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Artist and Author Alley

The Author & Artist Alley is almost full, but there may be a few slots available at convention time. If you're interested, please go to Ops and they will contact the Alley person for you.

We welcome the following creators into the Alley:

Adrianne Brennan       
Asteroid Publishing    
Beads Above    
Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy       
Flight of Stairs       
The Feather Forge      
Fang Friends   
Joshua A.C. Newman/Glyph Press 
Robin Trei

Please look for them in the Galleria Foyer, and the entrance to the art show. The schedule for the Alley is as follows:

Fri 4-9: Beads Above, Distant Worlds    
Sat 10-2: Fang Friends, Robin Trei, Adrianne Brennan    
Sat 2:30-6:30: The Feather Forge, Distant Worlds, Asteroid Publishing   
Sun 10-2: Flight of Stairs, TBA
Sun 2:30-6:30: Asteroid Publishing, Kellianna
Mon 10-3: Flight of Stairs, Adrianne Brennan, Glyph Press

Calling all Creators!

Arisia invites you to become a part of Arisia's Artist & Author Alley. The Alley is designed for creators to showcase and sell their personal works, and allow our members to meet the people who created them. This can be art, books (self-published or start-up presses with only a few books), games, or almost anything else. You can do signings, sales, (non-messy) demos, or just chat to people from your Alley table. Each 6’ x 30” Alley table is sold in 4- or 5-hour slots (depending on the day), in an area between our Art Show and Dealers Room. Note that you will need a membership badge to get an Alley table; memberships and hotel rooms are available online.

Each Alley slot is $20, and you may buy only two slots. (If you desire more time, you should investigate being in our Dealers Room.) We will appoint you a slot based on your availability, our space availability, and your program commitments (if any).

The slots will be Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, and Monday.

Exact times are to be determined. To reserve your space, please fill out the signup form. If accepted, you can pay online with Paypal or a credit card, or pay by mail before 12/31/2011.

If you have any questions, contact Thank you for your interest in Arisia's Author & Artist Alley!

Information about last year's Alley (aka Prose Nest):

If you're not sure which is right for you--Dealers, Alley, or Art Show--please read the Selling at Arisia page.