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Selling at Arisia

This includes exhibit type happenings including the Art Show, Dealers Room , and Artist/Author Alley.

This year, the Galleria level will feature a wide range of items, most of them for sale. From art to books to corsets, come find it all in one place. See work in a gallery setting in the Art Show; search for that special find in the Dealers Room; or get something done especially for you in the Alley.

Please see the menu on the left for links to web pages for these areas.

Q: I would like to sell art at Arisia. Which of these should I participate in?
A: There will be artists in all three locations. Each one is different:

- The Dealers Room sell their wares in person. The Dealers Room has fixed hours, like a craft show. A dealer table is $100/table, which (unlike a craft show) also give you a table & 2 chairs & a tablecloth. If you want to sit behind your table to hawk, explain, and/or keep an eye on your art (especially handy if it's the kind of thing that small children might wander off with), the Dealers Room can be a good choice.

- The Alley has fixed hours & set blocks. It's sort of like a short-term rental on a dealers table. This would be good if you can only come for a day, or only want to spend one day selling stuff. Each five-hour block is $20.

- The Art Show is a set-it-and-forget-it situation. You can enter the art show and also have a dealer or alley table (there are definitely artists who do this). You can sell work at auction or for a fixed price. However, you lose that 'personal touch' as you're not there to sell your stuff. You do get to see the con--or you don't even have to be a con member, if you're not interested, as set-up and tear-down are outside of con hours. Tables and 4x4 panels in the Art Show are $28.