The First Avenger
Fri 9:00pm Future Shock
Fri 10:00pm Renovation: Movies from Worldcon
Fri 10:10pm The General (Silent Movie)
Fri 10:30pm Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
Fri 11:55pm Adventures of Johnny Tao
Sat 12:00am Soylent Green
Sat 1:20am Avatar Exile
Sat 3:00am Battle Planet
Sat 4:25am Dead Space: Aftermath
Sat 5:40am Gene-Fusion
Sat 7:00am Somebody's Hero
Sat 8:00am The Jetsons
Sat 8:15am Abbott & Costello Go to Mars
Sat 9:30am Shorts: Green Arrow, Spectre
Sat 10:00am The Infinite Worlds of H. G. Wells
Sat 2:25pm Frank Frazetta: Painting with Fire
Sat 4:00pm George R.R. Martin's Doorways
Sat 5:25pm Adam Adamant Lives
Sat 5:30pm Trip To The Moon
Sat 5:35pm The Dish
Sat 6:15pm Black Lightning
Sat 7:45pm Source Code
Sat 8:00pm Inception
Sat 9:45pm Frames of Reference
Sat 10:30pm Space Battleship Yamato
Sun 12:00am Star Babe
Sun 12:45am Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl
Sun 2:10am Trouble in Mind
Sun 3:55am The Final Countdown
Sun 5:40am Camille
Sun 7:05am Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller
Sun 8:30am Gamera The Invincible
Sun 8:45am Asterix & The Vikings
Sun 10:05am My Sarah Jane & Final Episodes
Sun 11:10am Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room
Sun 11:30am The Anachronism & Timothy
Sun 12:00pm Gilbert & Sullivan's Steampunk Operetta
Sun 2:10pm Johnny and the Bomb
Sun 4:00pm This Week on Brit TV
Sun 5:30pm Father of the Space Age
Sun 6:00pm La Jetée
Sun 6:30pm The Road
Sun 7:00pm Terry Pratchett—Choosing to Die
Sun 7:30pm Trailer Park
Sun 8:00pm Once Upon A Warrior
Sun 8:30pm Trailer Park Classic
Sun 10:00pm Beyond the Solar System
Sun 10:15pm Starhyke Marathon
Sun 11:00pm The Black Hole: Special Extra-Bad Film
Mon 1:05am The Apple
Mon 2:30am Interceptor
Mon 4:05am RoboGeisha
Mon 5:45am Glenn the Flying Robot
Mon 7:05am Moon Zero Two
Mon 9:00am Audience Choice Film
Mon 9:00am The Great Ghost Rescue
Mon 10:30am Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
Mon 11:50am Even More Coming Attractions


Fri 8:30pm Phil and Kaja Foglio Reading
Sat 1:00pm Inside Studio Foglio
Sat 4:00pm Gareth Hinds: Work and Commentary
Sat 9:30pm The Capture
Sun 1:00pm Q & A with Phil and Kaja Foglio


Fri 7:00pm Just a Quick Game?
Fri 8:30pm Introduction to LARPing
Fri 10:00pm Party Origin Stories
Fri 11:30pm Music in LARPs and Tabletop
Sat 10:00am Gender and Video Games
Sat 1:00pm How to Design a Fun Roleplaying Adventure
Sat 2:30pm City Design—Ancient and Modern
Sat 4:00pm Designing A Memorable Role-Playing Character
Sat 5:30pm RPG Gaming: Rails vs. Sandbox
Sat 8:30pm Improvisation and Role-Playing
Sat 10:00pm Death of PC Gaming May Be Greatly Exaggerated
Sat 11:30pm GM Helpline
Sun 10:00am Ending the Epic
Sun 11:30am Great Games without the M Rating
Sun 1:00pm Beyond the Controller
Sun 2:30pm Introduction to Tabletop Roleplaying
Sun 4:00pm Miniatures in Gaming: Painting Tips & Techniques
Sun 5:30pm Technology and the GM
Sun 8:30pm Women in Gaming
Sun 10:00pm What Makes a Game "Classic"?
Sun 11:30pm StarCraft!
Mon 10:00am Painted Miniatures Contest
Mon 1:00pm The Plight of the Older Gamer

Gaming—Scheduled Game

Fri 5:00pm Innovation
Fri 6:00pm Distress Call
Fri 6:00pm Mr. Bubbles
Fri 7:00pm Glory To Rome
Fri 7:00pm Friday Evening Magic Booster Draft
Fri 7:30pm Martian Rails
Fri 7:30pm Reach For The Stars
Fri 7:30pm Bad Pennies OWoD
Fri 8:00pm Blackjack
Fri 8:00pm Munchkin
Fri 8:00pm Encore
Fri 9:00pm Breaking the Cycle
Fri 9:30pm LARP Nexus Elements I
Fri 11:00pm Maple City Chronicles I
Sat 9:00am Cthulhu over Filmland
Sat 9:00am Mr. Bubbles
Sat 9:00am Tomb of Horrors
Sat 10:00am Battlestar Galactica
Sat 10:30am Heroes of Degustia
Sat 12:00pm The Patriot Incident
Sat 12:00pm My Little Pony RPG: Best Night Ever
Sat 12:00pm The Revolution Job
Sat 1:00pm Saturday Afternoon Sealed Magic
Sat 1:00pm Happily Ever After
Sat 1:30pm Trouble at Pebblebrook
Sat 1:30pm The Commuters
Sat 1:30pm Catching the Axeman
Sat 1:30pm LARP Nexus Elements II
Sat 2:00pm Game of Thrones
Sat 2:00pm Mousquetaires du Roy
Sat 3:00pm Convoy!
Sat 3:00pm Airship Bonanza
Sat 3:00pm Breaking the Cycle
Sat 3:00pm Castle Heterodyne
Sat 3:00pm Jedi Blackbird RPG
Sat 3:00pm Blackjack Tournament
Sat 4:00pm 7 Wonders
Sat 6:00pm A Visit to Deadlyland
Sat 6:00pm Munchkin Brawl
Sat 6:00pm Saturday Evening Booster Draft Magic
Sat 7:30pm Zombi-thulu
Sat 7:30pm Down Around the Bend
Sat 7:30pm Savage Wild Pennsylvania
Sat 11:00pm Maple City Chronicles II
Sun 9:00am Distress Call
Sun 9:00am Savage Wild Pennsylvania
Sun 10:00am Illuminati
Sun 10:00am The Dead of the Night
Sun 12:00pm The Secret of the Chimera
Sun 1:00pm Grueling Game Tournament
Sun 1:00pm Sunday Afternoon Sealed Magic
Sun 2:00pm Circus Maximus
Sun 3:00pm Cthulhu Over Filmland
Sun 3:00pm Airship Bonanza
Sun 6:00pm Sunday Evening Booster Draft Magic
Sun 7:00pm Collateral Damage
Sun 7:00pm Maple City Chronicles III
Mon 10:00am Frag Gold
Mon 12:00pm Ranking
Mon 12:00pm Monday Magic Draft
Mon 2:00pm Stone Age
Mon 4:00pm Red Dragon Inn


Fri 5:30pm Gender Limitations in SF/F
Fri 5:30pm Schools for Magicians
Fri 5:30pm Reading SF/F to Your Kids
Fri 5:30pm Parapsychology in Genre Fiction
Fri 5:30pm The Heinlein Juveniles
Fri 7:00pm The Exiled Character
Fri 7:00pm Interstitial Fiction: Dancing Between Genres
Fri 10:00pm Asimov vs. Heinlein: Which Future?
Fri 11:30pm When Series Jump the Dragon
Fri 11:30pm Eye of Argon Reading
Sat 10:00am Can You Like Literary SF Without Being a Snob?
Sat 10:00am So, What's New?
Sat 11:30am Language & Linguistics in SF/F
Sat 11:30am Fantasy Before Fantasy, SF Before SF
Sat 1:00pm Our Grim Meat-Hook Future
Sat 2:30pm Fantasy and Horror in Shakespeare
Sat 5:30pm Winter Is Coming
Sat 5:30pm Anne McCaffrey Memorial Panel
Sat 7:00pm How Not To Suppress Women's Writing
Sat 8:30pm SF vs. the Body
Sat 8:30pm Death Personified
Sat 10:00pm Mud and Blood: The Grittier Side of Fantasy
Sat 10:00pm Politics in Science Fiction
Sat 11:30pm The Moral Aesthetics of Steampunk
Sun 10:00am Traditional Stories, Modern Audiences
Sun 11:30am Myth and Folklore in Fantasy
Sun 2:30pm Speculative Poetry Slam
Sun 4:00pm Diana Wynne Jones: In Memoriam
Sun 4:00pm A "Self" or "No Self?" Neuroscience in SF
Sun 5:30pm Food Communicating Culture in Literature
Sun 5:30pm "But That's Not Science Fiction, Is It?"
Sun 7:00pm Disabilities in Science Fiction
Sun 8:30pm Aboard All That Glitters:Foglio's Illegal Aliens
Sun 10:00pm Ethics of Science Fiction
Sun 10:00pm Consistent Magic Systems in Fantasy
Sun 11:30pm "No Sh*t, There I Was!": Oral Storytelling
Mon 10:00am New Worlds of YA
Mon 10:00am Queer SF&F
Mon 11:30am Among the Ruins
Mon 11:30am Setting as Character
Mon 1:00pm It's Only a Game
Mon 1:00pm Baby Vamps: The New World of Teen Vampires
Mon 2:30pm Mainstream Fiction for Fen


Fri 5:30pm E.T. at 30
Fri 7:00pm The Future of Bioethics as Portrayed in Film
Fri 7:00pm SF and Horror: Where Do You Draw the Line?
Fri 8:30pm A Game of Thrones
Fri 10:00pm More Terrible SF/F Movies We Love
Sat 10:00am Avatar: The Last Airbender
Sat 11:30am The Movie Year in Review
Sat 1:00pm Monsters in Motion: Ray Harryhausen at Work
Sat 1:00pm Films by Robert Houllahan
Sat 2:30pm Is Glee Fantasy?
Sat 4:00pm If You Liked Part 1…
Sat 5:30pm Filmation Studios
Sat 8:30pm 10 Years of Smallville
Sat 10:00pm Kolchak the Night Stalker
Sun 10:00am The Who, the Whole Who, and Nothing but the Who
Sun 1:00pm TV Year in Review
Sun 1:00pm Jack Arnold at 100
Sun 2:30pm On The Fringe
Sun 2:30pm Marshall McLuhan Centennial
Sun 4:00pm Harry Potter: The Films
Sun 7:00pm Doctor Who Companions
Sun 8:30pm Guilty Pleasures
Sun 10:00pm Marvel Movies
Mon 10:00am Star Wars at 35
Mon 10:00am The Many Faces of Frankenstein
Mon 11:30am MST3K The Panel
Mon 1:00pm The Alien as Metaphor
Mon 2:30pm Snag It, Bag It, and Tag It


Fri 10:00pm NESFA Songbook Sing-a-long
Fri 10:00pm Drum and Dance at Arisia
Fri 11:30pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sat 1:00am Unmoderated Open Filk
Sat 1:00pm Chantey Sing
Sat 2:30pm Filk 101 Song Circle
Sat 7:00pm Mad Science Song Circle
Sat 10:00pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sat 10:30pm Concert: The Proper Ladies
Sat 11:30pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk cont.
Sun 1:00am Unmoderated Open Filk
Sun 11:30am Braiding Voices: Singing Rounds & Related Forms
Sun 1:00pm Alice "Badger" Washburn Memorial Filk Sing
Sun 2:30pm Rousing Chorus Songs
Sun 4:00pm Funniest Songs Sing-Along
Sun 5:30pm Singing for Non-Singers
Sun 8:30pm Good Story Songs
Sun 8:30pm Delsarte Technique: Victorian Oratory
Sun 10:00pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk
Sun 10:00pm Bawdy Song Circle
Sun 11:30pm Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk cont.
Mon 1:00am Unmoderated Open Filk
Mon 1:00pm Skin Horse Sing-Along
Mon 2:30pm Dead Dog Open Filk


Fri 7:00pm Reading: Hunt, Kirschbaum, & Stallman
Fri 10:00pm Reading: Palmer, Smith & Schneyer
Fri 11:30pm Reading: Grant, Nurenberg, & Wilk
Sat 10:00am Reading: Eldredge, Longyear, & Pelland
Sat 11:30am Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Sat 1:00pm Reading: Amundsen, Lipkin, Rios
Sat 2:30pm Reading: Bowker, Doyle, & Kimmel
Sat 4:00pm Reading: Linzner, Macdonald, & Sakers
Sat 5:30pm Reading: Nelson, Silva, & Taaffe
Sat 7:00pm Reading: Costello, Gilman, & Martin
Sat 8:30pm Reading: Brusso, Marchand, & Wilson
Sat 10:00pm Reading: Cambias, Freedman & Sklar
Sun 10:00am Reading: Dawn, Feinman, & Sawicki
Sun 11:30am UnCONventional Rapid-Fire Reading
Sun 1:00pm Reading: Cole, Hairston, & Silverman
Sun 7:00pm Reading:D'Entremont, Kingsgrave-Ernstein& Peeler
Sun 8:30pm Reading: Amidon, Lieder, & Sandel
Sun 10:00pm Reading: Kane & Vanderhooft


Fri 5:30pm Science Friction
Fri 8:30pm Sky Searching
Fri 8:30pm Forests & Trees: How the Asperger's Brain Thinks
Sat 11:30am The 100-Year Starship Study
Sat 11:30am Panel in the Pool
Sat 2:30pm Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes
Sat 4:00pm Planetary Penetration: Drilling for Mars Life
Sat 5:30pm Forensic Science and the Courts
Sat 7:00pm Evolution Beyond Biology
Sat 7:00pm One Way to Mars
Sat 8:30pm The Race to the Moon
Sat 10:00pm The Role of Albedo in Climate Change
Sun 10:00am 2,326 Worlds And Counting
Sun 11:30am The Generation and Utilization of Steam
Sun 11:30am Intelligent Design: Debunked by its Own Words
Sun 1:00pm Extremophiles
Sun 4:00pm The Near Future of Organ Transplants
Sun 5:30pm Bioethics in Today's World
Sun 5:30pm Mars or Bust!
Sun 7:00pm Alternative Energy
Sun 7:00pm Strange and Unusual Research
Sun 8:30pm Our Weird Biology
Sun 10:00pm The Year in Bad Science
Mon 10:00am Watson, Jeopardy, and the Future of Computing
Mon 11:30am Keeping Cool: Cryonics and Hibernation in SF
Mon 1:00pm Birding 101
Mon 2:30pm Soldiers Made to Order

Theater & Con Tech

Sat 10:00am Video 101: Camera Work for Cons and Home
Sat 11:30am Sound for Events 101
Sun 10:00am Video 201: Director & Technical Dir. Instruction
Sun 11:30am Video 201 Lab: Directing & Tech. Dir. Hands-On
Sun 11:30am Planning for Sound at Conventions


Fri 7:00pm When Authors Critique the Critic
Fri 8:30pm Circlet Press 20th Anniversary Retrospective!
Sat 10:00am World Building 101
Sat 11:30am Character Building
Sat 1:00pm Don't Quit Your Day Job
Sat 2:30pm My Bizarre Writing Process
Sat 4:00pm Writer's Clinic
Sat 4:00pm Odyssey Writing Workshop Presentation
Sat 7:00pm Plot and Structure
Sat 8:30pm Self-Publishing Snares
Sun 10:00am Humor in Writing
Sun 11:30am Why You Should/Should Not Self-Publish
Sun 1:00pm Point of View
Sun 2:30pm Use Your Words: Dialogoue, Prose, and Tone
Sun 4:00pm Avoiding CultureFail
Sun 4:00pm Writing As Business
Sun 5:30pm Creating and Maintaining Your Public Persona
Sun 7:00pm Making Politics Work in Fiction
Sun 8:30pm The eBook Ecosystem