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Shuttle available to Badger's memorial service

Arisia is going to be providing a shuttle to and from Badger's memorial service on Friday. The first shuttle will leave the Westin at 2:15 and head to the MIT Chapel. It will run in a continuous loop with the last bus leaving MIT at 6 pm.

The memorial service for Alice E. Washburn will be Friday, Jan. 13, at 3 p.m. at the MIT Chapel in Cambridge, with reception to follow at the nearby Student Center, room 491.

Masquerade updates

Please check out our Masquerade page for information and rules.

Also, we have these 2 important notices!

Due to technical difficulties, there is no online registration this year.  Forms will be available at the Masquerade Registration table Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning.  Tech rehearsals will be scheduled for Saturday afternoon from 1-5 pm.  You can not enter the Masquerade without registering and attending your tech rehearsal.

CANCELED: Sunday Afternoon Tea with Special Guests!

On Sunday afternoon, we are having a special tea with some of the special guests of the convention. The tea will be from 2:30 until 4 pm and tickets are $25 each.

The deadline for purchasing tickets is January 8th. Additional information about the tea is posted on our site.

Unfortunately, due to insufficient ticket sales, the Tea has been canceled.

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