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Arisia 2012 Featured Panels & Events

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5:30pm Gender Limitations in SF/F (Adams (3W))
5:30pm Tell the Truth: Non-Fiction Comics (Hancock (2))
Gareth Hinds and others
6:00pm Air-Pirate Combat! (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
6:30pm Viking Fighting Moves: Fiction vs Fact (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
7:00pm "Reclaiming the Blade" and Q&A (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
7:00pm Contra Dance (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
8:00pm Nauticon Dance Party (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
8:30pm A Game of Thrones (Alcott (3W))
8:30pm Circlet Press 20th Anniversary Retrospective! (Douglas (3W))
8:30pm Phil and Kaja Foglio Reading (Burroughs (3E))
8:30pm Wigs for Costuming (Lewis (3E))
9:00pm Double Apex Techno Contra (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
10:00pm Red Shift in "Beyond the Edge of Beyond" (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
10:10pm The General (Silent Movie) (Otis (2))
12:00am The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Rated R (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
12:00am DJ Pet presents…Just Dance! (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))


8:30am Dubstep Yoga (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
10:00am What Anime is New Now? (Lewis (3E))
10:00am Walk the Labyrinth (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
10:00am Judging a Book By Its Cover (Revere (2))
10:00am Blood Drive (Lobby (2))
10:00am Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Pike Drill (Grand Ballroom DE (1W))
11:00am A Roman Legion: Legio III Cyrenaica (Grand Ballroom DE (1W))
11:30am The Movie Year in Review (Burroughs (3E))
11:30am Fantasy Before Fantasy, SF Before SF (Griffin (3E))
Gareth Hinds and others
12:30pm The Martial Arts of A Game of Thrones (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
1:00pm Inside Studio Foglio (Burroughs (3E))
1:00pm Monster Mash (Galleria—Crafty Space)
1:30pm A Gaslamp Grand Assault of Arms (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
2:00pm Psyche Corporation (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
2:30pm Steampunk and Costuming (Carlton (3E))
2:30pm Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes (Lewis (3E))
2:30pm The Cutting Truth of Medieval Swords (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
2:30pm My Bizarre Writing Process (Paine (2))
2:30pm To Serve Man, er, Stormtrooper (Galleria—Con Suite)
3:30pm Free Fencing (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
4:00pm Gareth Hinds: Work and Commentary (Burroughs (3E))
4:00pm Planetary Penetration: Drilling for Mars Life (Lewis (3E))
4:00pm Female Fandom in Comics (Hancock (2))
4:00pm Napoleonic Fantasy Ball (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
4:00pm Social Change and Con Safety for Teens (Galleria—Teen Lounge)
5:30pm SF Spaceship Design for Artists (Carlton (3E))
5:30pm An Hour with Devo Spice (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
7:00pm Hoop and Dance Jam (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
8:00pm Sassafrass & Stranger Ways Concert (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
8:00pm Masquerade (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
9:30pm The Capture (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
11:30pm DJ Johnny Zed's Saturday Night Dance (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
12:00am REPO: The Genetic Opera: Rated R (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))


8:30am Dubstep Yoga (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
10:00am Blood Drive (Lobby (2))
11:00am Another Hour with Devo Spice (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
11:00am Lightsaber Combat of the Sword Masters (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
11:30am Salem Zouaves: Civil War Bayonet Drill (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
12:30pm Songs of Myth and Magic (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
1:00pm TV Year in Review (Alcott (3W))
1:00pm Q & A with Phil and Kaja Foglio (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
1:00pm Disco Line Dancing (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
1:00pm Art Show Docent Tour with Gareth Hinds (Galleria—Art Show)
2:30pm Cross-Step Waltz for Dummies (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
3:00pm Belly Dance Show (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
4:00pm Play Poker for a Good Cause, with Phil Foglio (Grand Ballroom C (1W))
4:00pm Cross-Step Waltz for Experienced folk (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
4:00pm Autograph—Hinds (4–4:30), Ewing & Long-Ewing (Galleria—Autograph Space)
Gareth Hinds and others
5:30pm Grappling at the Sword (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
5:30pm Building the Perfect Beast: How Comics Get Made (Hancock (2))
5:30pm Belly Dance Class (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
6:00pm Sassafrass + Stranger Ways: Greatest Hits (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
7:00pm Does Anyone Here Know How to Madison? (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
8:00pm More Songs of Myth and Magic (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
8:30pm Women in Gaming (Paine (2))
Kaja Foglio and others
8:30pm The Martial Arts of "Girl Genius" (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
9:00pm Girl Genius Grand Ball (Commonwealth Ballroom ABC (1W))
10:00pm Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes (Carlton (3E))
10:00pm Martian Croquet: A Steampunk Diversion (Harbor Ballroom III (3E))
10:00pm The Nightmare Before Christmas: Rated PG (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
12:00am Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog: Rated PG-13 (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
1:00am Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Sing-Along (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))


7:30am Dubstep Yoga (Grand Ballroom AB (1W))
10:00am Painted Miniatures Contest (Paine (2))
1:00pm It's Only a Game (Douglas (3W))