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Arisia 2012 Schedule

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Fri -Sat -Sun -Mon

Friday 3:00pm

Allegro Non Troppo — 1hr 24min — ArisiaTV
An enthusiastic filmmaker thinks he's come up with a totally original idea: animation set to classical music! When he hears that some American named "Prisney" (or something) has already done it, he decides to do his own version. In Italian, but you don't need the dialog. 1976, NR

Friday 4:00pm

Friday Night Open Coloring — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Have you been stuck traveling all day to get to Arisia? Need some down time? Come and enjoy a few minutes of coloring to relax!

Days of Lighting Balloon Car Rally — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Build balloon cars that are powered by static electricity and race them. Learn basic geometry and engineering concepts and learn about electrical fields.
Scott Wilhelm

Man In Space — 6min — Otis (2)
A silly cartoon from the Funny Company about space travel.

Dream of a Warrior — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
Korean Time Travel Fantasy—A cop astral-travels into a fantasy world to rescue a mad scientist's daughter. Subtitled, 2001, PG-13.

Friday 4:05pm

Paul — 1hr 44min — Otis (2)
This is a classic American road-trip comedy—three people in a car looking for the American dream—except that one of them is an alien escaped from a secret military installation. This lighthearted film is funnier than you would expect, for both kids and adults. 2001, R (language), 35mm Cinemascope.

Friday 4:30pm

Helvetica — 1hr 20min — ArisiaTV
We use it every day on our computers, we see it on street signs—and we take it for granted. Gary Hustwit's documentary introduces us to Helvetica, a font whose readability has made it the most popular in the world. 2007, NR

Friday 5:00pm

Innovation — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
A journey through innovations from the stone age to modern times. Each player builds a civilization based on various technologies, ideas, and cultural advancements, all done with cards. Each card has a unique power which will help advance your civilization, however, that same power could also unwittingly help the other players.

Friday 5:30pm

E.T. at 30 — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
In 1982 E.T. became one of the most popular movies of all time. How does it hold up after 30 years? Do you prefer the original or the "tweaked" re-release with better effects and all the guns turned into cell phones and walkie-talkies? Has E.T. stood the test of time or should he just go home?
Bob Chipman, Dr.Chris, Daniel M. Kimmel (m), Daniel Miller, E. F. Morrill

Gender Limitations in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Often, strong female characters are portrayed in such a way that seem to be a rejection not just of traditional gender roles but of all things feminine. Similarly, male characters that take on what are regarded as traditional female roles are viewed as emasculated figures incapable of pro-active action. Where are the strong warrior women that can also be compassionate or the house-husbands that have a role beyond being the punchline of a joke?
Greer Gilman, Andrea Hairston, Jennifer Pelland, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Trisha Wooldridge (m)

Schools for Magicians — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
A Hogwarts degree isn't the only path from mundanity to magehood. Let's consider how writers have portrayed schools, including Roke, Unseen University, Brakebills, and more. Why a school setting? Is it due to the innate familiarity for both reader and writer? Having a built-in rationale for info-dumps? How do these fantastical academies compare to SF's schools for space cadets. As we look outside of Harry Potter, we'll examine the continue fascination with such sorcerous scholastic settings.
Victoria Janssen, Bob Kuhn, Kenneth Schneyer, Cecilia Tan (m)

Reading SF/F to Your Kids — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Are you raising a little fan? What genre books provide the best introduction for today's children to science fiction and fantasy? What authors or books are easier or harder to read aloud? And what's the best treatment for a throat that's sore from screaming, "BAGGINS! WE HATES IT, WE HATES IT FOREVER!"? Our panelists share tips and opinions.
Dawn Albright, Mark L. Amidon (m), Mary Catelli, Peter Maranci, Frances K. Selkirk

Corsets, Hoops, & Other Undergarments — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
What goes under your costume can be just as important as your actual costume. Find out the basics of corsets, hoop skirts, and everything else that you can find under a costume.
Lisa A. Ashton (m), Aurora Celeste, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Jennifer Old, Jamila Sisco

Parapsychology in Genre Fiction — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Telepathy, remote viewing, and pyrokinesis make for interesting stories, but how can writers make them believable? How can a character have precognition and not ruin the upcoming plot twists? Is someone who talks to ghosts magical or just psychologically "gifted"? Where does psych-fi belong among the sci-fi, urban fantasy, or paranormal subgenres?
Vikki Ciaffone (m), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Kate Kaynak, Gail Z. Martin, Tchipakkan

I Married A Mundane — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
You had to beg and plead to get your significant other to come to Arisia this year. They just don't "get" it—all of it. You find yourself having to explain things over and over. And Bog forbid that he or she reads this panel description and realizes that "Mundane" refers to them! Let's talk.
Cheryl Braverman, Ann Crimmins (m), David Nurenberg

Science Friction — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Science Friction is what happens when science fiction rubs against science fact. Space travel, television, and computers were once dismissed as fantasy, but are now commonplace. Will Star Trek's warp drive and transporters someday become reality? When do we get our flying cars and time travel? We will examine some of the most intriguing inventions of science fiction, to see which will remain fiction and which might become real all too soon.
Wil Howitt

Classic Playground Games — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Play some classic playground games with us!
Peter Breton

Days of Thunder Balloon Car Rally — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Build balloon cars that are powered by blowing balloons up and letting them go.
Scott Wilhelm

Apples to Apples Junior — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Come play Apples to Apples Junior with us!
Mimi Noyes

Tell the Truth: Non-Fiction Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
A discussion of non-superhero comics. Topics include memoir, history, and science. Panelists discuss their individual goals, obstacles, and solutions. Extra emphasis on merging research and entertainment.
Gareth Hinds, Alex Jarvis, Don MacDonald, John Monahan, Gynn Stella Silva, Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman (m)

SF/F, Prior Art, and Patents — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Writers can be so detailed in their analysis of potential technology that it may qualify as prior art, preventing future realized technology from being patented. Is this a good or bad thing? Does it need to be addressed? Can books like Childhood's End or comics (like when Huey, Duey and Luey used ping pong balls to raise a sunken ship) be used as prior art to prevent patents on the realized technology? If someone invents a working lightsaber, should they be able to patent Lucas's idea?
Ira Domnitz, David J. Friedman, David Larochelle (m), Thomas Traina, Alan Wexelblat

The Heinlein Juveniles — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Many older fans first got into SF through the Heinlein books for young adults. Are they still the best choice for new generations? Which books have held up best, and which (if any) should be relegated to the back burner? Can today's children and young teens still relate to the science-heavy, perhaps old-fashioned worlds of Robert A. Heinlein?
Sandra Hutchinson, Alexander Jablokov, Karen Purcell DVM (m), Julia Rios

Con-Going 101: Planning, Budgeting, & Surviving — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Attending a con ain't all fun and games. In this panel, we'll look at some of the barriers and challenges of going to cons, including budgeting, dealing with roommates, proper diet, and how much stuff to bring from home.
Jerome C. Conner, Melina Gunnett, Melissa Kaplan, PJ Letersky (m), John C. Watson

Alien Trespass — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
Homage to 1950's SF movies. After crash landing near a desert town, an alien enlists the help of a local waitress to re-capture a monster that escaped from the wreckage of his space ship. 2009, PG.

Friday 6:00pm

Distress Call — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
To be Purged…That is the fate of the Xenos. They are breaching outer permitter. The artifact is real. I repeat it is real. This last transmission was received 2 hours ago, prior to a full tyrannid hive invasion of the planet. The Deathwatch has been called to retrieve the artifact found on the planet at all costs. For any other Space Marines this would be a suicidal mission, but we are Deathwatch. To be Cleansed…For that is the fate of all Xenos.

Mr. Bubbles — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Welcome to the future where the benevolent and just Computer controls your lives. As a troubleshooter you have been tasked with the job to find the behind the “Mr. Bubbles” program which caused the scrub bots to go AWOL. Do this and turn in traitorous secret society scum and you will have the Computer’s approval. The Computer is family friendly and this task is designed for all warm blooded sentient beings! DO NOT DISAPPOINT THE COMPUTER!

Computers, Tools for People — 24min — Otis (2)
This mid-1970s documentary explores the microcomputer revolution from a social science perspective. Watch how LOGO and BASIC change the world. 16mm

The Super Robots — 4hr — Stone (2)
Beast King GoLion—As the foundation for Voltron: Defender of the Universe, Beast King GoLion was re-edited and re-recorded for American audiences. We are proud to present it in its original, unedited form and with its original Japanese soundtrack. Aquarion—An updated take on the Super Robot genre. Set in the future, a giant fighting machine called the Aquarion is humanity's only hope against the technologically advanced species called the Shadow Angels.

Air-Pirate Combat! — 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
When pirates take to the air, they expect to have to fight. They use cannon for airship-to-airship combat, but when it comes time to board their targets, hand weapons, especially knives and cutlasses, rule the decks. See the Higgins Armory Sword Guild demonstrate how air-pirates subdue, defeat, and sometimes kill their victims.
Higgins Armory

The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao — 1hr 39min — ArisiaTV
Enigmatic circus showman Dr. Lao gives the denizens of a sleepy Western frontier town the chance to peer into a looking glass and see their foibles. 1964, NR

Friday 6:30pm

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot — 30min — Otis (2)
Produced by the Toei Company and released in the US by American International Television, Johnny Sokko is a member of Unicorn, an international organization that fights against the evil Gargoyle (who can be detected by their beatnik beards and stylish sunglasses), using his giant robot. Giant Robot is not autonomous and can be controlled by anyone who has the control box. Who has it now and what are they fighting for or against? We'll pull an episode at random. 16mm Fujichrome.

Viking Fighting Moves: Fiction vs Fact — 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Many classic works of fiction feature warriors from the cold north fighting with swords and large shields. Sound familiar? They're the weapons of Vikings, and it's no surprise that some fantasy fighting moves resemble the fighting moves of Vikings, given how much authors have depended on the Viking myths and legends when creating their fictional worlds. In this presentation and demo, we'll show you a few fighting moves of the Vikings and compare them to fighting moves from fiction.
Higgins Armory

Friday 7:00pm

The Future of Bioethics as Portrayed in Film — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Blade Runner and Gattaca can be viewed as two sides of the same coin. Moon and Never Let Me Go are both commentaries on liberty and the commercialization of life itself. District 9 examines the question about who gets 'human' rights at all. Who argues on behalf of Fa and Bea, the dolphins in Day of the Dolphin? How SF films are raising ethical issues of the future.
Bob Chipman, Ira Domnitz, Steve Popkes, Jeff Warner (m)

When Authors Critique the Critic — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Your book got a bad review and you feel it's unfair. It's your baby, after all! What do you do? Correct the review, ask friends to counter-post good reviews to boost sales, or grumble and move on? We'll talk about some classic examples of authors gone wild over bad reviews, and what they should have done.
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, William Freedman, Esther Friesner, Jennifer Pelland, Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg

Introduction to Arisia — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Is this your first time at Arisia? Maybe your first time at a con? Welcome! Our experienced panelists will give you tips on how to get the most out of the con, and on con survival in general.
Samantha Dings, Jacob Lefton, Shira Lipkin, Julia Suggs (m)

The Exiled Character — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
From the Mabinogion and the Arthurian cycle, our literature has used the archetype of the hidden prince. Let's focus on the notion of his exile and foreign upbringing, and more generally discuss the perspective of the outsider's perspective in F&SF. Why is it so common? What is the allure? What does this allow the author that they couldn't do otherwise? Does any of this parallel the experience and influence of the cultural outsider in today's society?
Greer Gilman, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m), Bob Kuhn, Barry B. Longyear, Sonya Taaffe

Hall Costumes: Everyday Wear for Conventions — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
What do you make? How does it differ from a presentation costume? What to consider when making a hall costume, including your health and safety? What is the non-sewn costume? Packing, transporting, Hall Costume Awards, and more explained.
Michelle d'Entremont, Kristina Finan, Marty Gear, Suford Lewis, Karen Purcell DVM (m)

Interstitial Fiction: Dancing Between Genres — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Interstitial fiction is writing made in the interstices between genres and categories. It is art that flourishes in the borderlands between different disciplines, mediums, and cultures. It crosses borders, written by people who refuse to be constrained by category labels. Some favorite examples will be discussed here.
Erik Amundsen, John Bowker, Joy Marchand (m), Julia Rios, Sarah Smith

Just a Quick Game? — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
There are plenty of "quickie" tabletop games, ranging from ones that take just a minute to ones that really make you think for a half-hour or less. Our group of panelists discuss board and card games that take a relatively short time to play. Share you favorites and learn about ones you may not have heard about.
Christopher Davis, Bill Levay, Adam Lipkin, Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman (m)

Viewing Anime Online — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
What is Crunchyroll? Where can I legally watch the best of the new anime and manga with English subtitles? What about "scanlations"? What's the big deal about making my anime watching a legal activity? These questions and many more will be answered in this informative panel, with special interest paid to the mad science of seeing the best and newest almost immediately after it has been released in Japan!
PJ Letersky, Elizabeth O'Malley (m), Richard Ralston, Twisting Star

Glory To Rome — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Rome has burned and must be rebuilt. Use the cards to rebuild the city to its former glory. This has the mechanics of San Juan with all the options of Puerto Rico, making for a highly strategic card game.

Friday Evening Magic Booster Draft — 1hr 15min — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
$15 entry fee.

"Reclaiming the Blade" and Q&A — 2hr 30min — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
The Medieval sword is a profound and beautiful object, crafted by master artisans of old. Yet it is an object with one with a singular use—to kill. The truth of the sword has been shrouded in history, and the martial arts that it brought into being are long forgotten. Knights and masters at arms left us their knowledge in manuscripts, from which we can rediscover these lost arts. A showing of the film Reclaiming the Blade, followed by a Q&A session with modern students of historical combat.
Steven Hirsch (m), Higgins Armory

Elseworlds and What Ifs — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Alternate timelines and origins were once single issue one-offs to quell letter column fanfic, now they are major enough to merit their own graphics. What are people's favorites? What other scenarios would fans like to see examined?
Jaime Garmendia (m), Alex Jarvis, Troy Minkowsky, Joey Peters, Cynthia A. Shettle-Meleedy

World Population — 6min — Otis (2)
This short film tries to describe just how many people there really are, and how many more they will be, using ingenious graphics. 1974, 16mm.

SF and Horror: Where Do You Draw the Line? — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
What is the dividing line between science fiction and horror in the movies and on TV? Are Universal "monster movies" like Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man horror, SF, or both? What about modern classics like Alien and the remake of The Fly? Are zombie movies SF if there's a "scientific" explanation offered? How do you draw the line and does it make a difference?
Garen Daly, Mario Di Giacomo, Dr.Chris (m), Tony Finan, Timothy J. Tero

Reading: Hunt, Kirschbaum, & Stallman — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Walter Hunt, Andrew Kirschbaum, and Richard Stallman read selections from their works.
Walter Hunt, Andrew Kirschbaum, Richard Stallman

What Makes a Good Panel — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
You believe you have a terrific idea for a con panel. How do you suggest it to the convention? What makes a good convention panel? Why did Arisia choose the panels and panelists it did? And what is the moderator's job?
Howard Beatman, Hugh Casey, Daniel M. Kimmel, Eric M. Van, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted — 1hr 20min — Webster (2)
Motion Comic by Joss Whedon. 6 episodes. 2010, PG-13.

Contra Dance — 1hr 30min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Tavi Merril, calling to the live music of Audrey Knuth, Michael Glicksman, and Jeff Kaufman. No partner or experience necessary, all dances will be taught. Wear comfortable clothing you can be active in; skirts are swishy and appropriate regardless of gender.
Jeff Kaufman

Learn to Make Fabric Flowers — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
These fabric flowers start with strips of ordinary fabric, but your hand-sewing in specific steps turns them into wonderful, colorful flowers! The centers can then be beaded or a button added, then glued or sew on a pin-back, and you have instant style! Kits for sale ($5) include pre-ironed fabric strip, needle, thread, and pin-back. Many colors will be available. These flowers can be made into pins, barrettes, bobby pins, or sewn directly onto clothing or quilts.
Lisa A. Ashton

Friday 7:05pm

The Signal — 1hr 43min — Otis (2)
A mysterious transmission creates hallucinations and paranoia. This is really a collection of three individual films from different viewpoints about the coming of the signal. Unfortunately, none of the viewpoints can be trusted. This is really a beautiful little film that deserved more attention than it got. 2007, R (violence, language), 35mm.

Friday 7:30pm

Martian Rails — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Discover the curious civilizations and wild lore of the wonderus red planet, Mars, in this rail game with from Mayfare Games.

Reach For The Stars — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Are you a Firefly/Serenity fan who just didn’t get to play in Joss Whedon’s world enough? Or are you a tabletop RPG gamer who would love to mess around in a sci-fi future wonderland? Either way, come join this Serenity one-shot, Reach for the Stars! Action, drama, depth, this game has it all… Everything but you! And remember: There’s always a gorram train job!

Bad Pennies OWoD — 3hr 30min — Grand Ballroom C (1W)
You're supernatural investigators in a world much like our own, but with more things that go bump in the night…or maybe you're one of the things that does the bumping. Something inexplicable has been going on in the stock market, and something strange has been going on down at the Asylum they closed twenty years ago. You need to find out what it is before it escapes, or turn it to your own purposes.

Friday 7:45pm

Mythbusters—Steam Gun — 42min — ArisiaTV
Mythbusters take on a steam-powered machine gun rumored to fire 400 rounds a minute at a 300-yard range. 2007, NR

Friday 8:00pm

Blackjack — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Stop in and brush up your skills on the grand old game of Blackjack.

Munchkin — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Want to learn how to play? Want to check out the latest variants? Want to see the wide variety of cheats that can be used? Stop in and see what's been going on in the world of Munchkin.

Encore — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Love music? Do you like to sing along? Do you know your lyrics? Then come on down and join the fun as each team scrambles to sing 8 words from a song that contain the clue to advance on the board to an Encore.

Nauticon Dance Party — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Shake off your barnacles at the Friday evening Dance Party hosted by Nauticon staff. Sailors, Pirates and other seafaring folk are welcome, be on the look out for mermaids, but no parrots please.

Friday 8:20pm

Captain America: The First Avenger — 2hr 4min — Webster (2)
Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals. 2011, PG-13.

Friday 8:30pm

A Game of Thrones — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice has been adapted to the small screen. How well does it hold up in the transition? Does it stay true to the source material? Have the changes been for the better or the worse? Note: This discussion will be limited to Season 1 of the TV series. Please refrain from spoilers from the later books.
Kevin Cafferty, Calliope, Randee Dawn, Toni Lay, Jude Shabry (m)

BDSM 101: A Beginner's Guide — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
There are a lot of different ways to practice BDSM. How can you get into it without getting in over your head? What can you do to stay safe while experimenting and exploring your own limits? We'll go over a few do's and, more importantly, don'ts of trying BDSM. 18+ Only.
dkap (m), Shana Fuqua, Little Mel, Laurel Pickard, Kyle R.

Circlet Press 20th Anniversary Retrospective! — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Boston is not only home to Arisia but also to the world's only book publisher dedicated to erotic science fiction and fantasy, Circlet Press. In this fun and interactive presentation by founder Cecilia Tan, we'll look back over the 20 years of Circlet's life. Curious about what lessons we've learned over 20 years of mixing up gay and straight, vampires and space aliens? Curious about what we're going to do next? Come find out! There will be door prizes!
Cecilia Tan (m), Connie Wilkins

Phil and Kaja Foglio Reading — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
An as yet unpublished chapter from the novelizations of Girl Genius. Possibly some surprises, too.
Kaja Foglio, Phil Foglio

Sky Searching — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Shortly after dusk, satellites in low earth orbit (such as the space station) can be seen from the ground with the unaided eye. They shine by reflected sunlight, and are visible while they're still in sunlight and a ground observer is in the Earth's shadow (night). Satellites look quite similar to airplanes, and look like bright stars taking a few minutes to cross the night sky. Learn how to find satellites even in a bright, light-polluted urban environment.
Marek Kozubal, Alan MacRobert, Sean Sullivan (m)

Religious Icons in the World of Anime — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Consider the apocalyptic overtones of The Big O and the fight for souls of Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne; why are there so many anime films with Christian themes and symbols? What is it about Western religions, specifically Christianity, that has anime writers and directors exploring them again and again? Do these themes have the same meaning in Japan as they do here?
Michael Toole

Forests & Trees: How the Asperger's Brain Thinks — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Learn more about the two brain chemicals (serotonin and acetylcholine) that mediate two different modes of analytical thought and how the substitution of one for the other explains the cognitive style of Asperger's. The "disorder" turns out to be an adaptation that allows analytical thought even without the brain chemistry usually required to support it.
Eric M. Van

Wigs for Costuming — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
To achieve the best look possible, getting the right hair is a must. Wigs are great option, especially when characters have crazy colors and styles. Learn styling tips and the best places to buy wigs.
Christa J. Newman, Elizabeth O'Malley (m), Carol Salemi, Jamila Sisco

Batman Through the Ages — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Between the comics, the movies, and TV, Batman has gotten more reboots than almost anyone. How has he changed over the years? With one movie left in Nolan's trilogy, what comes next?
Bob Chipman, Daniel Miller, Israel Peskowitz (m), Joey Peters, Santiago Rivas

Introduction to LARPing — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Live Action Role Playing—LARP—is an acronym that keeps coming up in geek and convention circles. What do people do at a LARP? Why should I play? What kinds of LARPs are there? How do I get started?
John Bacon (m), Stephen R. Balzac, Anna R. Bradley, Nat Budin, Heidi Hooper

Convention Feedback 1 — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Tell us what's going wrong—early in the con when we might be able to fix a problem on the fly. (We don't mind hearing about what's going well either.)
Andrea Carney, Emily Coombs, David D'Antonio, Samantha Dings, Crystal Huff, Rick Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, Alan McAvinney, Daniel Noe, Peter Olszowka, Noel Rosenberg, Cris Shuldiner (m), Rachel L. Silber, Michael Sprague, Julia Suggs

Paneling 101: A Primer — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
A panel on doing panels, for noobs and the plain unaware. Learn etiquette, preparing, benefits, the role of the moderator, how to moderate, how to handle a rogue panelist, and how to handle a rogue audience member.
Hugh Casey, Christopher Davis, Victoria Janssen, Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks, Jonathan Woodward (m)

The War of the Worlds — 1hr 25min — ArisiaTV
The first film adaptation of the H.G.Wells story told on radio of the invasion of Earth by Martians. 1953, NR, in Glorious Technicolor!

Friday 9:00pm

Breaking the Cycle — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
When Aeku Tazjemn first reported glimpsing a set of inhabited moons connected with a system of "cycler" spacecraft through the gravity telescope at Mifha, it caused an immediate controversy. Within six months of her first observation of the system, she witnessed the destruction of one of the cyclers carrying goods between the worlds. Will you find out how the attack happened and can you stop it from happening again?

Future Shock — 43min — Otis (2)
Orson Welles narrates this 1972 documentary written with Alvin Toffler about how our pace of technological progress had achieved a level beyond which humans could cope. Although severely dated, it still remains relevant social criticism of technology. 16mm.

Double Apex Techno Contra — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)

Friday 9:30pm

LARP Nexus Elements I — 3hr — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)
Visit the original world of Nexus Elements, a place where magic is as common as might. On the Isles of the Forgotten King, the fairy folk run wild and humans are nothing but myth. It has now been a year since Lady Carthairen was gifted the isle of Ashling, in the kingdom of Delben. Her island is still barely settled. Much of the wilderness seems to fight back against the taming of this land. She calls again for heroes new and old, offering gold as well as opportunity for new adventure!

Friday 10:00pm

More Terrible SF/F Movies We Love — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
It's an important year for genre filmmaking, as cult "heroes" Albert Pyun and Uwe Boll are back in action with new "hits!" Join us for clips, laughs, memories, and "air quotes" about all of the most entertaining science fiction and fantasy films that we love for all the wrong reasons.
Bob Chipman, Bob Eggleton, Tony Finan (m), Adam Lipkin, Tuna Oddfellow

BDSM 201: Hurting the Ones You Love — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Paddles and whips and floggers, oh my! What ever happened to the simplicity of a good old-fashioned spanking? From clothespins to dragontails, there are lots of ways to hurt the people you love most, and do it safely. Unfortunately, we can't show you how to do it in Massachusetts, but we can talk about it! 18+ only.
Shana Fuqua, Melissa Kaplan, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Micah Schneider (m), Raven Stormbringer

Asimov vs. Heinlein: Which Future? — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
There is a wild dichotomy between Asimov's and Heinlein's ideas of the better future. Asimov liked cities, urban settings, and, in some of his works, showed the loneliness of people who didn't touch or see each other frequently. Heinlein's characters often jump when a planet gets too crowded. He associated cities with crime and pastoral/suburban settings with good living. Which are we moving toward? Which is better for the planet? Our species?
Mark L. Amidon (m), Calliope, Fabrisse, Karl G. Heinemann, Don Sakers

Victorian Age Science in Steampunk — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
The Victorian period includes Freud's work on the unconscious mind. DNA was unknown, but knowledge of anatomy was pretty good. How can we adapt Victorian-era knowledge to make better costumes, stories, and props today?
James Bredt (m), Liz Burke, Garen Daly, Israel Peskowitz, Barbara Menard Pugliese

Costume Failures, Horror Stories, and Lessons — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
When it comes to costuming, it's rare that things go exactly as planned. Costumers share past stories of failures, embarrassment, and examples of Murphy's Law.
Aurora Celeste, Jennifer Old (m), Solveig Pflueger, Nightwing Whitehead, Jennifer Yoo

NESFA Songbook Sing-a-long — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Group singing from the NESFA Hymnals, a collection of filk songs set to well-known tunes. Singers and listeners both welcome. Loaner hymnals provided. Here is a chance for new filkers to learn a few songs and experienced filkers to sing some old favorites.
Ellen Kranzer (m), Mark A. Mandel

Intro to Anime's Adult Forms—Hentai, Yaoi — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Anime is easily as diverse as any other film medium, with everything from action to romance to intrigue. How can you find what you want? And how can you find it without—or with—stumbling into tentacle-wielding giant mecha, driven by dimensionally dislocated school girls? Or Zowie! It's Yaoi!… School boys!?!
Mary Dumas (m), Ed Fuqua, Richard Ralston, John C. Watson

Drum and Dance at Arisia — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
This is an open Drum circle. All are welcome; if you have a drum please bring it. You don’t need a drum to dance, or enjoy the ambiance but if you have one don’t forget to pack it. You can also bring Zills, tambourines, and any non amplified instruments. Yes, kids are welcome but this is not babysitting so please do not leave children unattended.
Angela K. Bowen

The Nature of Gender: Past, Present & Future — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
What is gender? How much does environment contribute to one's gender orientation? At one time, two genders were considered the norm. Now there may be four, five, or perhaps more, depending on your definition. Will gender still have the same meaning in the future? Will it mean anything at all?
Michelle d'Entremont, Dyschordiana, Raven Kaldera (m), Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

Renovation: Movies from Worldcon — 8min — Otis (2)
If you missed Worldcon, this is your opportunity to see Dr. Demento, to see Chris Garcia accepting a Hugo award. You can see giant bugs and fans wearing propeller beanies. Watch Hobbit using electricity. Watch dealers selling things. Thanks to the latest in Soviet surplus film technology we bring you all the best parts of Worldcon without any of the cigarette smoke. 35mm Kludgecolor.

Party Origin Stories — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Adventuring parties usually contain a mix of personalities and backgrounds, both of the characters and of the players. The GM must blend these pieces into a harmonious whole. We'll discuss the party origin story both as a tool to increase group cohesion and as an outstanding all-purpose plot hook device.
Peter Maranci, Daniel Miller, Shava Nerad, David Nurenberg, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Reading: Palmer, Smith & Schneyer — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Suzanne Palmer, Sarah Smith, and Ken Schneyer will read selections from their works.
Suzanne Palmer, Kenneth Schneyer, Sarah Smith

Issues in Modern Mad Science — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
These days, it's not enough to try to take over the world with a secret base and a Nehru jacket. The quality of henchman has gone downhill. Instead of sinister sociopaths with fascinating deformities, we now have to hire shabby terrorists who insist on ideologies beyond your own megalomania. Governments are impossible to work with or blackmail. Instead of suave secret agents, your foes are likely to be kids with annoying animal sidekicks. So, what is a madman intent on world domination to do?
James L. Cambias, The Marvelous Merv, John Monahan, Steve Sawicki (m), James A. Wolf

Vampires Do Not Sparkle (Or Do They?) — 4hr — Stone (2)
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust—This is the second feature to star famed vampire hunter, D. It was produced with the intent of being shown in American theaters, so it was only recorded in English. Trinity Blood—Set 900 years after an apocalyptic war between humans and vampires, the series focuses on the on-going cold war between the Vatican, the human government, and the "New Human Empire", the government of the vampiric Methuselah.

Red Shift in "Beyond the Edge of Beyond" — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Red Shift, Interplanetary Do-Gooder, and his friends journey to the edge of the galaxy to visit an old friend. But can they overcome a danger from beyond the edge of beyond, a danger that reaches from the inner mind to…someplace further away, way over there? A radio theater performance, voiced by the skilled actors of the Post Meridian Radio Players! (Shown live on ArisiaTV.)
Michael McAfee

Art Show Reception — 1hr 30min — Art Show (1E)
Come meet the artists, see their work, and get an early chance to bid!

Red Shift in "Beyond the Edge of Beyond" (live) — 1hr — ArisiaTV
Live broadcast of Red Shift radio drama.

Friday 10:10pm

The General (Silent Movie) — 1hr 45min — Otis (2)
Buster Keaton is rejected by the Confederate Army because his work as a railroad engineer is too important, but can't convince his girlfriend Anabelle that he isn't a coward. Union spies steal his train, inadvertently taking Anabelle along. One of Roger Ebert's Top Ten Films, this was perhaps the first stunt film ever made, and still one of the best. The stunts are done live. Not even Jackie Chan could do this today. With live organ accompaniment by Jeff Rapsis. 16mm.

Friday 10:30pm

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
Horror/Comedy. Tucker & Dale are on vacation at their dilapidated mountain cabin when they are attacked by a group of preppy college kids. 2010, R (bloody horror violence, language, brief nudity)

Friday 11:00pm

Maple City Chronicles I — 7hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)
A traditional OWoD Sabbat chronicle based in the fictional area Maple City. Conflicts center around main stream Sabbat versus the loyalist movement. Though this is a Sabbat chronical, expect sect politics and intrigue between factions to play as large a role as any standard Camarilla game.

Friday 11:15pm

Underworld — 2hr 1min — ArisiaTV
Vampires and werewolves have waged a nocturnal war against each other for centuries. All bets are off, however, when a female vampire warrior becomes smitten with a peace-loving male werewolf. 2003, R

Friday 11:30pm

Sacred Sexuality — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
This panel will explore the role of sex and sexuality in religion and in ritual, both in history and in fiction.
Dyschordiana, Rev. Matthew (m), Shava Nerad, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert

When Series Jump the Dragon — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
What long series have made you give up and at which point? Why then? Is it when the quality declines, when the plots repeat, or when the revisiting of old story lines threatens to taint your memory of earlier books? We're looking at you, Pern and Xanth! Contrariwise, what series keep you hooked to find out what comes next even if the quality has fallen off? What makes them different? What about series continued posthumously by another author?
Mary Catelli, Bob Kuhn, Suford Lewis, Adam Lipkin (m), Daniel Miller

Eye of Argon Reading — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
The worst science fiction story ever written gets a reading by our brave panel as they compete to go the longest without tripping over a misspelled word or laughing uncontrollably. Audience members are also encouraged to take a chance. Can you keep a straight face, especially when the panel begins acting out the story?
Susan de Guardiola, Hildy Silverman, Michael A. Ventrella (m)

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Come listen and/or make music in this unthemed song circle. We will go around in a circle giving every person a chance to perform (Play), request a song (Pick), or Pass. All types of music are welcome, but expect to hear a lot of songs related to science fiction, fantasy, science and fandom.
Paul Estin, Hillary Sherwood (m)

Fun With Rope — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
One of the first things that comes to mind when you think about BDSM is rope. Come learn about rope bondage, from basic knots to some of those pretty harnesses you've seen around. No previous experience necessary! You don't even need a partner. 18+ Only.
dkap, Kyle R., Sparr (m)

Music in LARPs and Tabletop — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
With bards, dramatic live soundtracks, and fight mechanics that require players to sing, music is already an element of LARPs. Tabletop GMs have used multimedia to set the mood and build tension. How can music be used to shape a more immersive experience? What other ways can it be used?
Anna R. Bradley, T. Christopher Davis, Susan Weiner (m)

Reading: Grant, Nurenberg, & Wilk — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Glenn Grant, David Nurenberg, and Steven R. Wilk will read selections from their works.
Glenn Grant, David Nurenberg, Stephen R. Wilk

The Vampire Zone — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Why won't they die? What makes vampires so eternal in the hearts and minds of readers and viewers? Whether it's a TV show like Angel, a movie like Dark Shadows, or any of the thousands of vampire books out there, what is it about the vampire that makes it irresistible?
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Ed Fuqua, Andrew Kirschbaum, Misty Pendragon, KT Pinto

Friday 11:55pm

Adventures of Johnny Tao — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
Rock-a-billy music and martial arts meets Night of the Living Dead. 2007, PG-13.

Saturday 12:00am

Soylent Green — 1hr 37min — Otis (2)
In the 21st century, population pressure has reached the breaking point, and a New York police detective stumbles across a terrible secret. This beautifully-made film stars Charlton Heston in a perfect role, and it really does a fine job of showing how dull and dreary the world has become. Yes, they're talking about remaking this movie, but you need to see this one. No, please don't tell anyone the ending until after the movie is over. 1973, PG, 16mm Technicolor.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Rated R — 3hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
The Teseracte Players prepare to crank up the heat with a steamy twist to your favorite show. Sexy sweethearts in bustles and bustier, Do the Time Warp again and travel with the mad scientist and his spaced out castle crew and give yourself over to the world's longest running interactive film. The Rocky Horror Picture show thrives on audience participation, with costumes, call back lines and more; it's an experience you'll never forget. Visit for more information.
Glenn MacWilliams

DJ Pet presents…Just Dance! — 4hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
DJ Pet spins electronic dance music plus your requests! Come on down to the Dance Tent to kick off the con and get your body moving. Want to hear something very specific? Email him at acuriousproduction AT gmail DOT com with requests before hand and he will make sure to have them on hand.

Saturday 1:00am

Unmoderated Open Filk — 5hr 45min — Griffin (3E)
Open Filk descends into chaos. Music will continue as long as people are interested.

Saturday 1:20am

Avatar Exile — 1hr 42min — Webster (2)
In the near future in the Asian city-state Sintawan, everyone's identity is recorded in the vast CyberLink. The only way around this is using illegal simulated identity implants (sims). A young bounty hunter who makes her living tracking sims, finds herself the unlikely ally of a police detective who suspects the CyberLink is being perverted for an insidious and deadly purpose. 2004, PG-13, Singapore/Australia, also known as Cyber Wars.

Death Race 2000 — 1hr 19min — ArisiaTV
Sci-fi cult classic about the deadly Transcontinental Road Race, in which rival teams travel America scoring points by offing spectators. The movie that brought us the points system of driving. 1975, R

Saturday 2:00am

Various Hentai — 2hr — Stone (2)
No minors allowed

Saturday 2:40am

Cat-Women of the Moon — 1hr 4min — ArisiaTV
A space shuttle expedition lands on the dark side of the moon after being hit by an asteroid. The sole female guides the others to a cave with a livable atmosphere, having been steered there telepathically by cat-women who're planning to steal the rocket and conquer Earth. 1953, NR

Saturday 3:00am

Battle Planet — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
In the not-so-distant future, Captain Jordan Strider, a Special Forces Officer in the New World Alliance, is chosen for a top-secret mission. Sent to a desolate planet, Terra 219, to arrest possible traitors to the Alliance, Strider must survive with only a government issued experimental suit as protection. 2008, R.

Saturday 4:10am

Attach of the Killer Tomatoes — 1hr 27min — ArisiaTV
Tomatoes become Public Enemy #1 when they turn murderous. It's up to Mason Dixon and his special team to stomp them out. The first non-theatrical showing of this movie was at Noreascon 2. 1978, PG

Saturday 4:25am

Dead Space: Aftermath — 1hr 18min — Webster (2)
Animation anthology based on the video game. "The End was only the Beginning." 2011, R.

Saturday 5:40am

Gene-Fusion — 1hr 18min — Webster (2)
Animated. In the year 2310, a new sport, GENE-FUSION is all the rage! In this exciting game, specially-trainer athletes, called Fusers, design their own super-creature by combining three forms of animal DNA. Four teens become instant celebrities performing before sold out crowds. But what hey don't know is that each of them has a role to play in an alien conspiracy. Canada, 2011, PG-13.

Saturday 6:00am

Phenomenon of CLAMP — 4hr — Stone (2)
X—Set in 1999, this depicts the superhuman conflict between the opposing forces of the Dragons of Heaven and the Dragons of Earth, with teen-aged Kamui caught in the middle. Code Geass—Set in an alternate future where the world is divided between Britannia, The Chinese Federation, and the European Universe, an exiled Britannian prince obtains a power known as Geass and decides to use it to obliterate the Holy Britannian Empire.

Nova: Newton's Dark Secrets — 53min — ArisiaTV
The auction of some of Newton's papers early in the 20th century uncovers the fact that he had a side other than the genius mathematician and visionary the world knew him as. 2005, NR

Saturday 7:00am

Somebody's Hero — 1hr 17min — Webster (2)
Live action. An average accountant attempts to fill the boots of a movie-based superhero. Adventures of Man America. 2011, PG.

Saturday Morning Cartoons — 2hr — ArisiaTV
Classic Warner Brothers cartoons, with Bugs, Daffy, and the rest of the gang.

Saturday 8:00am

The Jetsons — 1hr — Otis (2)
When your children wake you up at some horribly early hour, take them down and watch three original episodes of the Jetsons. 16mm.

Saturday 8:15am

Abbott & Costello Go to Mars — 1hr 17min — Webster (2)
…in an Atomic Rocketship, the way Heinlein intended. 1953, G.

Saturday 8:30am

Geeky Play Date — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Looking to meet up with other parents and kids at the con? Geeky Play Date is a casual, drop-in space for you and your children. Kids can bring their favorite toys and make new friends! Parents can do the same! Please note: this is NOT a babysitting service/venue, plan on tending to your children.
Dale Meyer-Curley

Mask Making — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Come and make a Mask! Is it a drama mask, a monster mask, or an animal mask? Only your imagination will show.
Daniel Reuben Abraham (m), Sheila Oranch

Starting out with the Sword — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Intro to Sword-Fighting: Learn the basics of how to sword-fight, using safe foam weapons to learn historically inspired sword skills, like a knight would have used.
Stuart Ferguson

Yarn Works (Basics) — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Interested in learning how to knit? Join us and we'll show you how.
Liz Cademy

Dubstep Yoga — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Highly active, all-inclusive vinyasa flow yoga sequence to a mostly (but not entirely) dubstep playlist. No mat necessary, and please don't wear shoes!
Caitlin Cooper

Saturday 9:00am

Cthulhu over Filmland — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Travis Wainright, executive head of the newly formed Wainright Film Studios, has contacted your group. His studio’s new large scale film project, an film version of Cleopatra, has been besieged with problems, and threatens to bankrupt Wainright’s new film studio empire. There have been 2 deaths and the lead actress has been plagued with strange delusions. Wainright has hired you for your discreet expertise in such matters, and wants you to uncover what is going on.

Mr. Bubbles — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Welcome to the future where the benevolent and just Computer controls your lives. As a troubleshooter you have been tasked with the job to find the behind the “Mr. Bubbles” program which caused the scrub bots to go AWOL. Do this and turn in traitorous secret society scum and you will have the Computer’s approval. The Computer is family friendly and this task is designed for all warm blooded sentient beings! DO NOT DISAPPOINT THE COMPUTER!

Tomb of Horrors — 12hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
For centuries it has held a grim reputation—the Tomb of Horrors, repository of a lich's ancient magics and boneyard of dozens of adventurers. Now an archmage is recruiting a company of powerful individuals to retrieve an artifact from the depths of the Tomb. Can your chosen few penetrate this infamous locale in time?

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters — 1hr 12min — ArisiaTV
Crafted from classic Daffy Duck shorts edited into a brand-new tale—the self-centered duck uses a windfall inheritance to open a fraudulent Ghostbusters-like spook-removal service. When the spirit of his late benefactor learns of Daffy's scam and poor treatment of his employees, he torments the greedy fowl by making his newfound wealth disappear. 1988, G

Saturday 9:30am

Shorts: Green Arrow, Spectre — 25min — Webster (2)
Animated shorts of DC Superheroes. PG-13.

Saturday 10:00am

Avatar: The Last Airbender — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Avatar: The Last Airbender blurred the lines between anime and American animation, and did so with a depth of characterization unusual for a children's show. Join our panel as they discuss memorable moments and highlights from the series. We'll try to ignore the live action movie.
Esther Friesner, Peter Maranci, Christa J. Newman, Don Sakers (m), René Walling

Online Privacy for Kids — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Can you Google your child's name? Does your child have a FaceBook account? Are you sure? Just how much of an online presence should a child have, and at what ages? What responsibilities do parents and other adults have in protecting that privacy?
William "Ian" Blanton, Dyschordiana, David J. Friedman (m)

Can You Like Literary SF Without Being a Snob? — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
From George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, through Thomas Pynchon and Margaret Atwood, to China Mieville, Gary Shteyngart, and Michael Chabon, authors of "serious" or "literary" fiction have used fantastic elements to tell their stories. Is it possible to like their writing, and the more popular forms of science fiction such as Dr. Who novelizations or superhero comics? How do we understand a genre like science fiction which combines both kinds of works?
John Bowker, Grant Carrington, Andrea Hairston, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Kenneth Schneyer (m)

Harry Potter in the Future — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
We experienced Harry Potter as a series of books where we eagerly anticipated the release of each one, and then saw them come to life in series of vivid movies. Will future fans encounter them the same way? How will seeing the movies first affect future fans when they encounter the books? Or will the movies come to replace the books as the "Harry Potter experience"? Did the eight films do the seven books justice?
James Hinsey (m), Frances K. Selkirk, Cynthia A. Shettle-Meleedy, Cecilia Tan, Michael A. Ventrella

Surviving Your First Masquerade — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
How to register, where to go, and what to expect entering your first masquerade.
Byron P. Connell, Susan de Guardiola (m), Melissa Honig, Toni Lay, Elizabeth O'Malley

So, What's New? — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Nanotechnology is now an industry. Cloned animals can be bought online. Robots are getting smarter and more lifelike. Science is telling us that the future could be different in ways (vanished glaciers, droughts and floods, and reduced biodiversity) that are materializing perhaps even faster than AI and the Singularity. Is science fiction paying proper attention to the best information available on the future? What is new and on the horizon that SF should look out for? How could it change SF?
James L. Cambias (m), Jeff Hecht, Shira Lipkin, Judah Sher, Sarah Smith

Fabric Dyeing — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
How do you achieve the right color for your project when you can't find it in any store? Panelists will discuss the process of fabric dyeing, including different products, how to work with different fabrics, and unconventional methods.
Aurora Celeste, Carol Salemi, Nightwing Whitehead (m)

What Anime is New Now? — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Join us as we discover new and popular anime from both Japan and the US. Find out more about titles such as Black Butler, Tiger and Bunny, and others you may have heard of but would like to get to know better.
PJ Letersky (m), Mimi Noyes, Richard Ralston, Michael Toole

Play with Clay — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Come and make a work of Art out of clay!
Jen Hunter, Rachel Kadel-Garcia (m)

All About Poi — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Poi is a performance art in which a ball or balls suspended from a length of flexible material, usually a plaited cord, are held in the hand and swung in circular patterns. In this class, you will create practice poi out of socks. After making your poi you will learn some basic dance moves. Please supply your own socks!
Forest Handford (m), Michelle Wexelblat

Kamikaze Costuming — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Fabrics, pins, and imagination! Come make your own costume. Then, show off your creation in the Masquerade Fast Track entry!
Vonnie Carts-Powell, Sarah Goodman, Persis L. Thorndike (m), Aimee Yermish

Drawing Manga for Beginners — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
What is Manga and how do you draw it?
Bettina Kurkoski

Battlestar Galactica — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
A dark cloud has been cast on humanity as the Cylons have destroyed Earth and are now looking to wipe out the last remnants of humanity on their starships. Use your character's skills to take max advantage of the situations to battle not only the Cylons but also your fellow humans, for it's almost assured that one of them is actually a Cylon, but it's up to you to figure out who.

Walk the Labyrinth — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Take a long walk in a small space. Come find your center in our 30’x30’ Seven-Circuit Classical Labyrinth. A tool for walking meditation, use it to find a little peace during the excitement of Arisia. Supervised children welcome.
Jude Shabry

I'm Just Wild about Kirby — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
A discussion of the work of Jack Kirby, one of the most influential, recognizable, and prolific artists in American comic books. He was the co-creator of such enduring characters and popular culture icons as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, the Hulk, and Captain America. He also created the highly innovative Fourth World series of comics for DC. His style has influenced comic book artists and authors for years, and his imprint upon the field of comics can still be felt to this day.
Kevin Cafferty (m), Mario Di Giacomo, Ken Gale, Karl G. Heinemann, David Marshall

World Building 101 — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
What makes for a believable, fictional world? Have you accounted for geology, weather, culture, and religion? What is the psychological impact of having six legs or speaking with flashes of color? Writers and creators will discuss how to get started in world building.
Vikki Ciaffone (m), Justine Graykin, Elaine Isaak, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Gail Z. Martin

Gender and Video Games — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Recent times have seen several gender-related scandals in the video gamer community. These include Abbie Heppe's review of Metroid: Other M and the Penny Arcade Dickwolves fiasco, among others. Is there a culture of misogyny in the video game industry? What can we do about it?
Bob Chipman (m), Adam Lipkin, Maddy Myers, Carolyn VanEseltine, Brianna Wu

Reading: Eldredge, Longyear, & Pelland — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Barry Longyear, and Jennifer Pelland will read selections from their works.
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Barry B. Longyear, Jennifer Pelland

Judging a Book By Its Cover — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
In the SF genre and beyond, often a published book's cover art and the story within seem entirely unrelated. Why is this? How is cover art commissioned? How much can cover art affect the perception of the book and/or sales? How can the match/mismatch of cover art be navigated to help readers find books they will enjoy?
Bob Eggleton, Gareth Hinds, Suford Lewis (m), Thomas Nackid

Anime Comedy — 4hr — Stone (2)
A selection of classic anime comedies.

The Infinite Worlds of H. G. Wells — 4hr 25min — Webster (2)
Living in a Steampunk world, an author fictionalizes his true life adventures. 3 part Victorian SF mini-series. 2001, PG.

Blood Drive — 6hr — Lobby (2)

Stretch like a Shaolin: Kung-Fu Morning Warm-Up — 1hr 15min — Grand Ballroom C (1W)
This is a simple morning stretch and warm-up in a kinder and gentler Shao-lin style. Wear loose clothing and bring a water bottle and a towel to cushion you. Suitable for all ages. No bones will be broken.
Bill "Dr. Crash" Yerazunis

Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Pike Drill — 30min — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)
When the first English colonists came to America, they expected to have to fight. Muskets and pikes dominated the battlefields of Europe, and would soon decide Britain's fate in the English Civil Wars. See the Salem Trayned Band, a re-enactment unit portraying the militia of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in its earliest years, and the HASG demonstrate how the colonists brought this military technology — including sixteen-foot pikes — to the New World.
Higgins Armory

Video 101: Camera Work for Cons and Home — 1hr 15min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Want to learn how to compose shots and make better videos? Ever wonder why it takes so many cameras to shoot a production? At this hands on panel, you can learn to make better videos and even help out at Arisia and other cons. No experience necessary, but use of a home video camera is a plus. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice on a production video camera system. You will be offered a chance for practice using the real cameras in main tent during masquerade technical rehearsal.
Syd Weinstein

Autograph—Kelner, & Kirschbaum — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Tony L.P. Kelner and Andrew Kirschbaum.
Toni L.P. Kelner, Andrew Kirschbaum

Crochet & Knitting Basics — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
Have you always wanted to learn to knit or crochet? Have you tried to learn but couldn't? If you are between 9 and 99 years old, you can learn this weekend! You will learn how to do a basic stitch and begin a head band or scarf that you can take home. Class size is limited to 10 knitters and 10 crocheters. Please sign up in Program Nexus. $8 per kit or bring your own materials.
Kate Farb-Johnson, Judy Gentry, Angela Kessler, Jenn Tuomala

Saturday 10:20am

The Cat Returns — 1hr 15min — ArisiaTV
Young Haru rescues a cat from being run over, but soon learns it's no ordinary feline; it happens to be the Prince of the Cats. And in recognition of Haru for saving his life, the Prince brings her to the Kingdom of Cats—to be his bride! 2002, G

Saturday 10:30am

Heroes of Degustia — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
In the center of the Sandvich Flats stands the great city of Durum, the most diverse capital in Degustia. It is known as a city of adventure, where the mercenary trade is as robust the wildlife and Heroes from all walks of life emerge. But though it may seem like a good time for Degustia, there are rumors that a deadly plague has returned—the dread illness known as the Rot. Together, the Heroes will search for ancient secrets to lead the 'condiment continent' to its preservation!

Saturday 11:00am

Working with Tech — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Find out what goes into the Masquerade. Learn what the Arisia Tech Crew has available for you to use and how to make the most of it for your presentation. We will also discuss common mistakes made and how to avoid them. All aspects of theatrical tech as apply to the Masquerade will be discussed, including lights, sound, and staging.
Joel Lord

A Roman Legion: Legio III Cyrenaica — 30min — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)
The Roman Legions are undoubtedly among the best known and most influential military forces in history. Their exploits remain legendary, and they continue to be a subject for books, movies, and TV. This New England-based reenacting group seeks to accurately portray the Legion in the 1st Century AD, initially tasked with keeping Egypt’s rich ports, grain supplies, and mines under Roman control. Members will showcase various arms, armor, tactics, and troop types (Legionaries and Auxiliaries).
Higgins Armory

Saturday 11:30am

Character Building — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Making memorable characters that resonate with the reader and fit perfectly for the story is an art. How do you find the core of a character—their traits, habits, and attitudes—and show them effectively to your audience? Our panelists discuss various methods of getting to know your character in the course of your writing.
Toni L.P. Kelner, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Resa Nelson, Carolyn VanEseltine, Michael A. Ventrella (m)

The 100-Year Starship Study — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
DARPA and the NASA Ames Research Center recently announced their 100-Year Starship Study. This study examines the business model needed to develop and mature technologies that would enable long-distance manned space flight a century from now. Anticipated to last one year, the study kicked off in January 2010 with a Strategic Planning Workshop. Come hear about the results.
Ctein, Bruce Mackenzie, Ken Olum (m), Ian Schleifer

Language & Linguistics in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
From Tolkien's Elvish, to "Det. Sykes" meaning "Det. S—t-Head" to the Newcomers and the Tamarians' use of metaphor in ST:TNG episode "Darmok"; language, its use and misuse, and barriers to its understanding have provided an interesting and often illustrative backdrop to the exploration of cultures not the narrator's and/or protagonist's own. How are language and linguistics used to enrich a SF/F universe, and what can we learn from this?
Debra Doyle, Greer Gilman, Wil Howitt, Mark A. Mandel, Daniel Miller (m)

Panel in the Pool — 1hr 15min — Pool (3W)
What would life be like on an entirely aqueous planet? Could intelligent life evolve? What about space-faring intelligence? Come discuss such questions in our own aqueous environment of the hotel pool. Swimsuits required!
Michelle d'Entremont, Sarah Smith, Jeff Warner (m)

The Movie Year in Review — 1hr 30min — Burroughs (3E)
Our annual look back at the year in SF, horror, and fantasy film. Our panel of experts will cover every theatrical release of 2011. Find out which ones are worth catching up with. Note: time for audience participation is reserved for the end of our panel's high speed review.
John Bowker, Garen Daly, Dr.Chris, Daniel M. Kimmel (m), Mimi Noyes

Fashion Throughout History — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Panelists will discuss how fashion, styles, and traditions changed throughout the years, and what that means for historical costuming. Hand versus machine sewing, fabrics, and sources. What are the most important things historical costumers should know in their research? Where do people most likely make mistakes? What makes a costume historically authentic, and how important is it?
Sarah Goodman, Woodrow Hill, Barbara Menard Pugliese (m), Abigail Weiner, Nightwing Whitehead

Fantasy Before Fantasy, SF Before SF — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
The Odyssey, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Frankenstein, Gulliver's Travels, and Journey to the West. A look at classic works of world literature that, while not written as science fiction and fantasy, have been co-opted in the 20th and 21st centuries by speculative fiction readers and used as inspiration by the writers.
Esther Friesner, April Grant, Gareth Hinds, Tim Lieder, Hildy Silverman (m), Sonya Taaffe

Make a Byzantine Bracelet — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
A workshop on making a bracelet in the Byzantine style. We provide heavy gauge wire and wire cutters. Some experience working with chainmail or wire jewelry is useful, but not necessary. A sign-up sheet will be located at the Program Nexus. This workshop is limited to 10 people. Materials fee: $5 per participant.
Liz Cademy (m), Katherine Pfeffer

Poly 101: An Introduction — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
New to polyamory? Interested in exploring polyamorous relationships, or just want to find out what it's all about? This panel is the one to start with! Our panelists will tell you all about their adventures in polyamory, and what they've learned along the way.
Thomas A. Amoroso, Lori Del Genis, Michelle Driscoll, Susan Weiner, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Webcomics 101 — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
You've got pencil, paper, and an amazing idea, but how do you translate that to a webcomic? Comic creators will discuss how to get started, common pitfalls and mistakes, and the joys of comicking.
Alexander Danner (m), Rhea Ewing, David Marshall, Joey Peters

What Every Parent Should Know About Anime — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
Does it sound like your kid is speaking Japanese and you have no idea what he/she is talking about? Then this panel is for you. We will discuss the kinds of anime that are out there and demystify the terms that are used. If your kids keep saying, "Yowie!" it may not mean what you think. There will also be discussion of family friendly anime—a good starting point for you to understand and possibly even begin to enjoy this medium along with your child.
Mary Dumas (m), James T. Henderson Jr, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, Christa J. Newman, John C. Watson

Incorporating Photography into Art — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
A variety of computer programs exist for the visual artist to incorporate photos into artistic works. The panelists talk about their experiences and offer advice.
Glenn Hauman, Scott Lefton (m), Thomas Nackid, Carsten Turner

Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading — 1hr 30min — Quincy (2)
Broad Universe is an international organization of women and men dedicated to celebrating and promoting the work of women writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Come hear samples from the works of several members of the Broad Universe organization.
Elaine Isaak, Kimberley Long-Ewing, KT Pinto, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Morven Westfield, Trisha Wooldridge (m), Phoebe Wray

Dueling Easels — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
After hearing a short passage, two artists compete to come up with a cover for the story, and the audience gets to cheer them on.
Lex Berman (m), Brianna Wu, Frank Wu

Sound for Events 101 — 1hr 15min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Ever wonder how an all volunteer crew runs all the sound for Events at Arisia or other SciFi Cons? Come to this hands on panel and find out—No experience necessary. Attendees will have an opportunity to work with the sound equipment available. A list of additional panelists will be published in the Convention Newsletter.
Paul Kraus

Autograph—Hunt & Peeler — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Walter Hunt and Nicole Peeler.
Walter Hunt, Nicole Peeler

Scale Spaceship Modeling Workshop — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
A workshop on building scale spaceships. Paper kits, scissors, and glue will be provided.
"Zubie" Zeballos

Saturday 11:40am

Them — 1hr 32min — ArisiaTV
Giant mutant ants try to destroy civilization. A cult classic. 1954, NR

Saturday 12:00pm

The Patriot Incident — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
A murdered arms dealer and a handful of clues… It is a night of celebration in Salem, but a group of extremists have other plans… A group of CIA agents has less than 12 hours to track leads and stop the attackers, or Salem will never be the same.

My Little Pony RPG: Best Night Ever — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
With the Mane 6 ponies off at the Grand Galloping Gala, who will step up when Ponyville is imperiled? Is this destined to be the Worst Night Ever? This is a game for ponies to come together in friendship, in the spirit of the show, and thereby save the day. The system is high on story and low on mechanics.

The Revolution Job — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
The rich, powerful, and supposedly noble take what they want. Case in point: Duke Tymon, ruler of the Kithain of Boston, and his unending quest to seize the Fool's Gambit, the last independent freehold in the city. When he invokes trumped up charges to arrest the owner and close the hold, it falls to a group of disreputable commoners to steal it back from him. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys. You just need a little…leverage.

Tactile Tour of Art Show — 1hr 15min — Art Show (1E)
Touching is encouraged in select 3-D art pieces of the art show. Participants will be encouraged to explore shapes and textures. Cotton gloves provided. Space is limited, and first preference will go to those with visual impairments.

Saturday 12:30pm

The Martial Arts of A Game of Thrones — 30min — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
From swaggering bravos to knightly judicial duels, George R.R. Martin drew on historical exemplars in creating his ultra-realistic, ultra-gritty fantasy world. But how did these martial arts really work, and where does truth end and fiction begin? Join renowned historical combat master Dr. Ken Mondschein and the Higgins Armory Academy of the Sword for an exploration and demonstration of the combative skills found in A Game of Thrones.
Higgins Armory

Saturday 1:00pm

Monsters in Motion: Ray Harryhausen at Work — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Ray Harryhausen panel detailing his work and contributions to special effects in film, especially in genre movies. In an era of CGI, can we still thrill to painstaking stop-motion special effects?
Hugh Casey, Bob Chipman (m), Garen Daly, Bob Eggleton, Stephen R. Wilk

Don't Quit Your Day Job — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Hal Clement, Alice Sheldon (aka James Tiptree Jr), and so many other authors kept working their mundane jobs while writing. What can a day job bring to your art? Should going full time be the goal?
Joshua Palmatier, Suzanne Palmer (m), Jennifer Pelland, KT Pinto, Sarah Smith

Our Grim Meat-Hook Future — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
The hopeful, bright future imagined in Star Trek and other SF classics doesn't seem to be in the cards for us. Instead the world seems to be following the path forecast in 1984, Brave New World, and other dystopias. What, if anything, can we do to cope with living in our rapidly-darkening world?
Glenn Grant, Alexander Jablokov, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m), Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Steve Sawicki

Inside Studio Foglio — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Phil and Kaja go behind the scenes of their studio, presenting in detail the process that results in a new page of Girl Genius each day.
Kaja Foglio, Phil Foglio

Modifying, Making, and Using Sewing Patterns — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Instead of drafting patterns, it is often easier to start with a known pattern and change it to do what we need. Where do you start? Our panelists discuss useful patterns and how to go about making changes to end up with your own pattern and a mock-up of your outfit that fits perfectly.
Lisa A. Ashton, Kristina Finan (m), Toni Lay, Barbara Menard Pugliese, Nightwing Whitehead

Chantey Sing — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Songs of sailing in all forms, with an emphasis on work songs from the age of sail. Open sing. Fun for all!
Angela Kessler, David Kessler (m), Sonya Taaffe

Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
These resin dolls from Japan—and now Korea and China—are all the rage among collectors of all ages. But what are these dolls? Why are they finding a huge following when they cost more than $2,000 each?
Corey Blumenthal, Mary Dumas (m), Amanda Koval, Bettina Kurkoski

Magickal Traditions: A Review — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Like most mainstream religious faiths, there is a wide variety in the practices and beliefs of modern pagans, neo-pagans and heathens. In this panel, some of them will talk about what they do and believe.
Dyschordiana, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Joan Ruland Donnelly

Steampunk Make and Takes — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Steampunk Make and Takes! Let your imagination soar!
Liz Burke

Magic Show Part 1 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
A magic show for kids!
Daniel P. Dern

Short Story Contest! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Do you have creative ideas that are just bursting to get out? Come and try your hand at writing a short story and submitting it for a small prize!
Greg R. Fishbone, Suford Lewis (m), Troy Minkowsky

Saturday Afternoon Sealed Magic — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
$25 entry fee.

Attaching This to That — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
An informational session on the use of adhesives and other means to put things together in your art.
Heidi Hooper, Rachel Kadel-Garcia, Scott Lefton (m), Sarah "Tashari" Morrison, Carsten Turner

Films by Robert Houllahan — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
Experimental Avant-Garde filmmaker Robert Houllahan will show two of his recent short films, Psychic Alchemist and Iron Guild. Each of these will be followed by a short discussion period, where he will talk about the films, filmmaking as art, and its relationship to the science fiction tradition.

How to Design a Fun Roleplaying Adventure — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
You need to come up with a roleplaying adventure for your friends, quickly! But nothing's coming to mind. What to do? Our panel of experience gamemasters will share tips and tricks to come up with fun, challenging, and interesting adventures for your friends that will keep them coming back for more.
Ed Fuqua, Peter Maranci, John Monahan, David Nurenberg (m), Trisha Wooldridge

Reading: Amundsen, Lipkin, Rios — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Eric Amundsen, Shira Lipkin, and Julia Rios will be reading selections from their works.
Erik Amundsen, Shira Lipkin, Julia Rios

Army of Davids: The Role of New Media — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
With the FCC suggesting taxes and subsidies for legacy media, the new media is increasingly successful in setting the agenda and breaking news stories. What does this new media mean for the consumer and the political world? Will online news media, generated by an increasing number of citizen journalists, be the new standard? Or will something or someone take their place? What about quality control? Are social networks and the hive mind aggregate the best models for investigative journalism?
David J. Friedman, David Larochelle (m), John G. McDaid, Maddy Myers, James Zavaglia

Masquerade Rehearsal — 4hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Rehearsal for the Masquerade. Required for all participants. Signup in advance at Masquerade Table on Mezzanine.

Happily Ever After — 4hr 30min — Grand Ballroom C (1W)
Join famous couples from literature as they discuss their marital issues and explore options to salvage their relationships. Sometimes you have to tell the truth, even though it hurts, in order for the wound to heal. The game will have themes of: infidelity, homosexuality, sexual dysfunction, addictions, gambling, polyamory, depression and sexual harassment.

Autograph—Eldredge & Martin — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Genevieve Iseult Eldredge and Gail Z. Martin.
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Gail Z. Martin

Monster Mash — 2hr 45min — Crafty Space (1E)
Don your best Mad Scientist outfit and create marvelous monsters and creative chimera along with Dr. Meme No/Yes, Master Monster Maker. We will take cute fluffy stuffed animals, hack them into pieces, and then reassemble them in wholly unnatural ways. There will be a $5 materials fee per participant to cover the cost of DNA splitters, splicers, and experimental specimens.
Dawn Albright, Mimi Noyes (m)

Saturday 1:15pm

Hogfather (part 1) — 1hr 35min — ArisiaTV
It's Hogswatch (equivalent to Christmas) on the Discworld and the Hogfather has gone missing, requiring Death to take his place while granddaughter Susan tries to find out what happened. 2006, NR

Saturday 1:30pm

Trouble at Pebblebrook — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Spring has come again in the Mouse Territories and one of the far-flung towns, Pebblebrook, has failed to report in. Has something awful happened or is it a blocked road? In either case, the Mouseguard is called upon to get to the bottom of the mystery. Note: Mouseguard is a very flexible system that rewards creativity and cooperation.

The Commuters — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Tales of monsters in subway tunnels abound and if you're not careful you just might be found… When five strangers step onto an inbound subway train, little do they know that their train is about to make a detour, and in the snarls of those dark tunnels they will discover that their lives are entangled too…

Catching the Axeman — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
The murders in Whitechapel inspired no few imitators, and New Orleans had its own "Ripper" at the dawn of the Jazz Age: the Axeman. Although his spree of violence was thought ended, he's resurfaced, and has promised to kill again. Whether Kindred, mortal, or something else entirely, the Court of New Orleans has assembled this coterie to stop him… or at least preserve the Masquerade in his wake.

A Gaslamp Grand Assault of Arms — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
From Gil's fencing clanks to Zeetha and Agatha's…peculiar…relationship, the characters in the perilous world of Girl Genius study a variety of martial arts. Whether to fight off ruffians, prepare for a duel at dawn, or try to fit into their fancy trousers for an upcoming ball, the people of our world's Victorian age did, too. Come experience the elegant weapons of a more civilized age — the Higgins Academy of the Sword's Grand Assault, an exhibition of authentic gaslamp martial arts.
Higgins Armory

LARP Nexus Elements II — 4hr 30min — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)
Visit the original world of Nexus Elements, a place where magic is as common as might. On the Isles of the Forgotten King, the fairy folk run wild and humans are nothing but myth. It has now been a year since Lady Carthairen was gifted the isle of Ashling, in the kingdom of Delben. Her island is still barely settled. Much of the wilderness seems to fight back against the taming of this land. She calls again for heroes new and old, offering gold as well as opportunity for new adventure!

Saturday 2:00pm

Game of Thrones — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition lets 3–6 players take control of the great houses of Westeros in an epic struggle to claim the Iron Throne.

Mousquetaires du Roy — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Play as a Mousquetaire and fight the influence of My Lady who is doing everything in her power to destroy the Queen of France, or play as My Lady and do what you can to force the Mousquetiars to fail in their attempt to stop you.

Psyche Corporation — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Psyche Corp. is a dark fairytale cyberpunk band named after a dream manufacture group from a future where widespread neural implants have allowed people to jack their nerve endings directly into the internet and download dreams. Songs deal in dystopian themes as well as the surreal psychological landscapes of sleeping minds. The musical style spans genres; a recent song has mixed tribal singing with classical piano while embedding poliovirus DNA into its percussion.
Genevieve Yang

Saturday 2:25pm

Frank Frazetta: Painting with Fire — 1hr 30min — Webster (2)
For over 50 years, Frank Frazetta dominated the art world with his images of fierce warriors, helpless princesses and fantastical creatures set in the most lavish landscapes. 2003, PG-13.

Saturday 2:30pm

Is Glee Fantasy? — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
The hugely popular and phenomenon that is Glee has some wondering, "Does it fit between Arisia's walls of SF and Fantasy?" The production numbers attributed to a public high school in Ohio, the utopian all-boys school in the same town, and the friendly teachers who fit right in with the teenage-angst. Just how much can a show require us to suspend belief before it's considered Fantasy or at least magical realism?
Howard Beatman, Randee Dawn (m), Christa J. Newman, Jude Shabry, Twisting Star

From Concept to Completion — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
How do you make your brilliant idea into a reality? Artists of all different media discuss their processes and the strategies they use to turn their best creative ideas into reality. Where do they start, and what techniques do they use to realize their vision? What are common pitfalls, and how can one avoid them?
Jacob Lefton, Sarah "Tashari" Morrison, Carsten Turner (m), Mercy E. Van Vlack

Fantasy and Horror in Shakespeare — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Before Brooks, Anthony, and Tolkien, there was the Bard. William Shakespeare was not the first to build the genre, but he was the first to make it marketable. This panel takes an in-depth look at the works of Shakespeare, and we reflect on Will's way through the genres of Fantasy and Horror.
Greer Gilman, Bob Kuhn, David Nurenberg, Sonya Taaffe, JoSelle Vanderhooft (m)

Comics Reading — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Comic writers can do readings too with the help of visual aids. Come see and hear creators show off their work. Comics come alive with voice (and the occasional sound effect).
Alexander Danner, David Marshall, Joey Peters

Steampunk and Costuming — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Steampunk has been a strong trend in costuming the past few years, and it may still be growing, but what makes a costume "steampunk"? How much Victorian style needs to be retained and how many futuristic elements need to be added?
Hugh Casey, Sean Kane, David Larochelle (m), Alex Newman, Barbara Menard Pugliese

Filk 101 Song Circle — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Curious about Filk? Come to this interactive introduction and ask your questions or request songs. Find out if anyone knows a song based on your favorite author's work or about your favorite small furry animal. See how a song circle works.
Paul Estin, Kate Farb-Johnson (m), Ellen Kranzer

City Design—Ancient and Modern — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Some of the most memorable settings for role-playing adventures are urban. Cities in science-fiction and fantasy games can range from the futuristic space-city to the gritty modern metropolis to the wispy elven capital. What are the challenges of running a game in an urban environment? How does a GM go about creating a plausible urban environment for a campaign, and the adventures to go with it?
dkap (m), Felicitas Ivey, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Bill Levay, John Monahan

Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Highlights from Ig Nobel prize-winning studies and patents, presented in dramatic mini-readings by luminaries and experts (in some field). Between presentations, members of the audience will be challenged to divine the intended purpose of diagrams from research papers.
Marc Abrahams, James Bredt, David Kessler

Little Homes — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Do your fairies or goblins need a home? Come and build one for them!
Rachel Kadel-Garcia

Magic Show Part 2 — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Come learn some basic magic tricks to amaze your friends and family!
Daniel P. Dern

Reading By Greg Fishbone — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Please come and enjoy some quiet time and while Children's Author Greg Fishbone reads excerpts from his Galaxy Games series.
Greg R. Fishbone

Caricatures — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
How do you draw funny faces so quickly? Come learn from an artist and draw your own caricatures!
Sheila Oranch

The Cutting Truth of Medieval Swords — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Kunstbruder presents: A Demonstration of test cutting with the Medieval sword. Followed immediately by hands-on lessons with the Longsword. Learn the basics of attack and defense in the German tradition. All equipment provided, no experience necessary. (Kids lessons in Fast Track)
Steven Hirsch

The DC Reboot — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
With no fewer than 52 titles launched, relaunched, or rebooted in September 2011, DC Comics was the center of discussion amongst superhero fans and creators last summer. What effect has it had on the DC universe? What were the reasons for the reboot? Other than costume changes, what new plot arcs were introduced? Will any of the changes stay or will everything go back to status quo a year from now? Come discuss your reactions and opinions on the latest DC "do over".
Ed Fuqua, Jaime Garmendia, Alex Jarvis, Adam Lipkin (m), Donna Martinez

Convention Feedback 2 — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
Feedback for the staff about the convention so far.
Andrea Carney, Emily Coombs, David D'Antonio, Samantha Dings, Mary Dumas, Crystal Huff, Rick Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, Alan McAvinney, Daniel Noe, Peter Olszowka, Noel Rosenberg, Cris Shuldiner (m), Rachel L. Silber, Michael Sprague, Julia Suggs

My Bizarre Writing Process — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Each writer has their own process, habits, and methods for getting the ideas flowing on to the page. Our panelists describe the methods to their madness, tips, and tricks that may work for you as well.
Jeanne Cavelos, Glenn Grant, Melina Gunnett, Maddy Myers, Cecilia Tan (m)

Reading: Bowker, Doyle, & Kimmel — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors John Bowker, Debra Doyle, and Daniel Kimmel will read selections from their works.
John Bowker, Debra Doyle, Daniel M. Kimmel

Science in Politics — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
How are science and scientific advances used in the political arena? How do large-scale, long-term projects like the mission to the Moon get approved? Are technological achievements hampered by the political process? Do science and politics always have to be at odds with one another?
Stephen R. Balzac (m), John Costello, A. Joseph Ross, Ian Randal Strock, Michael A. Ventrella

Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth — 1hr 30min — Stone (2)
Kaiju Big Battel features the performance group, Studio Kaiju. The live show features a marriage of professional wrestling and classic kaiju monsters, such as Godzilla and Rodan.

Framing Tour of the Art Show — 1hr 15min — Art Show (1E)
What impact does the frame have on the piece? Take a framing tour of the Art Show with Jim Paradis, an expert on the history and practice of the framing of art.

Autograph—Friesner & Longyear — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Esther Friesner and Barry Longyear.
Esther Friesner, Barry B. Longyear

To Serve Man, er, Stormtrooper — 1hr 15min — Con Suite (1E)
Amanda's Oakleaf Cakes in Winthrop MA has created a life-size Stormtrooper cake, and will be serving portions thereof to hungry fen down in Con Suite. The cake will be available for an extended photo-session until it is served, but please don't touch or ask for autographs. And while the cake contains no nuts, it was prepared in a bakery that does use nuts.

Saturday 3:00pm

Convoy! — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
The Deathwatch has been called to provide escort for a valuable shipment of xeno tech that has been uncovered on Trinidar V during recent excavations on the lower plains of the planet’s northern pole. As new recruits to the Deathwatch, this mission is a simple routine first mission. The artifacts are headed for storage and testing by the mechanicum, but who knows what secrets the artifacts hold? Who made them? Why were they only recently uncovered?

Airship Bonanza — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Family arranges a marriage, daughter runs away, and buys passage on a smuggling airship, with a very quaint name: The Owl. Unfortunately, our airship is captured by the Imperial cruiser, the Hand of Sorrow. Now you and your entourage are in the hold of the Imperials. Your quick wit and silver tongue will be more valueable here than skilled combat. Can you escape the Imperial cruiser before they discover the ship you were on is a smuggling vessel?

Breaking the Cycle — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
When Aeku Tazjemn first reported glimpsing a set of inhabited moons connected with a system of ""cycler"" spacecraft through the gravity telescope at Mifha, it caused an immediate controversy. Within six months of her first observation of the system, she witnessed the destruction of one of the cyclers carrying goods between the worlds. Will you find how this happened and can you keep it from happening again.

Castle Heterodyne — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Remember, back in the day? Back when steam-powered clanks and mad-genius inventors burned a swath across the continant of Europa? No, wait a minute… Remember, back in the day? Back when Dungeons & Dragons was a new and exciting hobby? Back when the name of Gary Gygax was spoken of with awe and dread? Two great things that go great together! Come experience a run of the classic module: Castle Greyhawk as set in the world of Girl Genius!

Jedi Blackbird RPG — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
A small team of Jedi and their companions are dispatched to the junkyard planet of Kondu, where one of their former apprentices has reportedly succumbed to the Dark Side and begun to gather his power. This is a Story Game. High on roleplaying, low on mechanics. (With thanks to John Aegard for the original Jedi Blackbird and John Harper for the original Lady Blackbird).

Blackjack Tournament — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
For card sharks and novices alike, come on down and try your luck at the game of Blackjack in a tournament setting.

The Astro Zombies — 1hr 31min — ArisiaTV
For devilishly mad "astro-scientist" Dr. DeMarco, a typical day involves run-ins with reanimated corpses, bloodthirsty solar-powered killer robot zombies, Chinese communist spies and vicious Mexican secret agents. When a bloody trail of young female murder victims leads a CIA agent to his door, things get really interesting. 1969, NR

Saturday 3:30pm

Free Fencing — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Kunstbruder presents: A Demonstration of Fencing with the Medieval sword. Followed immediately by hands-on lessons with the Longsword. Learn the basics of attack and defense in the German tradition. Advanced lessons available for students who have already done the basic lesson. All equipment provided, no experience necessary. (Kids lessons in Fast Track)
Steven Hirsch

Saturday 4:00pm

If You Liked Part 1… — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
With sequels of Iron Man, Toy Story, Harry Potter, Twilight, and more, when is enough enough? Does it matter if it's based on a book series? What makes a sequel good, and why can't Hollywood get it right more often? What are the great sequels, and what films do you hope to see as "Part 2"… if they don't screw it up?
Kevin Cafferty, Bob Chipman, Jerome C. Conner, Adam Lipkin (m), E. F. Morrill

Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
It is no secret that a large portion of fans overlap with the alternative lifestyle community. Why do so many fans identify as kinky, poly, or queer? Why are there kink panels at a science fiction con? How can we be sure to accommodate and embrace all that is a fan interest, while making everyone feel welcome?
Bridget Joyce Boyle, Rev. Matthew, Lawrence Nelson, Dr. James Prego, Micah Schneider (m)

Art as Business — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Sometimes making the art is the easy part—now you want to actually make a living at it! What do you need to know before setting up your own studio? How do you find a work space? How do you market yourself in the real world, online, and at cons? Where do you go for help and advice?
E. J. Barnes, D. Cameron Calkins, Heidi Hooper, Jacob Lefton, Scott Lefton (m)

Gareth Hinds: Work and Commentary — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Artist Guest of Honor Gareth Hinds discusses his work and his past and upcoming graphic novels.
Gareth Hinds

Helpful Sewing References and Resources — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Everyone has to learn techniques somewhere, and using books, patterns, and other references is a great way to learn them. Panelists will discuss their favorite resources, tips, and tricks they've learned through the years.
Lori Del Genis, Kristina Finan (m), Nightwing Whitehead

The Ultimate Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Panel — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Ever wanted to visit Amestris? Well, be sure to join us as we transport you to the world of FMA, no passport needed. Members of the FMA world will be hosting, and you won't want to miss this unique and sure to be highly entertaining panel, moderated by Izumi Curtis.
Brian Belanger, Jennifer Duschak, Pam "Izumi" Larson (m), PJ Letersky

Planetary Penetration: Drilling for Mars Life — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Looking for signs of life will require remote drilling to 1–5m. The proposed “Icebreaker” mission is a return to the regions explored by the Phoenix mission in 2007–8. Another larger mission called “Red Dragon” might carry a bigger drill, more instruments to characterize the Mars environment and maybe a pilot plant for extracting fuel and oxygen on Mars. Learn about these mission concepts and the technical issues around automated planetary drilling. There will be a Q&A period.
Brian Glass

Mad Science! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Come get to see and try some hands-on science!
John Monahan, Stephen R. Wilk (m)

Nerf Gun War — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Our Second Annual Nerf Gun War! All participants must provide their own eye protection, gun, and ammo!
Peter Breton (m), Judah Sher

Dern Grim Bedtime Tales — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Daniel Dern will read from Dern Grim Bedtime Tales (Few of Which End Well). Don't worry, we won't make you go to bed right after!
Daniel P. Dern

Apples to Apples Junior — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Come play Apples to Apples Junior with us!
Nat Budin

7 Wonders — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
A wildly popular game, players take their starting hand and pick one to play and one to pass until all the cards are gone. Will you get the cards you want or will you ignore the incoming cards and go with what you were dealt?

Female Fandom in Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Women have always been reading comics and we’re seeing more women becoming involved in the comics industry. This has brought female readers and characters to the forefront, but we're still seeing evidence of sexism and misogyny in mainstream comics despite the headway being made by these talented women. How do we as readers face these situations? What can be done to rectify them? Let's talk solutions, make observations, and discuss the comics that actually feature well-written women.
Alexa Dickman, Dyschordiana, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, Donna Martinez (m), Mercy E. Van Vlack

Writer's Clinic — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
Have you hit a road block in the writing of your story? Are the characters not acting the way you want them to? Do your action scenes read more like exposition? Do you have questions on dialogue? At this small, informal, information session, authors answer your questions with an eye toward getting your story unstuck. Sign-up will be at the con and limited to 10 people.
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Elaine Isaak, Barry B. Longyear, Resa Nelson, Sarah Smith

Designing A Memorable Role-Playing Character — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Designing a memorable character for a tabletop RPG or LARP can be tricky: One must balance the limits of the gaming system, the demands of the narrative, and one's own preferences. But it's a critical element if you hope to have fun in the game. Learn techniques for creating memorable and fun characters for all sorts of role-playing games.
Catherine Kane, Andrew Kirschbaum, Peter Maranci, David Nurenberg (m), Drew Van Zandt

Reading: Linzner, Macdonald, & Sakers — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Gordon Linzner, James Macdonald, and Don Sakers read selections from their works.
Gordon Linzner, James Macdonald, Don Sakers

Odyssey Writing Workshop Presentation — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Odyssey is an intensive, six-week program for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror held each summer in Manchester, NH. Guest lecturers have included George R. R. Martin, Elizabeth Hand, Ellen Kushner, Jane Yolen, Robert J. Sawyer, Nancy Kress, and Dan Simmons. 56% of graduates have gone on to be published. Director Jeanne Cavelos explains the structure of the program, the work required, and the pros and cons of workshops.
Jeanne Cavelos

Space Opera — 6hr — Stone (2)
Banner of the Stars—Set three years after the events of Crest of the Stars, Abh Princess Lafiel and human, Jinto Lynn find themselves on the front lines of the war between the Abh Empire and the Four Nations Alliance of humankind. Space Battleship Yamato—The classic 1970's anime series is updated and brought to life in this 2010 adaptation. Arcadia of my Youth—Released in 1982, this depicts origins of the space pirate, Captain Harlock.

George R.R. Martin's Doorways — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
Un-aired pilot of a TV series written by Martin. Dr. Thomas Mason encounters a fugitive from a parallel Earth ruled by aliens. With the FBI and the aliens in pursuit he finds himself traveling with her from one alternate world to another, trying to keep one step ahead of them. 1993, PG.

Napoleonic Fantasy Ball — 2hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
In recent years, the world of Jane Austen and Napoleon has witnessed magic, dragon corps, zombies and even young ladies’ fight clubs. Come learn some of the popular dances of the period, and bring your own fantastic accouterments. All dances will be taught and can be enjoyed by beginners and advanced dancers alike.
Antonia Pugliese (m), Barbara Menard Pugliese

Autograph—Doyle & Kimmel — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Debra Doyle and Daniel M. Kimmel.
Debra Doyle, Daniel M. Kimmel

Book Creation Workshop — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
Make your own journal! Participants will create a link-stitch sewn journal with paper-covered manila covers. The workshop is limited to 10 participants, so be sure to sign-up in the Program Nexus, and the materials fee is $5.
Rachel Kadel-Garcia

Social Change and Con Safety for Teens — 1hr 15min — Teen Lounge (1E)
This teen-specific workshop will cover several topics on the spectrum of sexual harassment and assault. Come learn about how to maintain safer spaces at the con, how to change your culture and make sexual violence a thing that's clearly not tolerated, what to do if you're harassed at the con, what to do if a friend tells you that they've been harassed or assaulted, and more. This item will be run in the Teen Lounge.
Shira Lipkin

Saturday 4:45pm

Hogfather (part 2) — 1hr 35min — ArisiaTV
see Saturday 1:15pm

Saturday 5:25pm

Adam Adamant Lives — 45min — Webster (2)
Victorian adventurer arrives in 1966 London. Pilot episode. 1966, B&W, PG.

Saturday 5:30pm

Filmation Studios — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
From the '60s to the '80s Filmation Studios produced many Saturday morning and syndicated animated and live-action shows including He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She-Ra, Aquaman, Fat Albert and the animated Star Trek. Let's celebrate the folks who inspired many of our childhood imaginations.
Santiago Rivas, James A. Wolf, Frank Wu, James Zavaglia (m)

Forensic Science and the Courts — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
A talk about real-world science and criminal justice, including such factors as eyewitness ID, false confession, the National Academy of Sciences report on Forensics, etc. A look at how and why courts (and the media) get it wrong and what that may mean for SF courtroom scenes.
Mark L. Amidon, Thomas A. Amoroso, A. Joseph Ross (m), Lisa J. Steele, Aimee Yermish

Winter Is Coming — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire is a blockbuster in every way. Come discuss the biggest series in fantasy (literally)! We'll be discussing the series through A Dance With Dragons, so 'ware the spoilers!
Randee Dawn, Dyschordiana (m), Tim Lieder, Israel Peskowitz, Sarah Smith

Sexual Harassment and Assault in Fandom — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
In the last few years, multiple problems have arisen at conventions around the country that are troubling for many. Sexual harassment is not just about someone trying to grope a woman in a skimpy, barbarian costume. It's about being able to say "no" and have it respected, a willingness to back someone up if they need it, and the ability to recognize when they don't. How can we all contribute to making conventions free of harassment?
Woodrow Hill, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Shira Lipkin (m), Karen Sullivan, Michelle Wexelblat

SF Spaceship Design for Artists — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
What is the artist's process for deciding what a particular spaceship should look like? What elements does an artist consider necessary to integrate into a spaceship design? How does current technology affect how one imagines what these vehicles look like?
Glenn Grant, James T. Henderson Jr (m), Bruce Mackenzie, Thomas Nackid, "Zubie" Zeballos

Anne McCaffrey Memorial Panel — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
The late Anne McCaffrey was a highly popular writer of SF and romance. She was a Grandmaster of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, a winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and British Fantasy awards, and her Pern novel The White Dragon became the first SF book to appear on the New York Times bestseller list. Best known for the Dragonriders of Pern series, a generation of fans discovered SF through Anne's work.
Mary Catelli, Victoria Janssen (m), Vanessa Layne, Dennis McCunney, Twisting Star

Manga & Anime Art Workshop — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Have you ever tried to draw manga but never got it quite right? Maybe the lines were not rounded enough or the eyes were all wrong? Let our artists show you how it's done.
Bettina Kurkoski

Anime for Kids — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
You're an anime fan and now you're starting to have a family. What kind of anime can you share with little kids? Is there dubbed work beyond Miyazaki? And if you don't have kids, what can you use to turn your children or your niece/nephew/grandkids on to anime?
Mary Dumas, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe (m), René Walling

An Hour with Devo Spice — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Nothing says "Hip Hop" like a red-headed white guy singing comedy music! Devo Spice has been proving that true for years and with his album "Gnome Sane?" hitting #28 on the iTunes Store, it's more clear than ever. From his latest song, "The Dumbest Song on Rock Band," to his inspired take on helping friends with computer problems, "I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy," Devo Spice rocks nerdcore, yo!

Comics: Not How You Start, But How You Finish! — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
So you've got the idea for the epic that will amaze the world: How do you turn it into more than that? Building a body of work in comics takes time, whether you're creating a webcomic, minicomic, or graphic novel. Learn what it takes to not only bring your vision to life, but keep at it long enough to finish it.
Alexander Danner (m), Rhea Ewing, Glenn Hauman, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Gynn Stella Silva

Trip To The Moon — 4min — Otis (2)
A fan-made film of the early sixties by the British Interplanetary Society. A great piece of fandom's history. 16mm B&W.

RPG Gaming: Rails vs. Sandbox — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Which style do you prefer as a GM? As a player? Does it drive you crazy when players ignore your intricate, "run on rails" plots and chase the "red herrings"? Or do players who keep turning to you to ask "what happens now" make you nuts? Maybe a little of both? Join our experienced GMs and players as we discuss the pleasures (and perils) of each style, as well as trading extreme examples and what makes them cool or frightening for players and GMs.
dkap (m), William "Ian" Blanton, Alex Feinman, Karl G. Heinemann, Alan Wexelblat

Reading: Nelson, Silva, & Taaffe — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Resa Nelson, Richard Silva, and Sonya Taaffe will read selections from their works.
Resa Nelson, Richard A. Silva, Sonya Taaffe

Video Production and Distribution — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
You want to make a short SF film for distribution on the web, but it's going to take more than a YouTube account. The panelists tell you what's involved and what they learned through experience.
Forest Handford, Bob Kuhn, Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman (m)

Autograph—Macdonald, Sawicki & Wooldridge — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with James Macdonald, Steve Sawicki and Trisha Wooldridge.
James Macdonald, Steve Sawicki, Trisha Wooldridge

Crafts for Adults: Working with Clay — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
Sculpt! Sculpt like there's no tomorrow! Come by and make various clay shapes with your own two hands.
Heidi Hooper, Elaine Isaak

Saturday 5:35pm

The Dish — 1hr 41min — Otis (2)
This Australian movie tells the story of the first moon landing from the viewpoint of the crew at the Parkes tracking stations in the Australian outback. Written by Cliff Buxton, who was there, this film take a humorous look at American and Australian culture both, while presenting a bit of history that isn't often seen. Preceded by a five-minute talk about the NASA Unified S-Band Tracking Network given by NASA engineers. 2000, PG-13, 35mm.

Saturday 6:00pm

A Visit to Deadlyland — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
It was supposed to be a simple—if ludicrously expensive—vacation: a week or two at Wonderland, The Most Wonderful Place On Earth (TM). Then Hurricane Ernesto hit, and you had to spend a whole weekend locked in your hotel room. Now you've emerged into the sprawling acres of the world's largest madhouse, discovering that none of the staff are, strictly speaking, alive…but they're all ravenously hungry. With no guns, no phones and no help coming, you have only one fragile hope left: escape.

Munchkin Brawl — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
All the madness! All the mayhem! All the cards! Stop in for a double session of the Munchkin brawl. Two games taking place at the same time, allowing for up to 12 players.

Saturday Evening Booster Draft Magic — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
$15 entry fee.

Saturday 6:15pm

Black Lightning — 1hr 40min — Webster (2)
A wealthy entrepreneur is drilling in the underground part of Moscow, trying to reach a huge diamond vein despite the danger to the city. Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Dima dreams about owning a car and dating his friend Nastya… On his birthday, Dima finally gets a car from his parents but he is embarrassed by it. The car, however, is capable of much more than he thinks. Russian. Dubbed in English. 2009, PG-13.

Saturday 6:30pm

Mythbusters—Hot Water Heater — 41min — ArisiaTV
Mythbusters: Can an ordinary water heater build up so much pressure that it rockets through the roof and into the sky? Yes, turns out it can. 2007, NR

Saturday 7:00pm

Evolution Beyond Biology — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
The generalized evolutionary principle, introduced by Ilya Prigogine, goes beyond biology and is relevant to SF in many ways. Prigogine discovered that open systems sufficiently far from equilibrium tend to decrease their entropy by spontaneous self-organization. Come discuss this discovery that has been seen by many as a bridge between the natural and social sciences.
Sheila Oranch (m), Dr. James Prego, Susan Weiner

Poly 201: Theory and Practice — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Once you've learned about the basics, how do you make polyamory work in the real world? In this panel, we'll tackle some of the harder questions, such as: How do you tell your friends and family? Should you? How can you find people whose poly styles are compatible with yours? What if my partners don't like each other?
Michelle Driscoll, Dyschordiana, Raven Kaldera (m), Little Mel, Ian Cooper Rose

How Not To Suppress Women's Writing — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Almost 30 years after Joanna Russ's famous essay "How to Suppress Women's Writing", a Guardian survey of reader's favorite SF turns up 4% women writers. A recent anthology of Masters of Science Fiction includes no women. And Nicola Griffith suggests something to do about it: The single most important thing we can do is talk about women writers whenever we talk about men. What else can we do to redress gender imbalances in SF?
Andrea Hairston (m), Jennifer Pelland, Julia Rios, JoSelle Vanderhooft, Phoebe Wray

The Legacy of Steve Jobs — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Steve Jobs passed away last October, but his influence will last for years to come. He was most identified with Apple but don't forget NeXT (if you use a MacBook, you can't), and Pixar wouldn't exist without him, either. How did he "think differently" and will Apple continue to do so without his guiding hand? Will he be remembered with rose-colored glasses or as the demanding perfectionist that he was? Is anyone in the tech world ready or able to step into his shoes?
William "Ian" Blanton, John G. McDaid (m), Richard Stallman, James Turner

Plot and Structure — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
It is often remarked that there are only six original plots. How then do you make the plot of your story stand out? How is plot used to make a story come together coherently? Our panelists will discuss how to make a story come together as a whole.
Grant Carrington, Elaine Isaak, Joy Marchand (m), Gail Z. Martin, Charlie Spickler

Mad Science Song Circle — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
A pick-pass-play song circle on the theme of mad science. Share your favorite musical tale of scientists plotting world domination or experiments gone awry.
Paul Estin (m), Mark A. Mandel

One Way to Mars — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
A major reason to go to Mars is to expand life beyond the Earth. But Mars ascent vehicles will be dangerous and extremely expensive to develop, making a round trip mission un-affordable in today's economic climate. Given the uncertain funding for future heavy lift launch vehicles, a method of quickly getting people to where they can grow food on Mars may be the only way we can keep people in space in our generation.
Bruce Mackenzie

Man-in-the-Machine Anime — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Evangelion, Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, Robotech, Fullmetal Alchemist, and all other mad scientists who cross the lines between man and machine are discussed, as well as some predictions of things to come.
James T. Henderson Jr, Richard Ralston, René Walling, Jeff Warner, Doug Wilder (m)

Race, Gender & Disability Politics in Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
How have politics influenced comics? What can't you believe saw print? Conversely, how do politics affect the writers, artists, and editors who publish our beloved books?
Alexa Dickman, Jaime Garmendia (m), Woodrow Hill, Donna Martinez, Gynn Stella Silva

45th Anniversary of Ultraman / Ultraseven — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Tsuburaya's Ultraman and Ultraseven are celebrating their 45th anniversary. They represent a series of television and films that have run longer than Doctor Who or Star Trek, and yet have little more than niche fandom here in the United States, mostly due to the language barriers. Come discuss this milestone and the impact that they have had in this Arisia member-run discussion.

Reading: Costello, Gilman, & Martin — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors John Costello, Greer Gilman, and Gail Z. Martin will read selections from their works.
John Costello, Greer Gilman, Gail Z. Martin

The Autism Spectrum — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
A discussion on the autism spectrum and its associated disorders, including autism and Asperger's syndrome. Panelists will separate fact from fiction, denoting accurate or inaccurate portrayals of people affected by autism spectrum disorder in popular media.
Stuart Ferguson, Justine Graykin, Tchipakkan, Aimee Yermish (m)

Masquerade Doors Open — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
House will open at this time for you to find seats for the Masquerade.

Hoop and Dance Jam — 1hr 15min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Come hoop it up with us in the Dance Tent. If you own a Hula Hoop bring it, if not we will have some you can borrow. Dancers also welcome to come play in space.

Autograph—Pinto & Tan — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with KT Pinto and Cecilia Tan.
KT Pinto, Cecilia Tan

Saturday 7:15pm

Rocky & Bullwinkle — 22min — ArisiaTV
Rocky & Bullwinkle: Bars and Stripes Forever (1st season, episode 9)

Saturday 7:30pm

Zombi-thulu — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived. What could be worse? The coming of Cthulhu. What could be worse than that? You are a zombie and must stop Cthulhu.

Down Around the Bend — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Recent sensational news headlines from a small township in rural Louisiana have recently captured the attention of 1930’s New England. The stories report on the alleged mass murder of a local family and 2 college students from Massachusetts, though details are unclear as to who committed the grisly slayings, why the murders were committed, or why the students were so far from home. As friends of one of the students, you intend to find out exactly what happened.

Savage Wild Pennsylvania — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Rifts is a post apocalyptic world where magic and technology intertwine. This is where the dragon roam and cybernetic humans travel the lands. The Scientific Society of Arizona has sent you to the wild savage region of Pennsylvania to investigate what appears to be a new magical ley line that has seems to have just appeared out of nowhere. Is this really a new ley line or something else? Perhaps it is more sinister than it appears.

Saturday 7:45pm

Source Code — 1hr 33min — Otis (2)
A soldier wakes up in someone else's body, part of a program to project him into another person's consciousness at another point in time, again and again. Why? And which of the varying threads he experiences is reality? Or are they all parallel realities? Or none of them. One of the best SF action thrillers ever made. 2011, PG-13, 35mm.

Saturday 8:00pm

Sassafrass & Stranger Ways Concert — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Sassafrass is a Pegasus Award-nominated a cappella filk group who perform original pieces with complex vocal harmonies. Stranger Ways is a dark modern folk band that plays traditional and original music with heavy harmonies and a macabre sense of humor. In this concert, Stranger Ways and Sassafrass will perform alternating sets, including songs from Stranger Ways's new album "Guilt, Angst & Fairy Tales," and the two latest songs from Sassafrass's "Sundown" album, both new to Arisia!
Nat Budin (m), Kara Hurvitz, Emily Lewis, Jon Sagotsky, Brad Smith, Julia Suggs

Inception — 2hr 25min — Webster (2)
In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job to date: Inception. Hugo-Award winning film from Chris Nolan (The Dark Night, Memento). 2010, PG-13. 2010, PG-13.

Masquerade — 3hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
The 23nd annual Arisia Masquerade. The theme of this year's convention is, "Where Science and Adventure Come Together". MC'ed by Susan de Guardiola. (Shown live on ArisiaTV.)

Masquerade (live) — 3hr — ArisiaTV
The Masquerade, live on your teevee.

Saturday 8:30pm

10 Years of Smallville — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Smallville has finally ended after ten seasons, making it one of the longest-lived genre shows in TV history. What was its impact? What kind of show was it? Did relying on supporting characters instead of the main character work? How did audiences respond to most of the regular cast changing over the years? Did the show add to or subtract from the Superman canon?
Howard Beatman (m), Fabrisse, Cynthia A. Shettle-Meleedy

Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
So you enjoy kink and think it might be fun to step out of the bedroom and meet others who share your interests. How can you find your local BDSM groups? Once you've found them, what should you expect… and how should you behave?
dkap, Michelle Driscoll (m), Lawrence Nelson, Laurel Pickard

SF vs. the Body — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
SF's depictions of physical pleasures are rare. People seem to prefer their characters to pop nutrition pills rather than delight in a gourmet meal and dwell 24/7 in sterile environments rather than wander through a wood. SF still subscribes to Cartesian dualism: the mind is pure, adamantine, and noble, the body bestial, soft, and squicky. Even a hint of sex can be enough to "demote" a novel to soft SF.
James L. Cambias, Andrea Hairston, Barry B. Longyear, Jennifer Pelland (m), Meredith Schwartz

Death Personified — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Terry Pratchett's Mort, Peter Beagle's Lady Death, and, of course, Neil Gaiman's goth girl Death. The anthropomorphizing of the cessation of life has been a staple of genre fiction and fiction in general for longer than anyone can remember. Panelists discuss memorable incarnations of Death, and their varied uses and roles in fiction.
William Freedman, Esther Friesner, Gail Z. Martin, Sonya Taaffe, JoSelle Vanderhooft (m)

The Race to the Moon — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
2012 will be the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's speech at Rice University calling for a manned mission to the Moon. How was this great task achieved in seven years? What technological breakthroughs came as a result of this mission? This panel discusses the history, technology, and outcome of the mission to the Moon.
Jeff Hecht, Bruce Mackenzie, A. Joseph Ross, Sean Sullivan, Tom Wysmuller (m)

Visual Kei Theatre 2012 — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Join us for an audience participation panel as we watch videos from some of the biggest bands in Visual Kei. Sometimes uber-kawaii, other times just plain disturbing, all videos should inspire comments and encourage our audience to have some fun. This is a 18+ Panel.
Thomas Boutilier, Jennifer Duschak (m), Pam "Izumi" Larson

Self-Publishing Snares — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
What are the things you need to look out for when self-publishing? Do you really need an editor, cover artist, or graphic designer? If so, how do you find them? Who are the reputable companies to deal with and which are the ones to avoid? How do you know?
Myke Cole, Jaime Garmendia, Raven Kaldera (m), Gordon Linzner, Sarah Smith

Improvisation and Role-Playing — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Role-playing and improvisational theater share a number of characteristics. Both involve wearing a character, understanding their motivations and drives, and reacting to situations. If the first rule of improv is "Yes, and…", how can that be applied to role-playing? What can role-players learn from the improv community to have a richer and more rewarding gaming experience? What lessons can actors learn from role-playing?
Alex Feinman (m), Ed Fuqua, Shana Fuqua, Bob Kuhn, Shava Nerad

Reading: Brusso, Marchand, & Wilson — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Charlene Brusso, Joy Marchand, and Trish Wilson will read selections from their works.
Joy Marchand, Trish Wilson

Humor in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
They said SF couldn't be funny; they were wrong! The genre stories and novels that make us laugh… or tried and failed. We'll discuss the greats, the not-so-greats, and even the authors whose humor was entirely unintentional.
Christopher Davis, Justine Graykin, Paula Lieberman, Ira Nayman, Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman (m)

Autograph—Dr. Chris & Stallman — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Dr. Chris and Richard Stallman.
Dr.Chris, Richard Stallman

Saturday 9:30pm

The Capture — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Nominated for the Dramatic Presentation Hugo in 1976, a wonderful humorous coloring book/slide show/dramatic reading. Incredibly popular at SF cons 35 years ago. "The Capture Coloring Book," written by Robert Asprin and illustrated Phil Foglio. Boojums Press (Kalamazoo, MI), 1976.

Tactile Tour: Masquerade — 1hr 15min — Grand Ballroom Foyer (1W)
A show and tell session where masquerade participants may display and discuss their costumes. Costumers who choose to will be available in the Grand Ballroom Foyer after entries are complete (starting around 9–9:30pm) to pose for pictures and answer questions about their costumes.
Elizabeth O'Malley

Saturday 9:45pm

Frames of Reference — 2hr — Otis (2)
The PSSC physical science program in the early 1960s produced some excellent educational films about physics. We'll be showing four of them, starting with one written by Ben Bova and ending with the magnificent Frames of Reference starring David Ivey and Patterson Hume, which relies on rotating sets and furniture to explain relationships between physical objects in a beautifully elegant way. 16mm B&W.

Saturday 10:00pm

Kolchak the Night Stalker — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
After two TV movies, a short lived series in the 1970’s and an even shorter resurrection in the 2000’s, Kolchak the Night Stalker has shown its staying power with its fan base, influencing such shows as the X-Files along with graphic and regular novels. Panelists and the audience will give their views on this legacy.
Dr.Chris, Catherine Kane, John G. McDaid, Charlie Spickler, James Zavaglia

The Role of Albedo in Climate Change — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Albedo is the fraction of solar energy (shortwave radiation) reflected from the Earth back into space. Can an Albedo increase of 4% wipe out all the IPCC's claimed Anthropogenic Warming (AGW) forcings? Has Albedo changed recently and what are the consequences? Is glacial melt and disappearance a factor? I shoveled a lot of "albedo" last winter—will there be more of the same?
James B. Van Bokkelen, Tom Wysmuller (m)

Mud and Blood: The Grittier Side of Fantasy — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Not all fantasy involves nobility, worthy causes, and great deeds. Much of good fantasy involves characters trudging through bad situations with mixed motivations. Our panel looks at the grittier side of fantasy.
Erik Amundsen, Vikki Ciaffone (m), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Joshua Palmatier

Social Media — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, smartphone apps, and who knows what else coming down the line, social media has changed many aspects of fandom. The panelists discuss ways to use these outlets to enhance and improve the fannish experience.
Kevin Cafferty, Christopher Davis (m), Woodrow Hill, Gail Z. Martin, Trish Wilson

Yin and Yang: Yuri and Yaoi — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Yuri is a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yaoi is a popular Japanese term for female-created, female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships. Learn about the conventions of the genre, the classics, as well as the newest titles to hit the shelves and the screen.
Mary Dumas (m), Felicitas Ivey, Amanda Koval, Bettina Kurkoski, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Come listen and/or make music in this unthemed song circle. We will go around in a circle giving every person a chance to perform (Play), request a song (Pick), or Pass. All types of music are welcome, but expect to hear a lot of songs related to science fiction, fantasy, science and fandom.
Hillary Sherwood

Negotiation and BDSM — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Consent is sexy. Hard limits? Soft limits? Curiosity? Finding a new play partner can be very exciting, but before you get to the fun, come get some ideas for how to best negotiate that scene. Learn some skills on how to talk to your partner about what your fantasies might be—and what boundaries not to cross.
John Bacon (m), D. Cameron Calkins, Melissa Kaplan, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Meredith Schwartz

Politics in Science Fiction — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Not a fan of politics in science fiction? You didn't care for 1984, A Handmaid's Tale, or other overtly political allegories? Well, consider that an integral part of science fiction writing involves world-building, which frequently involves creating realistic, functioning societies. Put another way, successful science fiction requires the portrayal of relationships between individuals and groups of individuals. Isn't that the essence of politics? Discuss.
Mark L. Amidon (m), Walter Hunt, Ira Nayman, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert, Ian Randal Strock

Death of PC Gaming May Be Greatly Exaggerated — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
For years now, PC gaming’s imminent demise has been predicted. But we keep seeing new ground-breaking titles for PCs, and some genres just don’t work as well on a console. Why does gaming journalism decry that the end is nigh, and why doesn’t it come?
Bob Chipman, Bill Levay (m), Maddy Myers

Reading: Cambias, Freedman & Sklar — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors James Cambias, William Freedman and David Sklar will read selections from their works.
James L. Cambias, William Freedman, David Sklar

The Mind of the Nerd: Psychology and Fandom — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
While the geek population is broad and diverse, there seem to be some common psychological traits among geeks. What are these traits, and can we learn about ourselves and each other by examining them? Or are we simply legitimizing stereotypes?
Jennifer Duschak, Kate Kaynak, Vanessa Layne, Eric M. Van, Aimee Yermish (m)

Space Jazz and Shogun Hip Hop — 4hr — Stone (2)
Cowboy Bebop—This critically acclaimed series features the adventures of a group of bounty hunters in the year 2071. The series is set to a soundtrack that is heavily influenced by American Jazz and early Rock and Roll. Samurai Champloo—Taking place during the Edo period of Japan, the series concurs Fuu, a teen-aged girl in search of a mysterious man. Along the way, she encounters Mugen, vagabond swordsman, and the ronin, Jin, who join in her quest.

Saturday 10:30pm

Concert: The Proper Ladies — 1hr 15min — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Fun Victorian parlor songs—a fine soundtrack for a Gaslamp Fantasy!
Deborah Goss, Anabel Graetz (m)

Space Battleship Yamato — 2hr 15min — Webster (2)
Live action big budget feature film based on Star Blazers. Japanese with subtitles. 2010, PG-13.

Saturday 11:00pm

Maple City Chronicles II — 7hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)
A traditional OWoD Sabbat chronicle based in the fictional area Maple City. Conflicts center around main stream Sabbath versus the loyalist movement. Though this is a Sabbat chronical expect sect politics and intrigue between factions to play as large a roll as any standard Camarilla game.

Manager's Choice — 30min — ArisiaTV
What we show depends on how long the masquerade was. You have to tune in to find out.

Saturday 11:30pm

For the Love of the Geek — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Once upon a time, a geek was the guy you didn't want to be—the one who got sand kicked in his (and it was always his) face. Nowadays, we have mainstream TV shows, books, and movies in which the geek always comes out on top. How did the geek go from zero to hero? Why is this "The Age of the Geek"?
Adrianne Brennan, Suford Lewis (m), Troy Minkowsky, Dr. James Prego

The Moral Aesthetics of Steampunk — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Steampunk is frequently realized as an idealized, shiny version of the Victorian era, with quite a few of the nasty bits missing or obscured. The real Victorian age was a mix of great wealth and progress with poverty, workhouses, and more. What does it say about us when the latter are left out?
James L. Cambias, April Grant (m), Israel Peskowitz, Margaret Ronald, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk cont. — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Open Filking continues.
Merav Hoffman

Home Depot in the Bedroom — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
You don't have to spend a fortune to have an impressive toybox. Home Depot is an adult playground and toystore, if you walk the aisles with an open mind. We'll discuss tricks, tips, and ideas for your next "home improvement" project. 18+ only.
John Bacon, Lawrence Nelson, rabbit, Sparr (m), Ian Cooper Rose

Non-Monogamy: A Diverse Set of Options — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Monogamy is the default societal assumption, but one that many don't follow. While there are a lot of panels on the poly lifestyle at Arisia, other approaches to relationships sometimes can get left out in the shuffle. This panel would explore the many ways that people approach relationships that don't fall under the default.
Michelle Driscoll, Dyschordiana, Rev. Matthew (m), Tuna Oddfellow

GM Helpline — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Every GM gets stuck now and then. Our panel of experienced game masters will offer advice and tips.
dkap (m), William "Ian" Blanton, T. Christopher Davis, Steven Hammond, David Nurenberg

Burlesque! — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Burlesque is enjoying a modern-day renaissance. With troops all over the place, what is driving this new interest in an old art form? How can you get involved?
Alex Newman (m), Eddie Paradise, Margarita de Ville, Abigail Weiner

DJ Johnny Zed's Saturday Night Dance — 6hr 30min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
If you've been before, you know what to expect, if not… expect anything! With an extensive and eclectic collection, we'll try to keep you dancing until the last dancer drops or until the hotel kicks us out, whichever comes first. From retro to current hits to geek favorites, we have a bit of everything. We can dance if we want to!
John F. Zmrotchek

Masquerade Replay — 2hr — ArisiaTV
Maybe you missed it, maybe you just want to watch it again.

Sunday 12:00am

Star Babe — 1hr 30min — Otis (2)
Back by popular demand, this classic XXX feature was made on a tight budget to capture the SF craze that followed Star Wars. Unadulterated pornography with no redeeming social importance. You must be 18 or older to be admitted. 35mm, color by Eastman.

REPO: The Genetic Opera: Rated R — 3hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Hiding from the Repo man is tough, but in this world it's a matter of life and death. The Teseracte Players present an RKO Army production, "Repo, The Genetic Opera". The RKO Army cuts up the blood soaked stage in this new age dramatic musical. It's the end of the world and replacement parts come at a high price. Higher still is the price for those that don't pay. Come see the gore and the glory in this twisted story of fate.
Glenn MacWilliams

Sunday 12:45am

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
Transfer student Monami has a secret and a past that has caught up with her. Deceiving Mizushima into eating a token gift of chocolate, laced with her blood, he is then catapulted into Monami's vampire world of blood, death and love. Jilted girlfriend Keiko has other ideas. With a sudden twist of fate, she is then transformed into the hideous and unforgiving Frankenstein Girl, and the battle for Mizushima's heart begins Horror/Comedy. Gore/blood/violence Japanese with subtitles. 2009, R.

Sunday 1:00am

Unmoderated Open Filk — 5hr 45min — Griffin (3E)
Open Filk descends into chaos. Music will continue as long as people are interested.

Sunday 1:30am

Neverwhere (part 1) — 29min — ArisiaTV
Neil Gaiman's story of Richard Mayhew, who leads an ordinary life in London when one day a girl named Door falls, injured, across his path. The next thing he knows, his life is gone and he's pulled into the fantastical world of London Below. The novel was based on this production. 1996, NR

Sunday 2:00am

Anime Horror — 2hr — Stone (2)
Mermaid Forest—According to legend, eating mermaid flesh may grant immortality, damnation, or death. Yuta is an immortal who has wandered across Japan for five hundred years, searching for a cure and meeting others, whose lives have also been ruined by mermaid flesh. Death Note—A cursed book grants its owner the ability to kill anyone they know, by writing their name in the book.

Neverwhere (part 2) — 29min — ArisiaTV
See Sunday 1:30am.

Sunday 2:10am

Trouble in Mind — 1hr 45min — Webster (2)
The lives of an ex-con, a coffee-shop owner, and a young couple looking to make it rich intersect in the fictional and hypnotic Rain City. Film noir in an alternate world. 1985, R.

Sunday 2:30am

Neverwhere (part 3) — 28min — ArisiaTV
See Sunday 1:30am.

Sunday 3:00am

The Brothers Grimm — 1hr 58min — ArisiaTV
Terry Gilliam's adventure tale of con artist brothers Jake and Will Grimm, who travel from village to village posing as exterminators of magical creatures. Then they encounter a real magical curse in a haunted forest with real magical beings. 2005, PG-13

Sunday 3:55am

The Final Countdown — 1hr 40min — Webster (2)
A modern aircraft carrier is thrown back in time to 1941 near Hawaii, just hours before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 1980, PG-13.

Sunday 5:00am

A Day at the Races — 1hr 49min — ArisiaTV
Not science fiction, but still one of the Marx Brothers' funniest movies. A vet posing as a doctor (Groucho), a race horse owner, and his friends struggle to help keep a sanitarium open with the help of a misfit racehorse. Contains the masterpiece "Tutsi Fruitsy ice cream" sequence. 1937, NR

Sunday 5:40am

Camille — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
A twisted honeymoon road trip about a young couple on their way to Niagara Falls. Silas is a moody petty-thief. He marries his parole officer's niece, believing that he can use the romantic honeymoon to escape to Canada. Camille is the sweetest girl you can ever hope to meet. She truly believes that Niagara Falls will change Silas for the better and won't let anything stop the honeymoon, not even her death. Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Zombies. 2008, PG-13.

Sunday 6:00am

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie — 2hr — Stone (2)
As a young girl, Utena was visited by a young prince who impressed her so much, she decided to become a prince herself. At the Ohtori Academy, Utena enters a series of duels to protect classmate Anthy Himemiya and the power she holds.

Sunday 7:00am

Sunday Morning Cartoons — 2hr — ArisiaTV
Classic Warner Brothers cartoons, with Bugs, Daffy, and the rest of the gang.

Sunday 7:05am

Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller — 1hr 40min — Webster (2)
Live action fantasy. Complications ensue when a boy travels the world by magical stamps. Canada, 1988, G.

Sunday 8:00am

Case Closed Double Feature — 3hr — Stone (2)
This series follows the adventures of teenaged detective, Jimmy Kudo, who is transformed into a child by an experimental poison. Taking the identity of detective Conan, he works to solve his own attempted murder and other cases. The double feature includes The Time Bombed Skyscraper and The Fourteenth Target.

Sunday 8:30am

Geeky Play Date — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Looking to meet up with other parents and kids at the con? Geeky Play Date is a casual, drop-in space for you and your children. Kids can bring their favorite toys and make new friends! Parents can do the same! Please note: this is NOT a babysitting service/venue, plan on tending to your children.
Joan Ruland Donnelly

Create Your Own Alien! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Do you have an idea of what your outer space friends would look like? Come and join us in exploring Aliens!
John Monahan (m), Suzanne Palmer

The Cutting Truth (Jr.) — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Some sword-fighting skills involve circling around your opponent, looking for a weakness. Learn how to defeat someone who only fights in a straight line. Anyone who completes all three classes is on their way to being a real knight.
Stuart Ferguson

Gamera The Invincible — 1hr 26min — Otis (2)
An atomic explosion awakens Gamera, a giant fire-breathing turtle, from his ancient sleep in his subterranean crypt. Grouchy in the morning, he proceeds to destroy power plants and winds his way down to Tokyo. 1966, 16mm.

Being a Morning Person in Nocturnal Fandom — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Fen are generally thought of as a nocturnal bunch. Many even take this for granted, assuming that all fen are night owls. What does it take to survive as an early riser in fandom? How do you deal with noisy friends up past your bedtime and people who try to invite you out in the middle of the night? More importantly, how do you avoid violence from your sleep-addled roommates early in the morning?
Rachael M. Stark

Dubstep Yoga — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Highly active, all-inclusive vinyasa flow yoga sequence to a mostly (but not entirely) dubstep playlist. No mat necessary, and please don't wear shoes!
Caitlin Cooper

Sunday 8:45am

Asterix & The Vikings — 1hr 15min — Webster (2)
Faithful animated version of the René Goscinny comic. English audio. 2006, PG.

Sunday 9:00am

Distress Call — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Tamora is subject to planetfall. Repeat, Xeno incursion, can not hold position. Retreating to fortified bunker position. Position will not hold, repeat. Position will not hold. They are breaching outer permitter. The artifact is real. I repeat it is real. This last transmission was received 2 hours ago, prior to a full tyrannid hive invasion of the planet. The Deathwatch has been called to retrieve the artifact found on the planet at all costs.

Savage Wild Pennsylvania — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Rifts is a post apocalyptic world where magic and technology intertwine. This is where the dragon roam and cybernetic humans travel the lands. The Scientific Society of Arizona has sent you to the wild savage region of Pennsylvania to investigate what appears to be a new magical ley line that has seems to have just appeared out of nowhere. Is this really a new ley line or something else? Perhaps it is more sinister than it appears.

Yellow Submarine — 1hr 31min — ArisiaTV
Nothing ever happens to Ringo until the Blue Meanies attack Pepperland. The Beatles save it. 1968, NR

Sunday 10:00am

The Who, the Whole Who, and Nothing but the Who — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
A panel discussion of everything and anything that is Doctor Who. How has the show worked as a vehicle to demonstrate the changing mores and opinions of society toward acceptable TV violence through the ages? How has the mythos surrounding the Time Lord changed? Do we miss the old rubber monsters? And with all its iterations, how do we determine which are "true canon?"
Patricia M. Cryan, Ira Domnitz, Forest Handford, Tim Lieder (m), Hildy Silverman

DIY and Fandom — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
While fandom may have just the usual proportion of DIY enthusiasts, the results of these projects are very noticeable; from the terrific hall costumes to the wacky experiments. What makes fans enjoy a good DIY project? Come learn from our panelists their favorite tips and tools to make your next project a success.
Aimee Bouchard, Kristen Rose Morris, Judah Sher (m), James Turner

Traditional Stories, Modern Audiences — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
When retelling a traditional story for a modern audience, what are some of the changes that may have to be made? What compromises come up between authenticity and modern thinking?
Vikki Ciaffone (m), April Grant, Alexander Jablokov, Bob Kuhn, Meredith Schwartz

Disaster Preparedness for Fans — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
In this Arisia favorite, we'll discuss ways to protect what's important to you from random acts of disaster, including yourself. How do I protect my books from flooding? What should I put in a disaster kit? Is renters insurance worth buying? Come learn how to prepare yourself for when the alien, cyborg zombies invade!
John Costello, T. Christopher Davis, Sean Kane, James Macdonald, Carsten Turner (m)

Aliens in 20th Century Science Fiction Art — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Green-skinned girls, BEMs, hideous pseudopods, and other weird creatures will run riot in this slide show. Join the open discussion on the great SF artists, their styles, and innovations in the depiction of alien beings.
Lex Berman, Brianna Wu, Frank Wu

The Hugo Awards: An Introduction — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Not just for Worldcon attendees! Demystifying the nominating and voting process behind SF&F's most prominent award, and showing how easy and rewarding it is to become part of the Hugo award process.
Jill Eastlake, Paula Lieberman, René Walling (m)

2,326 Worlds And Counting — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
At one time it was thought planetary formation was a rare occurrence, but in the past few years scientists have been finding more and more planets outside our solar system. As of December 2011, NASA's Kepler mission has identified 2,326 unconfirmed planetary candidates. Most are gas giants but some have not only turned out near Earth-sized, but in the habitable zone as well. Come hear our panelists talk on the latest extrasolar planetary findings.
Alan MacRobert

The Leiji-verse — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
As an anime and manga pioneer, Leiji Matsumoto, co-creator of Star Blazers and creator Captain Harlock, has imagined and re-imagined his heroes over decades. Come join our panel of experts to find out how it all fits together.
Mario Di Giacomo, Ed Fuqua (m), Felicitas Ivey, Michael Toole, Doug Wilder

Trash to Treasure! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Do you like just grabbing random things and creating ART? Come join us and let your creativity flow!
Sheila Oranch (m), Steve Popkes

Creepy Crawlies Time! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Come and learn about different insects!
John Monahan

RoboBattlePets — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Erik Matson will read from his book RoboBattlePets—Squiddy Attack! Then you can design and draw your own RoboBattlePet.
Erik Matson

Origami Fun — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Create paper animals, rockets, balls, or your own creation using the ancient art of Japanese paper folding.
Rachel Kadel-Garcia, Sparr (m), "Zubie" Zeballos

Illuminati — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
The classic game of conspiracy, this will use all three decks plus the booster pack cards for a completely strange and wild game of Illuminati.

The Dead of the Night — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
In the quie town of Springdale, cattle have been going missing at night and no one seems to know anything. You have been hired by the mayor to figure out what's going on.

The Best Young-Adult and Children's Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Are you looking for material suitable for your kids? Or are you seeking to convert that favored niece or nephew into your lifelong hobby? Come share recommendations suitable for the younger crowd.
Alexander Danner (m), Brandy Danner, Shelli Paroline, Richard A. Silva

Humor in Writing — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
As the saying goes, "Dying is easy, comedy is hard." Why is writing humor so difficult? How much is too much or too little? How are different styles of humor conveyed through the writing?
Greg R. Fishbone, Esther Friesner, Toni L.P. Kelner, Barry B. Longyear (m), Nicole Peeler

Ending the Epic — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
There is a lot of advice on how to start a gaming campaign but what about the finale? Tying it all together to give the PCs and the tale the best resolution can be as challenging as starting a new campaign. Our panelists discuss the many endings a story can have and how to make it work both for the narrative and your players.
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (m), Stuart Ferguson, Bill Levay, Carolyn VanEseltine

Reading: Dawn, Feinman, & Sawicki — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Randee Dawn, Alex Feinman, and Steve Sawicki read selections from their works.
Randee Dawn, Alex Feinman, Steve Sawicki

What is the Society for Creative Anachronism? — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
What is the Society for Creative Anachronism? How did the Society start, who are the members, what time periods do they study, what activities do they offer, and is it also for children? All that and more explained in this panel.
Melina Gunnett, Woodrow Hill, Toni Lay, Barbara Menard Pugliese, Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks (m)

Blood Drive — 6hr — Lobby (2)

Video 201: Director & Technical Dir. Instruction — 1hr 15min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
This workshop will provide instruction on what it takes to be a director at a convention. Instruction will include how to use multi-camera systems of the type in use at Arisia. Learn shot assignment, composition, selection and timing. Learn how to communicate with your talent and crew over the production intercom system. Immediately following this panel will be a chance for you to try out your new knowledge in a low risk environment with a skilled director backing you up.
Syd Weinstein

Autograph—Popkes, Sakers & Vanderhoof — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Steve Popkes, Don Sakers and Joselle Vanderhoof.
Steve Popkes, Don Sakers, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Ladies' and Gentlemen's Sewing Circle — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
A general sewing circle for people to craft, sew, and make new friends. Didn't bring a project with you or just want to learn something new? Come learn to bead a cabochon onto fabric and other fabric beading techniques. Kits for sale with all materials ($8) or bring your own fabric, stiffened felt, needles, or beads. Cabochons are available as well for a nominal fee.
Lisa A. Ashton

Sunday 10:05am

My Sarah Jane & Final Episodes — 1hr 5min — Webster (2)
Bid farewell to Sarah Jane Smith. 2011, PG.

Sunday 10:40am

Why Man Creates — 24min — ArisiaTV
Examines the nature of creativity. Includes an escaping ping-pong ball and "I've invented the zero!" "What?" "Oh, nothing." 1968, NR

Sunday 11:00am

Another Hour with Devo Spice — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Nothing says "Hip Hop" like a red-headed white guy singing comedy music! Devo Spice has been proving that true for years and with his album Gnome Sane? hitting #28 on the iTunes Store, it's more clear than ever. From his latest song, "The Dumbest Song on Rock Band" to his inspired take on helping friends with computer problems, "I'm Not Your Personal IT Guy," Devo Spice rocks nerdcore, yo!

Genshiken Vol. 1 — 2hr — Stone (2)
This explores the otaku lifestyle through a group of high school students. Drawn together by shared interests, these otaku explore friendship through their club, and cope with those in their lives who don't see eye to eye with their hobbies.

Lightsaber Combat of the Sword Masters — 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Many of the lightsaber techniques we see in the Star Wars movies are based on Japanese katana and European longsword traditions. Watch as the Higgins Armory Sword Guild presents a lightsaber demonstration based on historically accurate European swordplay techniques used in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. May the Force be with you!
Higgins Armory

Sunday 11:05am

Rocky & Bullwinkle — 22min — ArisiaTV
Rocky & Bullwinkle: The Back Seat Divers or Mashed Landing (1st season, episode 13)

Sunday 11:10am

Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room — 25min — Webster (2)
Eloise moves to Black Lake, a remote Cornish fishing village. Whilst there she discovers her life isn't quite what she thought it was. G.

Sunday 11:30am

Why You Should/Should Not Self-Publish — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
The good news is that anyone can self-publish. The bad news is, well, just that. There's a lot of stigma associated with self-publishing, even more so than small-press publishing. Why? What can authors who wish to self-publish do to avoid this? When should you consider being your own publisher versus letting someone else publish your work?
Myke Cole, Gordon Linzner, Don Sakers, Ian Randal Strock, Michael A. Ventrella (m)

The Generation and Utilization of Steam — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
All about steam technology, with expanded uses of steam beyond mad science. The generation and utilization of steam for locomotive force. The power of the piston. The work of the worm-gear.
James Bredt, James Hinsey, Ian Schleifer (m), James B. Van Bokkelen

Myth and Folklore in Fantasy — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
How do writers use myth in their stories? What are the most common myth cycles drawn from? Has traditional folklore been run out of town by urban legends? Why is the appeal of these stories so strong after millennia?
Erik Amundsen, Esther Friesner, Greer Gilman, Merav Hoffman (m), Sonya Taaffe

Steampunk: Boom or Bust? — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Steampunk is the current new fad. Of course, SF fandom said that about anime 15 years ago and it's still going strong. Is steampunk here to stay or will it fizzle out in a puff of steam? And now that steampunk cons are popping up, is there room in the fannish calendar for everything?
Hugh Casey, Mario Di Giacomo, Melissa Honig, David Larochelle (m), Judah Sher

Getting Ideas for Costumes and Presentations — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Where do they come from? Do ideas just appear wholly formed to some costumers? Our panel discusses the origin and evolution of costume themes and inspirations.
Lisa A. Ashton (m), Sarah Goodman, Toni Lay, Jennifer Old, Solveig Pflueger

Braiding Voices: Singing Rounds & Related Forms — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Take simple threads of music and weave them into a fabric of harmony: Rounds, guazas, and maybe a quodlibet or two. This session is dedicated to the memory of Lois Mangan, Filk Hall Of Fame inductee for her efforts in organizing, recruiting, and promoting the music of fandom, and an enthusiastic rounds filker.
Anabel Graetz, Ellen Kranzer, Julia Suggs, Susan Weiner (m)

Painting and Costuming for Dolls — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Costuming for body-type becomes quite a chore, but what if you could use your talents and show your skill in another way? Something that draws most people to dolls is how customizable they are. At this panel we'll show some dolls from full sets to hybrid modified, talk about how you can mix and match, and discuss customizing/modding them yourselves or finding artists to commission. Come talk to experts on costuming dolls and customizing Asian Ball-Jointed dolls.
Dawn Albright, Corey Blumenthal, Mary Dumas (m), Heidi Hooper, Amanda Koval

Intelligent Design: Debunked by its Own Words — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Intelligent Design (ID) continues to plague American science education. Its proponents claim that it is science, and they publish many articles and books which those not versed in scientific methods may confuse for real research. This talk presents a novel and useful technique for debunking ID that analyzes the words that its authors use in their articles. This method quantifies ID’s basic shortcoming, which is that there are no data to support its claims.
Abby Hafer

No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
The majority of comics are hero/superhero based. Is there a place at the table for non-hero drama? If not, why? Discover new non-hero titles and discuss some of your own favorites with others.
Alexander Danner, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe, Alex Jarvis (m), Don MacDonald, Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks

Homeschooling: An Alternative Education — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
Should I homeschool my kids? There are many assumptions about homeschooling—why people do it, the pitfalls and benefits, and what kids think of it—not to mention the many different types of Homeschooling (i.e., Eclectic Learning, Structured Learning, Unschooling, etc). Come talk to our panelists, fans who either homeschool or were homeschooled themselves, and see if there's something in it for you!
William "Ian" Blanton, Josephine Monreal (m), Kristen Rose Morris, Sean Sullivan, Bonnie Barlow Turner, Aimee Yermish

Great Games without the M Rating — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Halo, Red Dead Redemption, Assasin's Creed, and many other cutting edge award winning RPG games are available on electronic game systems. They are popular with everyone, but all are rated M for mature. What are some fantastically well-developed and well-written games that aren't so big on the gore and sex?
Shana Fuqua, Adam Lipkin, Mitchell Morris (m)

UnCONventional Rapid-Fire Reading — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
UnCONventional is an anthology of sci-fi and fantasy stories set in cons that are a cover-up for something paranormal. Come hear samples from it by several of the contributing authors.
Vikki Ciaffone, Justine Graykin, Kate Kaynak, Ira Nayman, Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg, Trisha Wooldridge

SF/Fantasy Pictionary — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
The audience divides into two opposing teams. Each team comes up with appropriately themed titles, objects, concepts, etc. to throw against their opponents. Panelist artists must then draw these out until either someone in the audience guesses correctly or their time runs out!
Ctein, Bob Kuhn (m), Thomas Nackid

The Anachronism & Timothy — 20min — Webster (2)
In "The Anachronism" a science expedition propels two children toward an enigmatic encounter at the edge of their known world. In "Timothy", rebel against your robot overlord. Both PG.

Salem Zouaves: Civil War Bayonet Drill — 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
In the mid-nineteenth century, a military fashion craze swept Europe and the United States. Known as Zouaves, they were originally French-Algerian light infantry famous for their colorful Turkish uniforms, athletic precision drill, and ferocity with cold steel in battle. The Salem Light Infantry, an elite militia company from Salem, Massachusetts, went Zouave in April, 1861. This presentation will feature a demonstration in uniform of the bayonet-fencing drill practiced by the Salem Zouaves.
Higgins Armory

Video 201 Lab: Directing & Tech. Dir. Hands-On — 5hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Practice what you just learned under the guidance of a skilled director by directing or technical directing one of the productions in main tent. Sign up for slots will be available at the instruction class at 10:00 AM Sunday.
Syd Weinstein

Planning for Sound at Conventions — 1hr 15min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Now that you have helped out with Sound at a Convention, how do you move to the next step? Come to this panel and discover what goes on behind the scenes to make sure that all of the Sound needs of a Convention are met in a cost effective yet professional manner. This discussion will include details about equipment choice and specification including demonstrations of some of the equipment. A list of additional panelists will be published in the Convention Newsletter.
Paul Kraus

Autograph—Brennan, Fishbone, & Limoncelli — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Adrianne Brennan, Greg R. Fishbone and Tom Limoncelli.
Adrianne Brennan, Greg R. Fishbone, Tom Limoncelli

Handmade Faerie Wings — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
A class on how to make your own beautiful Faerie wings. Kits will be included for up to 10 people, so participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Kits will be $20 for this workshop. However, Arisia patrons are welcome to come in and observe. Children must be supervised by an adult as we use wire and hot glue for this project. Maximum of 10 participants. Please sign up in Program Nexus.
Christa J. Newman

Masquerade Replay — 2hr — ArisiaTV
One more time!

Sunday 12:00pm

Gilbert & Sullivan's Steampunk Operetta — 2hr 10min — Webster (2)
Live theater presentation of Ruddigore with Steampunk interpretation. From a limited DVD run of 50 copies, recorded live in Everett, Washington. 2011, PG.

The Secret of the Chimera — 6hr — Grand Ballroom DE (1W)
There once was a pirate named Silver Jack. Before he died, his final words were, “My fortune is yours for the finding. But you’ll have to find it first. I left everything I own in ONE CHEST.” Generations have searched for it, but no one has found a clue… until now. A ship has been found which conceals a clue. I warn you, these pirates do NOT play nice. But you can’t turn back. Not now.

Sunday 12:30pm

Songs of Myth and Magic — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Kellianna is an American pagan artist internationally performing song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times. With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With Native American frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors via primal drumming and powerful vocals.

Sunday 1:00pm

TV Year in Review — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Look back at SF, horror and fantasy in 2011 on TV. What were the memorable shows? What are the new ones to watch? Vampires, time travel, super heroes—what's hot and what's not?
Howard Beatman (m), Adam Lipkin, Misty Pendragon

Extremophiles — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
An extremophile is an organism that thrives in extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on Earth. From bacteria living in the Chernobyl reactors to giant tubeworms living under extreme pressure and temperatures in deep sea rifts, scientists are finding life can thrive in nearly any environment. Come hear about some of the toughest creatures on, and under, the Earth.
Abby Hafer, Jeff Hecht, John Monahan, Dr. James Prego (m)

Point of View — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
The use of different points of view can reveal or obscure elements of your story from the audience. Do certain points of view only work with certain types of stories? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each form?
Elaine Isaak (m), Victoria Janssen, Joshua Palmatier, David Sklar, Michael A. Ventrella

Arisia Lightning Talks — 2hr 45min — Burroughs (3E)
Arisians are working on all different fascinating projects. Come hear a series of 5-minute talks on potentially anything from cutting edge Mars research to community activism projects to the latest in game development.
Fabrisse (m), Michael McAfee

Costuming on the Cheap — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
How to look like a million bucks without actually spending that much. Where to find inexpensive fabrics, ready-made, and accessories, and how to re-make them into one-of-a-kind creations in these tough economic times. Also, how to make costumes if you can't afford a sewing machine.
Ann Catelli, Alex Newman (m), Solveig Pflueger, Carol Salemi, Nightwing Whitehead

Figure Drawing Workshop – Models in Costume — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
As a follow-up to the Figure Drawing Workshop, models will do a variety of short- and medium-length poses in costume! Everyone is welcome to sketch and paint. Please bring your own supplies.
Suford Lewis

Jack Arnold at 100 — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
This October will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jack Arnold, one of the best directors of SF films in the 1950s. Among his credits are It Came from Outer Space, Tarantula, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Incredible Shrinking Man. Let's examine the career of this director whose work also included stints on TV series ranging from Gilligan's Island to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Why did his films stand out in the glut of 1950s SF movies?
Bob Eggleton (m), James Macdonald, E. F. Morrill, Karen Sullivan, James Zavaglia

Being a Sex-Positive Parent — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
You want your kids to be open minded, tolerant people. You want them to know they can be anybody they want to be and date whoever they want to date. You want to be open with them about your lifestyle… but how much is too much? Are there pitfalls to openly communicating about sexuality with your kids? Where is the balance between too little info and over-sharing? Come share ideas with other parents and discuss how to talk to your kids without squicking them out.
Bridget Joyce Boyle, Vonnie Carts-Powell, Ken Olum (m), Frances K. Selkirk, Michelle Wexelblat

Paper Rockets — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Build rockets out of paper and launch them with straws, learning about mass and density and Newton's laws by playing with air resistance. Then play Conquer the Corners, in teams that manufacture rockets and attack each others' castles.
Scott Wilhelm

I've Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What? — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Juggling for Kids; for both first-time and experienced jugglers.
Peter Breton, Adam Fromm (m)

What are Your Favorites to Read? — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Do you like to read? Come and share your favorites! Whether it is classics like the Hobbit or more modern works like Manga! (Child Only Event)
Dawn Albright

Duct Tape Roses — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Learn how to make roses out of duct tape! Twenty participants max. Feel free to BYO tape (2–3 colors), but limited colors will be available.
Katherine Brick

Grueling Game Tournament — 5hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
4 games in 5 hours. Prizes awarded to the top 4 players. Stop into gaming for complete rules and to sign up for the tournament.

Sunday Afternoon Sealed Magic — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
$25 entry fee.

Wonder Woman — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
2011 was supposed to be a banner year for the Amazing Amazon, and a new TV show had been planned for the season. However, writer J. Michael Stracynzski jumped ship a few months in and the pilot never took off. Now Wonder Woman finds herself in the midst of yet another reboot as part of the “DCnU,” and like many of her fellow DC heroes, she may have lost most of her history in the shuffle. What does the future hold for the number one female super hero?
Bob Chipman, Ed Fuqua, Woodrow Hill, Donna Martinez (m), Mercy E. Van Vlack

Meet the Worldcon Bids — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
What's a Worldcon, who wants to run one, and why should you go? Meet representatives from seated Worldcons and future Worldcon bids.
Aurora Celeste, Mary Dumas, Pam "Izumi" Larson, René Walling (m), Jeff Warner, Frank Wu

Beyond the Controller — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
With the expanding prevalence of motion-based controls (the Wii, XBox Kinect, Playstation Move), video games have moved beyond the decades' old corded-joystick controller format. Learn about some of the novel applications of this technology. How is it shaping the future of gaming and opening it up to new audiences?
Bill Levay, Maddy Myers, Carolyn VanEseltine (m)

Reading: Cole, Hairston, & Silverman — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Myke Cole, Andrea Hairston, and Hildy Silverman read selections from their works.
Myke Cole, Andrea Hairston, Hildy Silverman

Copyright, Satire, and the Public Domain — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
A comprehensive look at copyright law, fair use, satire, and what is considered public domain.
Ira Domnitz, William Frank (m), Nicole L. M. Jurkowski, Richard Stallman, Alan Wexelblat

Alice "Badger" Washburn Memorial Filk Sing — 1hr 15min — Stone (2)
Alice E. Washburn, a.k.a. Badger died on 26 December, 2011. Since she loved filk, we will celebrate her life by singing.
Merav Hoffman, Persis L. Thorndike (m)

Q & A with Phil and Kaja Foglio — 1hr 15min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Ask your questions of Phil and Kaja… no Girl Genius spoilers, please.
Kaja Foglio, Phil Foglio

Disco Line Dancing — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Come dance like it's 1978! Easy disco-era line dances to 1970s dance hits. Including the Saturday Night Fever line dance! Scary 1970s costume welcome. No partner needed.
Susan de Guardiola

Art Show Docent Tour with Gareth Hinds — 1hr 15min — Art Show (1E)
Our art Guest of Honor tours the art show with a small group and answers questions about his work. There is a limited number of participants.
Gareth Hinds

Autograph—Lieder, Linzner, & Smith — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Tim Lieder, Gordon Linzner and Sarah Smith.
Tim Lieder, Gordon Linzner, Sarah Smith

Watercolor and Pen & Ink Workshop — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
Have you ever been interested in doing comics-style art? Come try working with watercolor and pen & ink.
Don MacDonald

Sunday 1:30pm

Helvetica — 1hr 20min — ArisiaTV
see Friday 4:30pm

Sunday 2:00pm

Circus Maximus — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
It's part ancient Rome, part demolition derby, part NASCAR, part socrery and divine intervention. We'll be using Pathfinder rules to play out the race. Come prepared with creative schemes and sly tricks to hinder your opponents and win the race, but no significant experience with D&D or Pathfinder is required.

Sunday 2:10pm

Johnny and the Bomb — 1hr 45min — Webster (2)
Terry Pratchett's whirl-wind adventure. Thirteen-year-old Johnny and his friends are drawn in when they help a seemingly homeless old woman Mrs Tachyon. 2006, PG.

Sunday 2:30pm

On The Fringe — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Has Fringe quietly become the best SF show currently on TV? Do you have to watch it from the beginning to get involved, or can viewers jump in and pick up the significance of Olivia and Walter vs. Faux-livia and Walternate? How do they get away with episodes entirely in the alternate universe, and will both universes be able to survive? And isn't the "real Massachusetts" of the show a bit of an alternate universe itself?
Thomas Boutilier, Patricia M. Cryan (m), Melina Gunnett, PJ Letersky, Cynthia A. Shettle-Meleedy

Use Your Words: Dialogoue, Prose, and Tone — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
It's been said that the purpose of dialogue is to move the plot forward. How do you do that effectively? How does choice of prose change the reader's take on the setting and the story? If you have a specific tone in mind—light and humorous or dark and full of angst—how can that be conveyed effectively through your dialogue and prose? Our panelists discuss the methods and mechanics for constructing effective dialogue and prose to help set the tone of your story.
Debra Doyle, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Joy Marchand (m), Resa Nelson, Kenneth Schneyer

Making Art on Commission — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Many artists make their living via commissioned artwork: illustrations for advertising or book covers, sculpture, props/costumes for plays. How does an artist find commission work? How does one handle client relations, good money management, and other mundane business aspects while remaining sane and still satisfying one's own artistic drive?
Rhea Ewing (m), Jacob Lefton, James Mobius, Mimi Noyes, Mercy E. Van Vlack

Disability and Fandom — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Many fen have disabilities, and they aren't always obvious to the outside world. Are these disabilities barriers to full participation in the fannish community? What can conventions do to make sure every fan gets the full convention experience? What can all fans do to help their fellow fen who need it?
Cheryl Braverman, Stephanie Clarkson (m), Jaime Garmendia, Selkiechick, Bonnie Barlow Turner

Rousing Chorus Songs — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
An open sing emphasizing songs—folk, filk, whatever—with uncommonly good choruses that really pull people in.
Jeff Keller, Angela Kessler, Jeremy H. Kessler (m)

Marshall McLuhan Centennial — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
The medium of the future is still the message. This year is the centennial of Marshall McLuhan's birth, and his views on media have had a huge influence. Let's look ahead at the future of media and in what ways McLuhan's insights may be overtaken by events or, on the contrary, continue to be relevant.
Lex Berman, David Larochelle (m), John G. McDaid, Ira Nayman, James Zavaglia

History in Japanese Anime and Manga — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
There are a number of criticisms regarding the portrayal of major historical events in Japanese anime. What would be considered historical anime? To what degree does historical accuracy matter? Consider, for example, the snarky comments at the beginning of Samurai Champloo. What role do alternate histories play (e.g., Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade)?
Felicitas Ivey, Timothy J. Tero, Doug Wilder, Jennifer Yoo (m)

Make a Catnip Mouse — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Learn to make a catnip mouse for your favorite feline.
Solveig Pflueger

Swords and Combat from Steam to Space — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Join the Higgins Armory Sword Guild for a demonstration of combat with swords and other hand weapons, as they appear in some of our day’s most popular stories and as they were used historically. Then become a part of the action as you learn the authentic historical techniques that inspired today’s writers and filmmakers. Weapons covered may include lightsabers (medieval longsword or Renaissance rapier techniques), nineteenth-century bayonets, cutlasses, and daggers.
Higgins Armory

Annie McGwire and the Time Flyer — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Come hear about Annie McGwire and the Time Flyer, read by the author Mike Ziniti.
Mike Ziniti

Quilting Basics — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Learn how to take small pieces of fabric and put them together to make a doll-sized blanket or a teddy-bear blanket.
Dawn Albright, Katherine Brick (m)

Creating Minicomics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Minicomics are a great DIY way of making comics with very minimal requirements, and they're also a popular way of getting started in the indie comics scene. There's a lot of material for discussion: comparing and contrasting with webcomics, different methods and genres of comic storytelling, the 24-Hour Comic movement, and local creators (Boston has a number of mini creators and several comic shops that sell minis).
E. J. Barnes, Alexander Danner (m), David Marshall, Joey Peters, Gynn Stella Silva

The Future of School — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
Science fiction writers have often written about changes that technology might make to education, from the students "desks" in Orson Scott Cards Enders' Game to Heinlein's observations and critiques of education in his juvenile fiction. What kinds of alternate education exist now? How does emerging technology effect the learners of tomorrow? Will school still be out for summer?
William "Ian" Blanton (m), Michael Bonet, David Nurenberg, Sarah Smith, Sean Sullivan

Introduction to Tabletop Roleplaying — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Are you curious about tabletop role-playing but never tried it? Looking for something fun, social, and cheap to do with your friends and/or family? Or have you it, but want to know more? Our panel of experienced gamers will explain what you need to start running or playing in a game, and how to make your games better.
T. Christopher Davis, Ed Fuqua, Peter Maranci, Mitchell Morris, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Speculative Poetry Slam — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Join us for a speculative poetry reading!
Erik Amundsen, April Grant, Shira Lipkin, Julia Rios, Elayna Jade Smolowitz (m), Sonya Taaffe, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Harry Potter, My Love for You Will Never Die — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Even though it is the end of an era, as the last Harry Potter film was released, the love for these books and characters will continue. New fans will emerge, inspiring creativity in Fan Fiction, Wizard Rock, Cosplay and more. Harry Potter conferences and conventions bring fans together, and the Wizarding World of HP at Universal Resorts will give fans a place to visit for years to come. Is HP Fandom destined to take a place next to Star Trek and Star Wars fandoms with a permanent presence?
Michelle d'Entremont, James Hinsey, Frances K. Selkirk, Cecilia Tan, Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg

Cross-Step Waltz for Dummies — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Learn this beautiful, flowing modern waltz form that can be danced to many non-traditional songs. This session is especially for those without couple dance experience. Flat shoes suggested. No partner needed, no experience required.
Susan de Guardiola

Autograph—Kane & Kaynak — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Catherine Kane and Kate Kaynak.
Catherine Kane, Kate Kaynak

Mail 'n' Flail — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
If knitters can "stitch 'n' bitch," mailers can have a mail 'n' flail! Bring your own work or purchase a kit and work while we talk mailing. All experience levels welcome, except absolute beginners.
Liz Cademy (m), Katherine Pfeffer

Sunday 3:00pm

Cthulhu Over Filmland — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Travis Wainright, executive head of the newly formed Wainright Film Studios, has contacted you group through personal contacts. The studio’s new large scale film project has been besieged with problems, and threatens to bankrupt Wainright’s new film studio empire. There have been 2 deaths and the lead actress has been plagued with strange delusions. Wainright has hired you for your discreet expertise in such matters, and wants you to uncover what is going on.

Airship Bonanza — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Family arranges a marriage, daughter runs away, and buys passage on a smuggling airship, with a very quaint name: The Owl. Unfortunately, our airship is captured by the Imperial cruiser, the Hand of Sorrow. Now you and your entourage are in the hold of the Imperials. Your quick wit and silver tongue will be more valueable here than skilled combat. Can you escape the Imperial cruiser before they discover the ship you were on is a smuggling vessel?

Real, Real Steel or the Real Robot Genre — 6hr — Stone (2)
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Heirs to the Stars—Condensed for theatrical release. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn—The events depicted occur three years after Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack. Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone—This is an updated re-imagining of the original series, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Belly Dance Show — 2hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
From Star Trek to Firefly, science fiction has long been entranced by the shimmying undulations of belly dance. Join us as belly dancers explore brave new worlds of geeky belly dance fusion, featuring inventive performances from some of the Milky Way's finest dancers! (Shown live on Arisia-TV.)
Samara Martin, Katrina Meyer (m)

Belly Dance Show (live) — 2hr — ArisiaTV
See schedule entry for Grand A/B

Sunday 4:00pm

Harry Potter: The Films — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
With the release of the final Deathly Hallows film last year, we seem to have reached the end of an era. Wipe your tears and swallow back your sobs, for now we discuss the transformation of the beloved books into the box office-dominating film series. Is this truly the end?
James Hinsey, Little Mel, Resa Nelson, Michael A. Ventrella (m)

Poly 279: Poly Parenting — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Mixing multiple relationships with raising children introduces a host of new complications as well as possibilities. How do you answer questions, schedule your time, and mix parenting styles? These and other questions will be discussed.
Aimee Bouchard, Brian Glass, Joy Marchand, Ken Olum, Santiago Rivas (m)

Diana Wynne Jones: In Memoriam — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
With the passing of the enormously prolific Diane Wynne Jones, we reflect on the body of work she has left us, from the Chrestomanci series to Howl's Moving Castle. What is it about her work as a primarily YA fantasy author that draws even adult attention?
Greer Gilman, Merav Hoffman, Bob Kuhn (m), Frances K. Selkirk, Sonya Taaffe

Funniest Songs Sing-Along — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
A hour filled with the funniest filk and geeky songs we could find. Lyrics will be projected and a leader will play accompaniment so everyone can join in!
Paul Estin (m), Susan Weiner

Avoiding CultureFail — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
How can writers best avoid creating simplistic or hurtful imaginary cultures? How can you avoid portraying real world cultures without resorting to stereotypes? Is doing research enough? Where do you start?
Dash (m), Michelle d'Entremont, Andrea Hairston, Woodrow Hill

Northern Lights Costumers' Guild Meet-up — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Northern Lights is a chapter of the International Costumers' Guild, a non-profit organization that seeks to educate the public and enjoy the construction and wearing of all forms of costume.
Jerome C. Conner, Jill Eastlake, Elizabeth O'Malley

A "Self" or "No Self?" Neuroscience in SF — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Does the self exist? Would AI necessarily be smarter than us in all ways, or are there aspects in which analog intelligence is inherently superior? The implications for post-Singularity SF include the question of whether purely digital intelligences (such as uploaded minds) or cyborgs (brains enhanced with digital components) would triumph and what writing about either may entail.
Justine Graykin, Wil Howitt (m), Dennis McCunney, Steve Popkes, Eric M. Van

Anime as Art — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
The popularity and commercial success of anime world-wide has resulted in the publication of art books based on anime and manga characters—but is this really art? Or is the art of anime on the same level as the art of Disney?
Mary Dumas (m), Bettina Kurkoski, Mimi Noyes, Timothy J. Tero

Gum Drops and Castles! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Try your hand at using gum drops and toothpicks to build your very own Mini Castle!
Katherine Brick

Flying High with Paper — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Paper, paper everywhere! Come and learn how to make paper airplanes!
Judah Sher (m), Elayna Jade Smolowitz, "Zubie" Zeballos

The Hobbit — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Join us for a reading of The Hobbit.
Walter Hunt, Peter Maranci (m)

The Black Box — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
How do you know something is there and what it looks like when you can't even see it? How do we know what atoms are and what they look like? Examine objects hidden in black objects with probes to figure out what they are. Then build your own black box, hide your own mysteries inside, and challenge each other.
Scott Wilhelm

Copyright/Trademark 101 — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Don't be fooled by thinking the poor man's copyright will protect your art! We aim to answer your questions about how the law impacts your creative works. This is the who (author/artist), what (7 Enumerated Rights), when (protection begins), where (registration and public domain), why (it matters), and how (to) of preparing what you create to put it out to the world. We also aim to tell you what isn't copyright, what isn't fair game on the internet, and what you don't want to learn the hard way.
E. J. Barnes, William Frank, David J. Friedman (m), Nicole L. M. Jurkowski, Daniel Miller

The Near Future of Organ Transplants — 1hr 15min — Otis (2)
What new organ transplant technologies are on the horizon, and what are their possible implications? What do these advances mean as a practical matter for patients and donors?
Thomas A. Amoroso, John C. F. Hodges (m), Dr. James Prego, Genevieve Yang

Writing As Business — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
You've got your manuscripts and cover letters ready, and you're sending out submissions. How do you market yourself? Should you hire an agent, and how do you work with them? What are the rights that can be attached to a short story or novel for the author? When do rights revert back to the author? Is self-publishing a viable option, and what are the pros and cons of doing it? Where do you go for help and advice?
Adrianne Brennan, Leah Cypess, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Greg R. Fishbone, Trisha Wooldridge (m)

Convention Feedback 3 — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Feedback for the staff about the convention so far.
Andrea Carney, Emily Coombs, David D'Antonio, Samantha Dings, Crystal Huff, Rick Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, Alan McAvinney, Daniel Noe, Peter Olszowka, Noel Rosenberg, Cris Shuldiner (m), Rachel L. Silber, Michael Sprague, Julia Suggs

Punday! — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
The Punday contest is an elimination contest to determine which panelist can make the best/worst puns right to the end.
Howard Beatman, Michael McAfee, Richard Stallman, Doug Wilder, James A. Wolf

This Week on Brit TV — 3hr — Webster (2)
The review of the latest in British Television. See schedule at door.

Play Poker for a Good Cause, with Phil Foglio — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom C (1W)
Phil Foglio is well-known for his skills as an artist, writer, and Chief Architect of the Chromium Meerkat All-Tenor Jug 0Band. But what does he do for fun? He plays poker! Ever wanted to show off your brilliant poker variation to one of the authors of Dealer's Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker? Now's your chance! Don't know how to play? We'll teach you. It's all in good fun. Want to read up beforehand? Visit
Daniel Reuben Abraham (m), Phil Foglio

Cross-Step Waltz for Experienced folk — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Introduction to cross-step waltz for those who already have some dance experience (couple dancing, contra, etc.) Learn the basics and a few variations for this beautiful modern waltz form that can be danced to a wide variety of music. Flat shoes suggested. No partner needed.
Susan de Guardiola

Art Show Auction — 2hr — Art Show (1E)
Your walls and shelves cry out for a fabulous piece of SF or Fantasy art! Works from the Art Show that have received enough bids are sold at the Arisia Art Auction. We also auction donated pieces and orphans from Art Shows long ago. Proceeds from these unclaimed pieces will go to the Arisia Grant Fund that gives money to needy SF cons and exciting science fiction and fantasy-related projects. Buy art for a song or bust your budget—just make sure you come!

Autograph—Hinds (4–4:30), Ewing & Long-Ewing — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with Rhea Ewing and Kimberley Long-Ewing. Gareth Hinds, artist guest of honor, will also be available for signing for the first half of this session.
Rhea Ewing, Gareth Hinds, Kimberley Long-Ewing

Miniatures in Gaming: Painting Tips & Techniques — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
Panelists discuss and demonstrate their own techniques for miniature painting, exchanging tips and tricks with other miniatures enthusiasts. Includes discussion of priming, reducing flash, and shading. This is in the craft space, so demonstrations and participation are possible and encouraged (BYO supplies).
Alex Feinman (m), Steven Hammond, Brennan Martin

Sunday 5:00pm

Rocky & Bullwinkle — 22min — ArisiaTV
Rocky & Bullwinkle:The Inspector-Detector or A Kick in the Plants (1st season, episode 15)

Sunday 5:30pm

3D Art & Sculpture — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Sculpture and 3D Art can be enticing and beautiful, invite touch and interactivity, and wow the crowd. What is some successful 3D art out there? What is the range of materials used by such artists, and what does their creative process look like?
Jacob Lefton, Mimi Noyes (m), Carsten Turner

Bioethics in Today's World — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Bioethics is a field of study concerned with the ethics and philosophical implications of biological and medical procedures, technologies, and treatments such as organ transplants, genetic engineering, and care of the terminally ill. Given currently emerging biological technologies, where do we draw the ethical line and for what reason? For example, are embryonic stem cells on the way out as a research material, and are their suggested replacements any better ethically?
Thomas A. Amoroso (m), John C. F. Hodges, Karen Purcell DVM, Richard Stallman

Food Communicating Culture in Literature — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
How do writers communicate things about their cultures and characters via the food they use? What can you discern about cultures based on if they get their food in pill form or if they are vegetarian/vegan, omnivores, or carnivores? How does the anatomy and physiology of your aliens or magical creatures dictate their food requirements? What about the terrain? Does the diversity of food culture—and what it communicates—on Earth get shown in literature?
Stephanie Clarkson, Greer Gilman, April Grant, Tchipakkan, Trisha Wooldridge (m)

Coming Out — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Coming out of the closet is not an easy decision or process, regardless of whether you are coming out as LGBT, poly, kinky, pagan, or Republican. Come share stories and advice on how and whether to come out to family, friends, and co-workers.
Dash (m), Michelle Driscoll, Tony Finan, Melissa Kaplan, Lawrence Nelson

Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
What do judges look for when looking at costumes up close and on stage? Past judges and contestants discuss what judges look for in both presentation and workmanship.
Aurora Celeste, Tina Connell, Marty Gear, Toni Lay, Christa J. Newman

"But That's Not Science Fiction, Is It?" — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Yesterday's science fiction becomes today's science fact (except for flying cars, of course). But with the pace of innovation accelerating, it's possible for plots to be passe by the time they make it through the publication pipeline. What are some examples where even the newest sci-fi reads like a period piece? What are sci-fi authors to do?
James L. Cambias, Myke Cole, Jeff Hecht (m), Kenneth Schneyer

Singing for Non-Singers — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Anabel Graetz has taught thousands of people to sing. This beginning workshop is limited to 30 students.
Anabel Graetz

Mars or Bust! — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
What's the latest news on the Manned Mission To Mars project? With the goal of at least a manned orbit of the Red Planet by the 2030s, how close are we? What technologies will be used to get there and back?
Martha Adams, Brian Glass (m), Ian Schleifer, Dr. Jason Schneiderman, Tom Wysmuller

Grappling at the Sword — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Kunstbruder presents: A Demonstration of grappling in the Medieval Martial Arts and Swordplay. Followed immediately by hands-on lessons with the Longsword. Learn the basics of attack and defense in the German tradition. All equipment provided, no experience necessary. Advanced lessons available for students who have already done the basic lesson. (Kids lessons in Fast Track)
Steven Hirsch

Building the Perfect Beast: How Comics Get Made — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
A nuts and bolts presentation of how cartoonists create their work. Focusing on intangible (i.e., storytelling, mood, pacing, and research) as well as tangible elements (i.e., drawings, inking, page and design).
E. J. Barnes, Alexander Danner (m), Rhea Ewing, Gareth Hinds, Gynn Stella Silva, Richard A. Silva

Father of the Space Age — 20min — Otis (2)
A short biography of Robert Goddard, a Worcester Poly grad who made good. And also made rockets. 16mm, color by Eastman Reversal Process (red).

Technology and the GM — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Tabletop RPGs have moved from being wargame tabletops to being played with miniatures to now being played with computer-based tools such as MapTool. Do you prefer your iPad/Netbook to lugging 30 lbs of manuals around? What tools are out there? What do we lose or gain with each of these transitions?
dkap, William "Ian" Blanton, Steven Hammond (m), James T. Henderson Jr, Drew Van Zandt

Arisia Corporate Meeting — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
An open meeting of Arisia Inc., the organization that helps the con committee do its job every year. Non-members welcome (and welcome to join us).
Crystal Huff, Rick Kovalcik (m), Benjamin Levy, Alan McAvinney, Nicholas "phi" Shectman, Cris Shuldiner, Rachel L. Silber

Creating and Maintaining Your Public Persona — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
You're a known writer with a few published credits, and you're starting to get some recognition. How much of what you say elsewhere (on Facebook, in web forums, or on your blog) becomes part of your image? And how can you shape that image in the best possible light?
Randee Dawn, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (m), Maddy Myers, Nicole Peeler, KT Pinto

Belly Dance Class — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Come learn some basic bellydance moves from the white and nerdy women of Tassellations. All you need are comfortable clothes and a willingness to move. Everyone in the room will be expected to dance—no spectators allowed! Don't worry about your creaky knees or bum hip. So long as you have one or two working body parts, we can teach you how to move them. And if there's time, you'll also learn a little Improvisational Tribal Style bellydance.
Jennifer Pelland

Autograph—Letersky & Sklar — 1hr 15min — Autograph Space (1E)
Autograph session with P.J. Letersky and David Sklar.
PJ Letersky, David Sklar

Stitch 'n' Bitch — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
Whether you've never touched needles in your life, brought a project to work on at con, or just want to talk about what you have in progress at home, you're welcome to join us. There will be free needles and yarn for newcomers to learn on and take home. All fiber crafts welcome!
Anna R. Bradley

Logan's Run — 1hr 58min — ArisiaTV
An idyllic sci-fi future has one major drawback: life really ends at 30. 1976, PG

Sunday 6:00pm

Sunday Evening Booster Draft Magic — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
$15 entry fee.

La Jetée — 28min — Otis (2)
A boy sees a woman on a river jetty just as the bombs fall and World War III begins. Decades later as he lives underground with a band of survivors, her image becomes the key to a time travel experiment. The film that inspired Twelve Monkeys, this French production is told in a series of B&W still images. 1962, 16mm B&W, French with subtitles.

Sassafrass + Stranger Ways: Greatest Hits — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Sassafrass is a Pegasus Award-nominated a cappella filk group who perform original pieces with complex vocal harmonies. Stranger Ways is a dark modern folk band that plays traditional and original music with heavy harmonies and a macabre sense of humor. In this repeat performance, Stranger Ways and Sassafrass will play selections from their Saturday night concert as well as some old favorites.
Nat Budin

Sunday 6:30pm

The Road — 1hr 51min — Otis (2)
Long-time Arisia attendees will note that we are huge fans of weird post-apocalyptic tales and this is no exception. But it's also a road film, a growing-up tale, and the story of a family. Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Cormac McCarthy. 2009, R (violence, disturbing images, language), 35mm Cinemascope.

Sunday 7:00pm

Doctor Who Companions — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
A discussion of Doctor Who's companions, both past and present, from Susan Foreman to Amy Pond. Is River Song a companion? How about the Brigadier? Does the Doctor need a companion to keep him "human"?
Samantha Dings, Forest Handford (m), Toni Lay, Misty Pendragon, Santiago Rivas

Alternative Energy — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
How plausible are alternatives to fossil fuels at the moment? What new options are out there? Just how expensive is it to "go green" in our energy generation? What are the world governments doing to this end right now, and what can the average citizen do?
James Bredt, Vonnie Carts-Powell (m), Ctein, Ken Gale, James B. Van Bokkelen

Disabilities in Science Fiction — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
How can we extrapolate the future of disability through the lens of science fiction? SF lets us explore how attitudes about disability may change and how disability itself may shift and change with theoretical advances in medicine and technology.
Sarah Goodman, Kate Kaynak, A. Joseph Ross, Ian Schleifer, JoSelle Vanderhooft (m)

Flirt Like a Pro! — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Flirting, like any skill, can be learned and gets better with practice. Our panel of experts are here to help! They will discuss and maybe even demonstrate ways to flirt like a pro, and what never to do under any circumstances!
Cheryl Braverman, Hugh Casey (m), Lori Del Genis, Dr. James Prego, Drew Van Zandt

Costume Presentation: Is Humor Always Best? — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Our panelists discuss whether short and funny is really always best, and other presentation quandaries.
Ann Catelli, Marty Gear, Suford Lewis (m), Christa J. Newman, Jennifer Old

Making Politics Work in Fiction — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Real world political narratives are filled with cultural revolutions, passionate speeches about social change, war, and intricate, Machievellian plots. How can you portray them convincingly in your story? From noble houses in fantasy worlds to galaxy-spanning empires in SF, how do you make them believable and engaging without burying your reader in the intricacies of your setting's political theory?
Leah Cypess, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Kenneth Schneyer (m), Michael A. Ventrella, Phoebe Wray

Strange and Unusual Research — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Come explore the strange reaches of real science. Pulled from scientific and medical journals, come see levitating mice, feline art critics, disappearing teaspoons, glowing bananas, and much more.
Dr. Jason Schneiderman

Building a Poly Home — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
You know that multiple relationships are the right path for you, and are thinking of moving from dating to cohabitating. Deciding to move in together can be a tricky proposition for any relationship, but it can get even more complicated when there are more than two people involved. When it's time to pack the U-Haul, what are the potential issues—emotional, legal, and logistical—that you might face? Come hear from our panelists about the joys and challenges of creating a poly home.
Michelle Driscoll, Raven Kaldera, Joy Marchand, Ian Cooper Rose, Jonathan Woodward (m)

Collateral Damage — 3hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
The only anime based board game in the country, you play a yakuza boss using the characters as your henchman. Your characters, however, have feelings, and may unwittingly fall in love with other characters, meaning they'll stop doing what you want them to do and start doing what they want to do. A game of manipulation and strategy, extreme laughter, and a little luck as well.

How to Write a Comic — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
How do you turn a blank page into a vibrant grid chock-full of adventure? How do you write a script for an artist to interpret? How do you get from introduction to climax in 22 pages (or 3 panels)?
Alexander Danner (m), Alex Jarvis, Steve Kanaras, Troy Minkowsky, Joey Peters

Surviving an Anime Con — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Is an anime con really like a science fiction con with a different focus? Or is it more like a media con? Big media con? Horror con? Comic con? For newcomers, would it better to start with the smaller cons first? Come find out the answers to these and more questions about anime conventions.
Patrick Delahanty, Adam Ferraro, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe (m), John C. Watson, Doug Wilder

Reading:D'Entremont, Kingsgrave-Ernstein& Peeler — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Michele D'Entremont, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, and Nicole Peeler read selections from their works.
Michelle d'Entremont, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Nicole Peeler

How the Political Process Works—and Doesn't — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
How is the political process supposed to work? Where does it break down? How can you get attention focused on the issues important to you, both locally and nationally? How much do petitions, protests, and leaving messages for your representative make a difference? How do you get involved? This panel will focus on the political process in the United States.
Fabrisse, Steven Hammond, Israel Peskowitz, Ian Randal Strock (m), James Zavaglia

Terry Pratchett—Choosing to Die — 1hr — Webster (2)
Terry's latest discussion of mortality and suicide. 2011, R (not recommended for children).

Maple City Chronicles III — 3hr — Grand Ballroom C (1W)
A traditional OWoD Sabbat chronicle based in the fictional area Maple City. Conflicts center around main stream Sabbath versus the loyalist movement. Though this is a Sabbat chronical expect sect politics and intrigue between factions to play as large a roll as any standard Camarilla game.

Does Anyone Here Know How to Madison? — 1hr — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Answer Brad's famous question from the Rocky Horror Picture Show with a yes! Learn one version of the original 1960s Madison, an easy line dance—no partner needed, no experience needed.
Susan de Guardiola

Sunday 7:30pm

Trailer Park — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Trailer Park
Daniel M. Kimmel

Journey to the Center of the Earth — 2hr 21min — ArisiaTV
Jules Verne's classic—An Edinburgh professor and assorted colleagues follow an explorer's trail down an extinct Icelandic volcano to the earth's center. 1959, NR

Sunday 8:00pm

More Songs of Myth and Magic — 1hr — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Kellianna is an American pagan artist internationally performing song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times. With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With Native American frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors via primal drumming and powerful vocals.

Once Upon A Warrior — 2hr 15min — Webster (2)
Live action Disney/Bollywood musical fantasy. In a teardrop-shaped land called Sangarashtra, a 9-year-old girl with special healing powers tries to save her homeland from the tyranny of an evil queen with the help of a blind swordsman. Subtitled. 2011, PG-13.

Sunday 8:30pm

Guilty Pleasures — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Some movies are just awful and others go beyond awful and becoming enduring classics of bad movie making. What movies are so bad that they're good? What makes us keep watching turkeys like Plan 9 from Outer Space or Santa Claus Conquers the Martians? And what modern movies might be candidates for the pantheon of the terrible?
E. J. Barnes (m), Tony Finan, Troy Minkowsky, Tuna Oddfellow, Trish Wilson

Your Kink is OK! — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
No matter how outlandish someone's proclivities are, there are still things that they will find freaky about other people. Why is it that some who engage in one unusual behavior look down on another? We'll discuss various activities and maybe discover that "those people" aren't quite as freaky as you might have thought before. 18+ only.
Michelle Driscoll (m), Woodrow Hill, Laurel Pickard, Raven Stormbringer

Aboard All That Glitters:Foglio's Illegal Aliens — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
Aliens! Space cops! A secret UN first contact team! And, for spice, a New York street gang! Mix them up and you have one of the most enjoyable Sci-fi books you'll ever read, courtesy of Nick Pollotta and this year's guest of honor, Phil Foglio! Join us as we delve into this little-known jewel with one of the best casts of characters you'll ever see, from Comrade General Nicholi Nicholi, defender of the first contact team, to Boztwank the fungal bastard engineer of the starship All That Glitters.
Christopher Davis, Mario Di Giacomo, Judah Sher (m), Julia Suggs

Poly in Sci-Fi — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
For many of us, our first visions of the possibility of polyamory or ethical non-monogamy came from sci-fi of one sort or another. Heinlein is the most common, but many authors explore this topic. Which authors explore it, what are the differences in the different visions, and how does it shape poly in fandom today?
Karl G. Heinemann, Ken Olum, Micah Schneider (m), Meredith Schwartz

Our Weird Biology — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Did you know the human stomach has neurons? That you lose about 1/2 liter of water a day just through breathing? That driving can increase the size of the posterior hippocampus of the brain? That testosterone levels decrease after consuming sugar? Come hear about these and more weird, wild facts about the human body.
Thomas A. Amoroso, Abby Hafer, Wil Howitt (m), Dr. James Prego, Dr. Jason Schneiderman

Good Story Songs — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Really good songs that tell really neat stories. We'll haul out some of the best filk ballads, such as "Horse-tamer's Daughter" and "Ferryman".
David Kessler, Suford Lewis (m), Susan Weiner

Delsarte Technique: Victorian Oratory — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Anabel Graetz, in addition to having taught thousands of people to sing, is one of very few living people trained in this most famous of Victorian oratorical techniques.
Anabel Graetz

Costume and Costuming Space — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Creating an organized sewing space for making costumes and storage space to hold completed projects is important for all costumers. Panelists will discuss how they store and care for their costumes, as well as the areas used to makes their creations.
Dawn Albright, Aurora Celeste (m), Solveig Pflueger, Jamila Sisco

The eBook Ecosystem — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Is it better to price your eBooks (or eMagazines) cheaper and hope to make it up in volume? Which of the big four companies—Amazon, B&N, iBook, or Smashwords—pays best, or can you just do it off your own website to maximize profits? How much does it really cost to make an eBook, and what's the cost of piracy? Can giving it away pay?
Adrianne Brennan (m), John Costello, Don Sakers, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Trailer Park Classic — 1hr 30min — Otis (2)
Everybody's favorite event! Two hours of trailers for movies you love, movies you hate, and movies you've never heard of! Once again we reach into the dumpsters behind the movie theater for the finest trailers possible.

Women in Gaming — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
As gaming culture has moved more into the mainstream, it has become less stigmatized. With the reduced stigma for all gamers, women gamers have become more visible. Are there challenges facing women who are interested in gaming? How does the situation differ between tabletop and LARPing? What can we, as women already in gaming, do to help new participants?
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (m), Kaja Foglio, Catherine Kane, Maddy Myers

Reading: Amidon, Lieder, & Sandel — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Mark Amidon, Tim Lieder and Colin Sandel,will be reading selections from their works.
Mark L. Amidon, Tim Lieder, Colin Sandel

The Future of Religion — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Polls show many countries becoming less religious while others seem to have become even more so. While Star Trek saw everyone civilized becoming atheistic, Babylon 5 had a future with multiple religions, and Heinlein predicted a near-future fundamentalist theocracy. What is the future of religion, both in our country and the world?
Forest Handford (m), Sandra Hutchinson, Sean Kane, Bill Levay, Rev. Matthew

The Martial Arts of "Girl Genius" — 30min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Agatha Heterodyne is not a particularly accomplished fighter—although she is getting better. But others in her world are highly skilled combatants. Some, such as the Jägermonsters, delight in fighting. Others, like Baron Klaus Wulfenbach and his son Gilagamesh, are reluctant, but very effective, warriors. Watch the Higgins Armory Sword Guild demonstrate the hand-to-hand combat styles of four groups: the Wulfenbachs, the Jägermonsters, the Geisterdamen, and the royal house of Skifander.
Higgins Armory

Sunday 9:00pm

Anime Fantasy — 5hr — Stone (2)
Escaflowne: The Movie—This is re-telling of the television series, The Vision of Escaflowne. The Twelve Kingdoms—Yoko Nakajima is transported to the Twelve Kingdoms, a world based on mythical China. There, she confronts demons and betrayals as she seeks to discover her destiny. Record of Lodoss War—This was originally created in 1986 as a series of transcripts of Dungeons & Dragons RPG sessions published in the Japanese PC magazine, Comptiq.

Girl Genius Grand Ball — 1hr 30min — Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W)
Whether you are accustomed to the insane extravagance of Castle Heterodyne's ballrooms, more stately affairs aboard Castle von Wulfenbach, or dancing in taverns with Jagermonsters, you will find plenty of great dance partners here. This evening of fun and easy-to-learn dancing will include some favorite Austro-Hungarian pieces.

Sunday 10:00pm

Marvel Movies — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Spiderman's rebooting. The Avengers is coming out and the X-franchise is still going strong. Why are the Marvel franchises doing well when their Distinguished Competition (save for one batty franchise) is not? Why has Marvel conquered Hollywood?
Bob Chipman, Karl G. Heinemann, Suford Lewis (m), Troy Minkowsky

The Year in Bad Science — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
People use the aura of science to further their own agenda but remain perfectly willing to ignore actual science to present their side. We will present some of the more egregious abuses of the name of science over the last year.
Mark L. Amidon (m), Stephen R. Wilk, Tom Wysmuller

Ethics of Science Fiction — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
As science is perceived in the future (through science fiction) how are ethics, lifestyles, and philosophies perceived? What social organizations would we like, and why? How can we achieve them? How has the idea of a utopia or dystopia changed as science fiction evolves? Will the concept of "we" change? Are "right" and "wrong" eternal concepts, or have they changed over time?
Grant Carrington, April Grant, Justine Graykin, Steve Kanaras, Meredith Schwartz (m)

Consistent Magic Systems in Fantasy — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Magic is mysterious and ancient, and its workings are often beyond the understanding of mere mortals, but that doesn't mean that magic doesn't have rules. Every fantasy saga has its own rules for magic, and its own explanations for how the magical arts work. Where does magic come from? Who can use magic, and how? Do regular non-magic users know it exists?
Vikki Ciaffone (m), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Joshua Palmatier, Margaret Ronald, David Sklar

Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Take part in the conversation as a panel of seasoned anime convention staffers discuss how much work it actually takes to put on a successful con. Perfect for people who are interested in staffing or considering volunteering for cons in the future. You're sure to hear some amazing horror stories from cons gone wrong and the lessons learned as well.
Aurora Celeste, Patrick Delahanty (m), Jennifer Duschak, Adam Ferraro, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Come listen and/or make music in this unthemed song circle. We will go around in a circle giving every person a chance to perform (Play), request a song (Pick), or Pass. All types of music are welcome, but expect to hear a lot of songs related to science fiction, fantasy, science and fandom.
Ellen Kranzer

Bawdy Song Circle — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
A moderated pick, pass, or play themed song circle for raunchier filk, bardic songs, or other geeky music. Some material may be inappropriate for those under 18. Sing, play or just listen!
E. J. Barnes, Kate Farb-Johnson, Anabel Graetz (m)

Religion and Kink — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Connections between kink and spirituality are legion. From the Christian monks of the Middle Ages flagellating themselves in penitence and the woman in a latex nun's outfit threatening her naughty students, to the kinkster marveling at how his first experience of subspace reminds him of his favorite moments from synagogue; the scene can be so powerful for some people, it opens spiritual doors. This panel will explore ways in which kink and spirituality intersect.
D. Cameron Calkins, Jaime Garmendia, Raven Kaldera (m), Rev. Matthew

Martian Croquet: A Steampunk Diversion — 1hr 15min — Harbor Ballroom III (3E)
Victorian explorers, adventurers, chrononauts, and aethernauts! Join us in the fine sands of the remote Martian Canal Estates, where the well-dressed 19th-century tourist and all civilized alien entities may indulge in the genteel yet cut-throat Martian pastime of parlor croquet. Portable gravity generators encouraged to prevent loss of croquet balls into the aether. Steampunk, historical, or science fictional costume encouraged for all species. Tentacular assistance prohibited.
Susan de Guardiola

Fan Etiquette: How Not to Be That Fan — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Have you ever been embarrassed by your fellow fans when meeting actors, musicians, and other people of note? How can you control your emotions and come across as a fan, not a stalker? Even at movies, some fans are yelling at the screen distracting other viewers from enjoying the film. This panel would give some insight as to what is the best way to present yourself and your fandom in a favorable light.
Fabrisse, Melina Gunnett, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Pam "Izumi" Larson, PJ Letersky (m)

Beyond the Solar System — 20min — Otis (2)
Narrated by Richard Basehart, this short film talks about just how big space is, and how much of really isn't empty at all. 16mm.

What Makes a Game "Classic"? — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
What makes a game a "classic"? Is it "meets the highest standards of quality and play value and been continuously in production for at least 10 years", per the Hall of Fame's charter? Do other games on the list, like Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, The Settlers of Catan, or Apples to Apples, qualify as games that started out as "our" games and moved into the realm of classics? Alternatively, what games belong on the list that aren't (Fluxx, perhaps)?
Michael Bonet, Daniel Miller, Mitchell Morris, Eric "in the Elevator" Zuckerman (m)

Reading: Kane & Vanderhooft — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Authors Catherine Kane and Joselle Vanderhooft will read selections from their works.
Catherine Kane, JoSelle Vanderhooft

Is There Anything Verboten Left? — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
What topics are actually still considered taboo in SF/F? Are there any sacred cows left?
Bridget Joyce Boyle, Paula Lieberman, Ira Nayman (m), Israel Peskowitz, Trish Wilson

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Rated PG — 2hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Your favorite theater group The Teseracte Players of Boston, are once again breaking the bounds of shadow theater by presenting an all-new premier performance. We'll take you to Halloween Town to travel along with The Pumpkin King as he seeks to re-make Christmas, and hopefully, rediscover himself. Along the way we'll bring your favorite characters to life with all new choreography and amazing costuming! Come see something new, and take a deeper look into the Holiday worlds of old.
Glenn MacWilliams

Blackadder—Back and Forth — 33min — ArisiaTV
At a New Millennium Eve party Blackadder and Baldrick test their new time machine and ping pong through history encountering famous characters and changing events rather alarmingly. 1999, NR

Sunday 10:15pm

Starhyke Marathon — 2hr 50min — Webster (2)
All 6 Brit SF comedy episodes, staring Claudia Christian. PG-13.

Sunday 10:45pm

The Lost Boys — 1hr 37min — ArisiaTV
Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. After moving to a new town, two brothers are convinced that the area is frequented by vampires. It is. 1987, R

Sunday 11:00pm

The Black Hole: Special Extra-Bad Film — 1hr 38min — Otis (2)
To take advantage of the huge demand for science fiction unleashed by the recent popularity of Star Wars, Disney dusted off the plot of their previous worst movie, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and reset it in outer space with a cast of robots and actors who seem as natural as robots. The effects are stunning, though, with well over 500 effects shots including 150 painted mattes, and some of the first computer-controlled matte work. 1979, PG, 16mm.

Sunday 11:30pm

"No Sh*t, There I Was!": Oral Storytelling — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
More and more oral storytelling activities are popping up: the "radio theater" performance, author readings, and panels where the majority of the time is spent with panelists and audience members recounting their experiences. What makes a good oral story presentation?
William Freedman, Melina Gunnett, Catherine Kane, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m), Michael McAfee

Pick, Pass, Play Open Filk cont. — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
Even more music!
Merav Hoffman (m), Ellen Kranzer

StarCraft! — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
StarCraft and its sequel are computer games that are considered a national sport in South Korea. The original remained popular for over a decade, and the release of Starcraft 2 has brought the professional gaming scene to North America. Replays of the matches are broadcast with live shoutcast (commentators). What about this game makes it so popular? Why has it outlasted so many other strategy games?
Kristian Brevik (m), Bill Levay, Santiago Rivas

Bootblacking 101 — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Bootblacking is not only enjoyable from a service perspective; it can also be the basis for a very unique scene. It's a great way to flirt, too! We’ll discuss bootblacking basics, and then discuss ways you can have fun with it. 18+ Only.
Aimee Bouchard, Laurel Pickard, Ian Cooper Rose

The Law, Risk Assessment, and Fun — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
In the last few years one might argue that not only have we gotten more litigious and risk-averse as a society, but this has started to have a real effect in fandom and fandom-adjacent subcultures, making it harder for groups to do basic things like recruit volunteers, hold events, include families and children, feed people, teach crafts, recruit new members, etc. How can we balance risk, and keep things reasonably safe without losing the fun?
David J. Friedman, Daniel Miller, Raven Stormbringer (m), Thomas Traina

Monday 12:00am

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog: Rated PG-13 — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
The world's a mess and only one man can fix it. In this comically satirical look at society and the not-so-status quo, you can sing along, blog along and come along into another world of interactive film. In this one-of-a-kind shadow cast production, the Teseracte Players breathe life into the characters you love and love to hate.
Glenn MacWilliams

Monday 12:30am

The Beast From 20000 Fathoms — 1hr 19min — ArisiaTV
A ferocious dinosaur awakened by an Arctic atomic test terrorizes the North Atlantic and ultimately New York City. 1953, NR

Monday 1:00am

Unmoderated Open Filk — 5hr 45min — Griffin (3E)
Open Filk descends into chaos. Music will continue as long as people are interested.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Sing-Along — 1hr — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
It's a typical Tuesday in Sunnyvale. Dawn's in trouble and a dancing demon wants to see the slayer burn. As the Scoobies scour the books to find their demon, they are forced to confess all those things they swore they'd "never tell". Walk through the fire as The Teseracte Players of Boston Present "Buffy, 'Once More, With Feeling'". We'll give you a show that's worth dying twice for.
Glenn MacWilliams

Monday 1:05am

The Apple — 1hr 25min — Webster (2)
In the future (1994) Alphie and Bibi, two sweet, naive youths from Moose Jaw, Canada, have come to America to compete in the Worldvision Song Festival. Though their hopes seem dashed at first, all is looking up for the two until they begin to discover the dark underside of the rock and roll world. SF Musical, 1980, PG.

Monday 1:50am

Cat-Women of the Moon — 1hr 4min — ArisiaTV
See Saturday 2:40am

Monday 2:00am

Various Hentai — 2hr — Stone (2)
No minors allowed

Monday 2:30am

Interceptor — 1hr 30min — Webster (2)
Cosmic Good and Evil battle for the Fate of The Universe in Moscow's mean streets. Russian, subtitled, 2009, PG-13.

Monday 3:00am

Neverwhere (part 4) — 29min — ArisiaTV
See Sunday 1:30am.

Monday 3:30am

Neverwhere (part 5) — 30min — ArisiaTV
See Sunday 1:30am.

Monday 4:00am

Neverwhere (part 6) — 29min — ArisiaTV
See Sunday 1:30am.

Monday 4:05am

RoboGeisha — 1hr 50min — Webster (2)
Yoshie, the younger and ill-treated sister of a renowned Geisha, is discovered to have natural strength and fighting ability. She's recruited into an army of Geisha assassins by the rich and powerful Kageno. Yoshie soon realizes that Kagenos has more nefarious plans. With the help of other 'Kageno defectors', she sets out to stop him and his Tengu warriors. Bloody Robot Geisha Rampage Japanese. Dubbed in English. 2009, R.

Monday 4:30am

Sleeper — 1hr 27min — ArisiaTV
A nerdish store owner (woody Allen) is revived out of cryostasis into a future world to fight an oppressive government. 1973, PG

Monday 5:45am

Glenn the Flying Robot — 1hr 20min — Webster (2)
Canadian Robot Pianist driven to perfection causes conflict. Starring Billy Boyd from LOTR. 2010, PG-13.

Monday 6:00am

Ah! My Goddess Vol. 1 — 4hr — Stone (2)
College sophomore Keiichi Morisato accidentally dials the Goddess Technical Help Line, while alone in his dorm room. The goddess Belldandy appears and grants him one wish. Thinking he is the victim of a practical joke, he wishes that she stay with him forever. Surprisingly, his wish is granted!

The Indian — 1hr — ArisiaTV
RCA's black & white classic. 1945, NR

Monday 7:00am

Monday Morning Cartoons — 2hr — ArisiaTV
Classic Warner Brothers cartoons, with Bugs, Daffy, and the rest of the gang.

Monday 7:05am

Moon Zero Two — 1hr 40min — Webster (2)
Hammer Studios British SF/Western adventure on the Moon and Lunar Orbit. 1969, PG.

Monday 7:30am

Dubstep Yoga — 1hr 30min — Grand Ballroom AB (1W)
Highly active, all-inclusive vinyasa flow yoga sequence to a mostly (but not entirely) dubstep playlist. No mat necessary, and please don't wear shoes!
Caitlin Cooper

Monday 8:30am

Pirate Time! — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Its Pirate Time! Come and make Pirate related crafts with Pirate related discussions!
Forest Handford (m), Karl G. Heinemann

The Pointy End Goes in the Other Guy — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Some sword-fighting skills involve coming right at your opponent. Use safe foam swords to learn about lunges, thrusts, and what a knight would do when his sword crosses with his enemy's.
Stuart Ferguson

Cartooning & Comic Creating — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Learn how to draw cartoons and construct a comic.
Bettina Kurkoski

Monday 9:00am

Audience Choice Film — 2hr — Otis (2)
We will run any of the films listed for this weekend. You must arrive at 9 AM in order to cast your vote. Film will begin promptly at 9:15 after setup and preparation.

The Great Ghost Rescue — 1hr 30min — Webster (2)
Based on the British fantasy novel of Eva Ibbotson. 2011, PG.

The Brothers Grimm — 1hr 58min — ArisiaTV
See Sunday 3:00am

Monday 10:00am

Star Wars at 35 — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
May 2012 marks the 35th anniversary release of the original Star Wars. How did this film change SF movies and what would the world look like if it had never been? Are today's kids seeing it as the "first" movie in the series or are they now watching it in episode order? And if the latter, why would anyone continue after The Phantom Menace? For bonus points: can any edition of any of the films said to be the "definitive" one?
Hugh Casey, Bob Chipman (m), Karl G. Heinemann, James T. Henderson Jr, Daniel Miller

Watson, Jeopardy, and the Future of Computing — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
This past February, the IBM supercomputer Watson not only competed against, but bested two undefeated contestants on "Jeopardy!", Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. What implications does this development have on the future of computing and artificial intelligence? How has this event resonated within the general public and within the SF community?
David Larochelle (m), Mitchell Morris, Ira Nayman, Joshua Slocum

New Worlds of YA — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
We all know (and many of us grew up on) fantasy authors like Tamora Pierce, Jane Yolen, Diane Duane, and Diana Wynne Jones. Who are the new up-and-coming young adult fantasy writers?
Aurora Celeste, Leah Cypess, Ed Fuqua, Kate Kaynak, Adam Lipkin (m)

Queer SF&F — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Queer topics and characters are becoming more common in science fiction and fantasy—or are they? Do modern authors really do a better job addressing these concerns than in the past? How has the field changed? And what effect has it had on the fans?
Raven Kaldera, Julia Rios (m), Don Sakers, Meredith Schwartz, JoSelle Vanderhooft

What is Cosplay? — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
With anime conventions continuing to grow, so is cosplay. How is cosplay different from costuming, or are they one and the same? What are the differences between cosplay at anime cons and costuming at science fiction/fantasy cons? How are the terms defined and is there overlap? Is cosplay only costumes from Japanese sources or is it more than that? Is cosplay the future of costuming or is it already here?
Pam "Izumi" Larson, PJ Letersky (m), Elizabeth O'Malley

Beginning Chainmail — 1hr 15min — Independence (3E)
Learn how to make chainmail. We supply pliers, and kits of pre-cut rings are available for purchase. A sign-up sheet will be located at the Program Nexus. This workshop is limited to 10 people. Materials fee: $5 per participant.
Liz Cademy (m), Katherine Pfeffer

Manga's Great Apocalypses — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
What are the great manga apocalypses? How does the Japanese vision of the apocalypse differ from the Western one?
Mary Dumas (m), Doug Wilder

Dungeon and Mazes — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 1 (3E)
Join us as we build our very own mini dungeons and mazes!
Michael Bonet, Forest Handford (m)

Coffee Filter Flowers — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Learn how to make beautiful flowers out of coffee filters.
Katherine Brick

Monday Open Coloring — 2hr 45min — Fast Track 4 (3E)
Are you heading out of the hotel soon, but not quite yet? Come and enjoy a few minutes of coloring to relax!

Frag Gold — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
Based on Quake Arena, this is a board game representation of a first person shooter, with an updated board and rules.

The Many Faces of Frankenstein — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Since Mary Shelley's novel began science fiction (according to Brian Aldiss) the scientist and his creation have appeared in countless movies, stage plays, TV productions, and books. What are the enduring interpretations of the story the monster brought to life? Which ones failed, and why? Is this a story that still resonates for us nearly 200 years after it was written?
Mario Di Giacomo, Justine Graykin, Tim Lieder, Stephen R. Wilk (m)

Painted Miniatures Contest — 1hr — Paine (2)
Come view some amazing painted miniatures! This is a judging and awards session, and anybody with a con membership can vote to determine the winners. Contestants will register ahead of time in the Program Nexus. Miniatures are to be brought to the contest room 30 minutes before this session for judging. See our website for rules at:
Steven Hammond (m), Gareth Hinds

Boston in SF/F — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
What genre books, movies, and TV shows have used Boston for a location? What characteristics make Boston a good setting for an SF/F story?
Stephanie Clarkson, Christopher Davis (m), Ken Gale, Margaret Ronald

Collaborating Couples — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
As partners in life, it may not be such a far stretch to join forces in the work field as well. However, where do they draw the line between their home life and the office? Are they allowed to talk about work during off hours? Do they work in separate offices? How do they divide the tasks? What advice could they offer other collaborating couples?
Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Shira Lipkin (m), Tuna Oddfellow, Judah Sher

Dragonball Z Kai — 2hr — Stone (2)
For the twentieth anniversary of the original series, Dragon Ball Z was remastered and recut. Many episodes and plot elements, regarded as 'filler', were removed to be more faithful to the original manga. The series follows Goku and his friends, as they battle to keep the world safe from invaders and demons.

Collaging with Found Objects — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
In this hands-on workshop, participants will create one or more found-object collages. No artistic ability required! Cardboard backing, glue, magazines, and some found objects will be provided. There will also be a limited number of scissors, Exactos, and cutting mats available. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own cutting supplies and pretty things to glue. Size limit: 10 people. Sign-up is available in Program Nexus. Ages 10 and up.
Jen Hunter

Monday 10:30am

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights — 1hr 20min — Webster (2)
Nathan Fillion as the Best Hal Jordan of 2011; featuring the newest Green Lantern Corp recruit Arisia herself. Is Arisia up to the challenge? 2011, PG.

Monday 11:00am

A Day at the Races — 1hr 49min — ArisiaTV
See Sunday 5:00pm

Monday 11:30am

MST3K The Panel — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Sometimes it gets so bad you just have to laugh. From MST3K to Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic, these are guys who have put the "laugh" back into "laughably bad." How do they do it and where can we see it?
Bob Chipman, Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe (m), Kristen Rose Morris, Hildy Silverman

Keeping Cool: Cryonics and Hibernation in SF — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Cryonics and suspended animation are used in many SF books and films as a means of resurrecting the dead or surviving long interplanetary journeys respectively. How possible are these technologies? How close are we to true suspended animation? What are the limitations and drawbacks of such processes?
Martha Adams, Thomas A. Amoroso, James Bredt, Dr. James Prego (m)

Among the Ruins — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
In many works of fantasy, characters come across the ruins of "The Elder Race" or "Those Who Came Before." How did they get there? How do they influence the characters? Let's talk about the archaeology of fantasy—why aren't some stories about finding out who these elders were, and why they had better architecture and tech than Our Heroes?
Vikki Ciaffone (m), John Costello, April Grant, Shira Lipkin

Setting as Character — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
In many books, the setting itself is as strong and indelible a character as the characters themselves. Let's discuss our favorite places in genre literature!
Erik Amundsen (m), Greer Gilman, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein, Julia Rios

Costuming & Body Type: How to Hide/Accentuate — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Everyone's body is different, and everyone has things they love about their bodies and things they do not. How do you create a costume design that flatters you best? And how do you do it with re-creations?
Ann Catelli, Michelle d'Entremont, Christa J. Newman, Jennifer Old (m), Nightwing Whitehead

Manga—Is It Dying? — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
With the end of TokyoPop and years of manga profit losses among publishing companies, is the Golden Age of anime in America nearing an end? Will it be returning to the same small shops that comic books have held sway over for the past half-century? Remember when manga was released in comic book format? In the last decade came the volume format, and the bookstores bought into the sales. But, with the loss of Borders and other bookstores, will the wave of manga be over sooner than we all expected?
Ed Fuqua (m), Bettina Kurkoski, Richard Ralston, Doug Wilder

Spoon-A-Pults — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 2 (3E)
Come and construct your own spoon-a-pult.
Judah Sher (m), Elayna Jade Smolowitz

Improv Theater Games For Kids — 1hr 15min — Fast Track 3 (3E)
Using exercises inspired by improv theater, New Games, and Whose Line Is It Anyway?, we’ll play, pretend, and get random together. You’ll be surprised by how fast you can think and how creative you can be. No acting experience required, only the willingness to make a fool of yourself.
Jen Hunter

The History of Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Mainstream comics have provided the longest-running soap opera in American history, but what's the real story behind the story? How did just a few guys churn out so many amazing books? What tools did they use? What would they say about the industry today?
Alexa Dickman, Ken Gale, Steve Kanaras, David Marshall (m), Troy Minkowsky

Self-Objectification and the Geeky Girl — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
Can geek girls only get attention when they dress sexy? Why do we see so many Leias in the gold bikini and not the white robe? Are corsets, thigh highs, and scantily-clad cosplay empowering self-expression or simply pandering to the male gaze? Can a geeky girl hold her own in jeans and a t-shirt?
Aimee Bouchard (m), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Micah Schneider, Karen Sullivan

Attending a Con with Kids — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
You met your mate (perhaps at a con) and now you've spawned. Attending cons has become a whole new experience, how do you deal with that? Topics for discussion include: time management, balancing panels and events with spending time with your wee ones; childcare options, babysitting, and sharing childcare responsibilities; con ideas for the whole family; meal planning; and socializing.
Bridget Joyce Boyle (m), Peter Maranci, Richard A. Silva, Michelle Wexelblat, Aimee Yermish

The Lighter Side of Adventure — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
So much in SF adventure is played straight, but what about the adventure stories that are played for comedy? From Buckaroo Banzai to Back to the Future to Galaxy Quest, to just about any Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett novel, adventure—-and specifically SF adventure—-has been richly mined for laughs for a long time. In this panel, we'll discuss the implications and permutations of this phenomenon.
Gordon Linzner, Daniel Miller (m), Cynthia A. Shettle-Meleedy, Mercy E. Van Vlack, James Zavaglia

Making Stained Glass — 1hr 15min — Crafty Space (1E)
Come learn about doing stained glass and work on a small learning piece. Workshop materials fee is $5. There will only be very limited sign up at con in Program Nexus.
Corey Blumenthal, Mary Dumas (m)

Monday 11:50am

Even More Coming Attractions — 1hr 30min — Webster (2)
Wait, there's more. Coming attractions for 2012 in Film, TV, Internet and Alternate Realities.

Monday 12:00pm

Ranking — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
This is a tile game that plays out a lot like Apples to Apples. Players are dealt tiles and then posed a question and they have to pick which tiles they think best represent the answer to the question, thus the Apples to Apples reference.

Monday Magic Draft — 4hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
$15 entry fee.

Monday 12:50pm

Mythbusters—Disposable Lighters — 49min — ArisiaTV
Mythbusters find out if a small, disposable butane lighter can suddenly ignite with the force of several sticks of dynamite. 2006, NR

Monday 1:00pm

The Alien as Metaphor — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Movie aliens aren't real aliens; they're humans in disguise. What do movie and TV aliens tell us about us? Is it surprising that during the Cold War the enemy aliens were often from Mars…the "Red Planet?" Do the aliens of Avatar tell us something about how we exploit primitive cultures? Is Paul a variation of the "fan as Slan?" We have met the aliens and they are us.
Bob Chipman, Daniel M. Kimmel (m), Troy Minkowsky, Ian Schleifer, Jeff Warner

Birding 101 — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
What is that critter in the bushes? From your back yard to the polar regions of the Earth, birds are everywhere. How to find them, how to recognize them, how to observe their behavior, how to keep track of the ones you've seen and/or heard. Birding in the city. Birding by the seasons. Traveling to birdwatch vs. birdwatching while traveling. To feed or not to feed? Issues of habitat destruction and climate change. Invasive species: Threat or menace?
E. J. Barnes (m), Ken Gale, Mercy E. Van Vlack

It's Only a Game — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
This year we've seen games become central plot points or even environments for science fiction and its neighbors: Ernest Cline's Ready Player One, Neal Stephenson's REAMDE, Cory Doctorow's For the Win, and Walter Jon Williams' ironically titled This Is Not a Game and Deep State. What is it about immersing ourselves in simulated environments that compels us? How much of our games become "the real world"? What do games mean?
Mark L. Amidon (m), Greg R. Fishbone, Adam Lipkin

Alternative Activism — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Many fans are also heavily involved in activism, advancing the rights of queer, poly, kink, trans, etc. folks. At this panel, you will learn the best ways to get your voice heard, and what organizations and causes could use your support. Come share your skills, meet some fellow activists, and get some ideas for how to best fight for your cause.
Alan MacRobert, Rev. Matthew, Lawrence Nelson, Laurel Pickard, Kyle R., Ian Cooper Rose (m)

Costume Weathering — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Sometimes it's important for your character to look dirty to be convincing. Come learn some techniques for making your costumes looked appropriately worn, weathered, or battle-damaged.
PJ Letersky, Nightwing Whitehead (m)

Baby Vamps: The New World of Teen Vampires — 1hr 15min — Griffin (3E)
During the current era, vampires and paranormal stories are more popular than ever. This has created a YA genre of teen vampire novels in which the protagonists, friends, and community of the teens contain vampires. Let's talk about why these vampires have so much power and what happens when the cool kids are vampires, and check out some new YA vampire fiction.
Ed Fuqua, April Grant, Hildy Silverman, Elayna Jade Smolowitz

Back in MY Day… Anime — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Anime and its related genres—manga and video games—have been exported since 1961. Kimba the White Lion or Astro Boy may bring up warm fuzzies for you, but there are many more from back in the day. Lupin III started life as a manga in 1967! Final Fantasy is more than 20 years old! A discussion of favorite oldies-but-goodies.
Patrick Delahanty, Jennifer Duschak (m), Adam Ferraro

Marketing Independent Comics — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
You've finished your magnum opus, whether it's a comic book, a graphic novel, or webcomic. That's the hard part, right? So now what? How do you get people to notice your brilliance? How do you make any money back?
Jaime Garmendia (m), Glenn Hauman, Steve Kanaras, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Richard A. Silva

The Plight of the Older Gamer — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
It was so easy in college. Nothing but time to kill and plenty of other gamers on campus. But now that you've got a job and a family, is it possible to still be a role-player? Can you be a role-player "and" have a life as an adult?
dkap, Catherine Kane, Peter Maranci, Daniel Miller, John Monahan (m)

Skin Horse Sing-Along — 1hr 15min — Quincy (2)
Skin Horse by Shaenon Garrity, last year's webcomics guest of honor, and Jeffrey Channing Wells has developed a notable abundance of fan-produced re-wordings of pop & rock songs. In this session, we will sing some of those songs. Lyrics will be available.
Nat Budin, Ariela Zonderman (m)

The Future of Old Age — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Age and the aging of the population will pull some into debates about medical procedures, Kevorkian methods, and being an old person in the coming years. In an era when scientific advances have allowed humans to age beyond their working years, what are the definitions of "old" going to be in the future?
Martha Adams, Suford Lewis (m), Mitchell Morris, Dr. James Prego

Monday 1:40pm

The Way Things Go — 29min — ArisiaTV
Inside a warehouse, a precarious 70–100 feet long structure has been constructed using various items, including ladders and trashbags. When this is set in motion, a chain reaction ensues, like a giant row of dominos, except fire is involved. 1988, NR

Monday 2:00pm

Stone Age — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
A resource management game, this is the ultimate test of manipulation and luck. Manipulate everyone else by eliminating choices and hope for luck as you roll the dice to obtain resources.

Monday 2:30pm

Snag It, Bag It, and Tag It — 1hr 15min — Alcott (3W)
Warehouse 13, the nation’s attic or basement? Garden Shed, maybe? Myka has returned and they’ve aquired a new team member; how is this new dynamic working out? Are there any good artifacts out there? Is Mrs. Frederic an alien? If not, where is she hiding her vortex manipulator or transporter? Is this show the reason to keep checking out SyFy?
Thomas Boutilier, Melissa Honig, Adam Lipkin, Charlie Spickler, Ian Randal Strock (m)

Soldiers Made to Order — 1hr 15min — Adams (3W)
Given that the Defense Department has been working on building a better soldier for years, how close are we to Captain America? Or Chuck 2.0? What advances have been made already and will these trickle down to commercial medicine?
Vonnie Carts-Powell, Dr. James Prego, Dr. Jason Schneiderman (m)

Mainstream Fiction for Fen — 1hr 15min — Douglas (3W)
It's easy to stay focused on science fiction and fantasy, but there are some great books being sold under the "mainstream" label. Some are effectively science fiction or fantasy without actually being labeled as such, while others, though not incorporating fantastic elements, display a sense of wonder and imagination that some genre fiction lacks! Our panel of bibliophiles will share their favorites and listen to yours.
Patricia M. Cryan, William Frank, Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein (m), Meredith Schwartz

Convention Feedback 4 — 1hr 15min — Burroughs (3E)
Tell us what went right or wrong, and make suggestions for next year.
Andrea Carney, Emily Coombs, David D'Antonio, Samantha Dings, Mary Dumas, Crystal Huff, Rick Kovalcik, Benjamin Levy, Alan McAvinney, Daniel Noe, Peter Olszowka, Cris Shuldiner (m), Rachel L. Silber, Michael Sprague, Julia Suggs

Science Fiction as Mainstream Meme — 1hr 15min — Carlton (3E)
Many cable channels create new genre shows as well as the big networks. Politicians casually use science fiction references. The second Back to the Future movie expects its audience to accept the concepts of alternate timelines and reduplicated timelines with only a cursory explanation. Have we become part of mainstream culture without realizing it?
Martha Adams, Karl G. Heinemann, Suford Lewis (m), Marlin May, Ian Schleifer

Dead Dog Open Filk — 5hr 45min — Griffin (3E)
One last chance to sing, play, or listen to some filk music.
Mark A. Mandel

Co-Housing: Beyond the Commune — 1hr 15min — Lewis (3E)
Co-housing is becoming increasingly more attractive as people try to find ways to live a more conscientious, connected life. How does co-housing work in the real world? What are the different ways to do it? And how do you find others who also want to live this way?
Calliope (m), Ian Cooper Rose, Noel Rosenberg

The Relevance of Livejournal — 1hr 15min — Hancock (2)
Just a few years ago, Livejournal was a big hub for fandom online, but between Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LJ's numerous gaffes (spawning Dreamwidth and other clones), changes of ownership, and being politically DDOSed, Livejournal's importance appears to have faded. How important is LJ these days—and where has the action moved to?
Christopher Davis, Woodrow Hill, Peter Maranci, Israel Peskowitz (m), Twisting Star

Why not 1812? — 1hr 15min — Paine (2)
There are alternate histories about the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and even the Revolutionary War, but why not the War of 1812? Why does this one, which inspired our national anthem, get a pass?
Stephanie Clarkson, John Costello, Walter Hunt (m), Felicitas Ivey, A. Joseph Ross

The Dark Lords — 1hr 15min — Revere (2)
Emperor Palpatine, Sauron, Voldemort… Dark figures of power. A discussion of their sinister machinations, motivations, and misdeeds. What other characters live up to this title? What does it take to be a Dark Lord?
Stephen R. Balzac (m), Jaime Garmendia, Andrew Kirschbaum, Bob Kuhn

Monday 4:00pm

Red Dragon Inn — 2hr — Harbor Ballroom II (3E)
This is a simulated drinking game for up to 8 players. Choose your deck wisely. Will you pick the thief and opt for the gold strategy? The Wizard? The Warrior? What about Grog? All decks have a set of standard cards in them along with specialty cards just for that character. Use those cards to steal, manipulate, and heal to win the game.